(Part: 24) Mine (Sidnaaz)


Sidharth pinned Sana against the car by grasping her both arms when she came back there. “Where were you? I asked you to be in the car, then why did you move out?” As he shouted, moving close to her face, she flinched and squeezed her eyes shut with fright.

He looked at her face keenly and realised that he was scaring her. He took a deep breath to calm down himself.

“I am sorry.” As he apologised, she opened her eyes. “You know, when I didn’t find you here, I became worried for you as like my heart stopped beating, ” He was calm now and she smiled after listening to his words.

“It’s okay, hubby.” She placed her hand over his hand which was on her face. “You don’t need to say sorry, I am sorry, I broke the promise but,” she was about to say something, but stopped as a lady came there with a kid.

“Thank you so much for saving my child today, I am so thankful to you.” The lady thanked Sana, she just smiled in response, moving her eyes from the kid to her.

Sidharth was looking at them bemusedly and trying to figure out what was happening.

“Sameer, say thank you to Didi.” The lady asked her kid.

“Thank you, Didi.” The kid cutely said, and Sana smiled and caressed his cheek.

“Aunty, be careful from next time and Sameer baby you too,” Sana pulled the cheeks of Sameer and then they left.

Sidharth was standing there, smiling proudly at his wife because today she saved someone’s life and this is great work.

“Sidharth, this was the only reason I stepped out of the car. I saw a kid playing in the middle of the road and as I saw a truck approaching him, I just rushed out of the car to save him. I am sorry, I broke your promise.” She apologised innocently and he was just smiling at her proudly.

“Baby, you don’t need to say sorry. You know I’m feeling proud of you because my wife saved someone’s life. I love you so very much.” He clasped her face and kissed her forehead, she closed her eyes in response.

Everybody was having dinner, Abhimanyu was also present there and Sana was staring at Abhi and Mukti with narrowed brows. They were confused with her looks.

“Sidharth.” As she called her husband, he turned his face to look at her.

“Come here, I want to ask something.” She adorably gestured him to come close to her through her hands.

“Sana, ask from us? We will also answer.” Cabir asked he had no idea what was going in her mind.

“Bhai, it’s husband and wife secret talks, you all stay away.” She warned them cutely and Sidharth moved close to her face.

“Sidharth, do you remember, you have to tell me what happens after removing upper clothes while kissing?” She asked in a low voice in his ear. Sidharth started coughing. Everybody became suspicious and confused after seeing Sidharth’s reaction.

“Bhai, have water.” Mukti gave water to him.

“Sana, what did you ask from him?” Abhi asked and Sana was just smiling, looking down sheepishly.

“Jiju, I told you that it is very personal.”

As Abhi looked at Sidharth for the answer, Sidharth nodded his head, agreeing to her words. “She’s saying right.”

“Sale, khulam khula pyaar kar rha hai, meri bhen ke sath voh bhi mere hi Ghar mein, (You will love openly my sister and that also in my house.) Do you have any shame left or not?” Sidharth was showing his fake anger to him, but from inside, he was happy.

“Bhai Sidharth, khulam khula pyaar karenge hum dono, is duniya se nhi darenge hum dono. (We’ll love openly without any fear of this world.)” Abhi started singing loudly and Sidharth shook his head disbelief. Everybody was crazy around him.

“Abhi, Sana caught you both making out last night.” As Sidharth told him, Abhi laughed loudly and insanely, throwing his head back.

Abhi placed his hand over his shoulder and said, still laughing. “Oh Sidharth, how do I always forgot that you have married to a kid?”

He glared at him. “Haha, very funny.”

“By the way, it’s good for you, Sidharth.” Abhi walked out after saying this.

“Abhi, you don’t know, she is so innocent. I don’t know how will I explain to her.” Sidharth murmured to himself because he was nervous. After all, her questions were hard to answer as like kids questions.

“Sidharth, I was waiting for you only, where were you?”As he stepped into the room, Sana asked coming in front of him. “Tell me now.” She asked like a desperate soul.

Sidharth grasped her arms and pulled her closer to himself, having a smirk on his face. “So desperate Sana.”

“Yes, I’m desperate to know because my mind is blasting. In the baby process, we need to remove only lower clothes, then why we remove the upper clothes?” Sana asked she was utterly confused.

Whatever came in her mind, she always told everything to him. Again her questions made him speechless and shocked. He was staring at her incredulously.

Sana adorably hid face with her palm and rushed to the bed after realising what she had said to Sidharth. She sat on the bed and started playing with her fingers nervously, looking down, her lips were curved in a kiddish smile. She was shying like a small baby.

Sidharth sat beside her and slowly held her hand which was kept on her thigh. He moved his hand up and kissed her knuckle, gazing at her. She smiled slightly in response. He placed his hand over her face and turned her face toward himself, she looked at him. He was coming close to her face slowly and caressing her lower lip with his thumb. Her heartbeat was accelerating. He first sucked her upper lip and then lower lip. She also responded to him by placing her hands over his face. He laid her down on the bed carefully and slowly without breathing the kiss. He was on top of her. He started opening her shirt’s button slowly, kissing chastely. Sana was so lost in the kiss, she didn’t even realize when Sidharth opened all the button of her shirt.

He broke the kiss and moved close to her ear. “So

from today your romance classes have begun.” He whispered and slightly bit her ear lobe before placing soft kisses on her neck, holding her bare waist. Sana was ruffling his hair and enjoying the touch of his lips. She was feeling incredible. He slid shirt down her shoulder and kissed her there gently, she clutched his shirt in response. He was stroking her bare stomach first and then he trailed his hands up her belly. Sana was utterly lost in him, she was not only enjoying, she was loving his touch. Her each cell of the body was feeling alive after his touch.

As his hands reached to her soft and small twins, he caressed them over the fabric of her inner-wear. “Ahaha…” A moan escaped out of her mouth as he squeezed them together.

“Sidharth, why are you touching them?” Sana asked innocently after covering them with her hands.

“Aren’t you liking this, baby?” He became disappointed and asked, wondering she wasn’t enjoying his touch. After listening to his questions, she nodded her head in no because she was enjoying his touch. It was like heaven for her, but she wanted to know a few answers.

“I’m loving this, but these are my private things. I felt a bit shy when you touched them.” She cutely told him whatever was going in her mind. Sidharth signed with relief and smiled gleefully.

“It’s completely okay if you don’t want me to touch them. I won’t touch them, even I will never do anything which you don’t want. I love you, all these things are for pleasure and we feel good when we are in love and I know Sana you aren’t aware of all these kinds of stuff, therefore, I want to go slow with you. I don’t want to shock you by telling you everything in one day.” Sidharth clasped her face and tried to explain to her. She was listening to him keenly and trying to understand him.

“But I’m enjoying this because I am in love with you. So you don’t need to go slow, I am eighteen years old, now I am not a kid, I am a big girl.” She smiled cutely and Sidharth chuckled. He wanted to claim her right now, but he didn’t want to hurt her.

“You know I wasn’t aware of all this before, and now I came to know that this is the most beautiful thing. When you touch me and kiss me, I feel so great. I can’t even describe in words that what your touch is doing to me, it is like heaven, this is love, the real meaning of love, I am understanding now.” She was saying whatever she was feeling at that movement. Sidharth was impressed and delighted.

“Wow, my baby, you are growing up.” Sidharth smiled and placed a kiss on her cheek.

“Sidharth, I love you.” Sana hugged him tightly.

Sidharth chuckled, hugging her back. “I love you more, baby.”

As they broke the hug, he said, “now, it’s time to sleep, your romance class will continue tomorrow night.” Sidharth was buttoning her shirts.

“But I was enjoying a lot, why not today?” She pouted disappointedly.

“Because it is enough for you and the class is over now.” Sidharth lay down beside her and took her into his warm arms “Good night.” He gently her forehead.

“Good night, my hubby.” She kissed his cheeks. She fell asleep within a few minutes, hugging him tightly like kids sleep hugging their teddy bear.

Next morning

Sana stepped into the bathroom for taking bath. She shut the door close and hung her clothes and towel, but forgot to lock the door. She removed her all clothes and lay down in the bathtub comfortably. She was smiling constantly, touching her neck and shoulder where he had been kissing her yesterday. Last night beautiful movements were coming in front of her eyes. It was the most beautiful night for her. But she didn’t know that the last night was only the teaser of a movie, the full movie was yet to come.

Sidharth walked into the room from the balcony. He didn’t know that Sana was taking bath inside the bathroom.

“She will be in Mukti’s room.” He assumed, looking at the empty bed. He strolled to the bathroom and held his hand out to open the door.

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