(Part: 23) Mine (Manan)


He was so lost in her that he didn’t come to know when he clasped her face and started kissing her hungrily. She was taken a back, but after a few seconds only, she responded to him with equal flavour by grasping his collars. Nandini’s next move shocked Manik like hell. She started opening his shirt button. She gave him a mini heart attack through her act. He was unaware that Mukti and Abhi were the reason for her bold act. They unknowing taught her this.

“Baby, what are you doing?” Manik asked in shock and moved her a bit away from himself by holding her arms.

She was looking at him as an innocent baby. “I saw didu and jiju, they both were removing each other shirt when they were kissing and today when you kissed me, I recalled about them and automatically my hands started opening your shirt.” She told him everything innocently and he was listening to her talks by widening his eyes in shock.

“I’m sorry if you find something wrong in this, but it happened automatically.” She apologised adorably by holding her ears, and he shook his head in disbelief as he saw her innocence and cuteness. He was falling for her more and more.

He clasped her face and explained to her. “No baby, there was nothing wrong in this but I was shocked that who told you about this.” She was listening to him carefully, but still she was confused and wondering something by placing her finger over her chin.

“Then what happen after removing each other clothes, Manik.” As she asked being so naive, he just stared at her in disbelief. He was wondering how to explain his baby wife.

“Umm, baby, we’ll discuss about this later on, at home. I’ll explain you everything practically okay, now just enjoy the hot balloon ride.” She smiled and nodded her head positively.

“Thank you, my dear friend, Abhi. I was so confused about how to proceed further with my innocent baby, but seeing you she wanted to proceed further. I am so excited to make my innocent baby little bold.” He wondered, looking at Nandini, having a naughty smile on his face.

“Ahahha… Manik,” She shouted, suddenly jumping over him and hugging him tightly like a monkey. Her legs were wrapped around his waist and her arms were wrapped around his neck, she became afraid as the hot balloon shook suddenly.

“Baby, relax, it is fine now, it was normal.” Manik explained her, hugging her back. She was pulling him closer to himself. She wanted him to store her in his protective arms.

“Let’s go down, I’m scared a lot.” She whispered and clutched his shirt tightly from behind. Poor baby became so much scared, but he was thankful to god as feeling her so close his heart, he loved this.

“Wow, it was a most beautiful surprise, Manik. I enjoyed a lot. I never thought that you would fulfil my dream like this. In fact, It was more beautiful than my dream even. It was one of my best movement of life, Manik.” Nandini was only talking about the hot balloon ride when they were going for lunch. She was feeling out of the world. Manik was driving the car and glancing at his baby after every few seconds, there was a constant smile on his face. He was happy from his heart because she was happy.

“But, I’m missing Mumma and daddy a lot. My all the special movements are with them, Manik, can I talk to them for once? Because I am missing them a lot.” As she asked him, his lips drew down in sadness. This was the only wish of her which he couldn’t fulfil. He felt so helpless.

“Baby, we arrived. Today you can eat anything here, I will not stop you, okay.” He smartly changed the topic and Nandini’s smile grew bigger after knowing this.

“Wow, you’re the best hubby of this world.” She squealed and clapped her hands with joy.

“So what my baby wants to eat today?” Manik asked her when a waiter came to take the order.

“Uhmm, waiter uncle for me, garlic bread, pizza, burger, spring roll and Manchurian and pasta.” She was giving the order and he was staring at her in utter disbelief.

“Mam, anything else.” As the waiter asked, he glared at him.

“No, for now, it’s enough. I’m okay with this.” She said innocently and waiter smiled.

“Listen all this shouldn’t be spicy.” He warned him and the waiter nodded his head slightly at him before leaving.

“Nandini, give me your hand, “Manik asked her to give her hand in a serious tone and after that Nandini’s reply made him laugh hard.

“Are you gonna punish me because I ordered so much?” She asked dramatically and laughed at herself, clapping her hands on her joke. Manik laughed, shaking his head incredulously. No one ever made him laugh so much in his life.

“This is for you, my love.” He gently held her hand and slid the precious diamond ring on her finger. Her eyes shimmered as she saw the ring. She wondered something by placing her finger on her chin.

“Manik, this was the only ring which I liked a lot a few months ago, but it was so expensive, therefore I didn’t buy it.” She told him, staring at the ring, having smile on her face. He was just admiring his gorgeous wife.

“But how did you come to know about this ring?” She asked in shock.

“I had been stalking you since eight years. I was following you that day in the mall also, I purchased this ring that day only after knowing that you liked the ring. I thought to give you the ring after making you mine because inside I knew that one day, you would be mine.” He told her, and she was just smiling gleefully at him. She was feeling so lucky to have him.

“Awww… so sweet of you, hubby. I really love this ring.” She kissed the ring and then held his hand. “And I love you so much.” She lowered her head and placed a soft kiss on his knuckles. He blissfully smiled at her, caressing her hair with his free hand. She moved her eyes at him, and they both gazed into each other deeply.

She was eating everything like a baby with over excitement and happiness. Sucking her finger in between. Manik was eating less and admiring her more. The way she was licking her lips. Manik wanted to kiss her hard, but couldn’t because they were in public.

“Aaa… it’s so spicy Manik, my mouth is burning “as soon as she eats Manchurian, she started crying like a baby. Manik immediately gave her water but the water wasn’t helping her. Manik became hell worried for her.

“Aaa… Manik, my mouth is burning a lot. It’s spicy.” As suddenly she cried out in pain, he stared at her concernedly, his smile faded to frown. He gave her the water to drink, but it didn’t help her.

“Waiter.” As Manik yelled for the waiter, he came there in no time. He glared at him in fury and first asked him to bring chocolate for her.

As the waiter came with chocolate, he made her eat the chocolate from his own hands. She felt a bit better, but she was still crying. His heart was aching seeing tears in her eyes.

When he didn’t find any other option, he just slammed her lips without caring about anybody. He knew nothing would be sweeter than the kiss for her. He also tasted chocolate and now he loved chocolate. Nandini was feeling much better after his kiss. She responded to him with equal flavour. Everybody’s eyes were at them. They were witnessing their love today.

After realising that they were in public, he instantly broke the kiss. She blushed, moving her eyes down on the table and played with her hands.

“Now are you fine baby?” He asked concernedly by holding her hand. She was feeling so shy. She slightly nodded her head, still staring down at the table.

“Baby, I’m just coming back. I forgot my wallet inside. You promise me, you won’t come outside of the car.” He held his hand in front of her.

She smiled at him and placed her hand on his hand. “Nandu promise.” He beamed at her and kissed her forehead.

He stepped into the restaurant, frowning. He didn’t come back for his wallet, his wallet was in his pocket only. He directly marched to the kitchen of the restaurant. His lips were pursed and eyebrows were drawn together. He was hell angry.

He grabbed waiter’s collars and bawled at him in fury. “When I told you to don’t make her food spicy, then how did it become spicy?”

“I’m sorry, sir, I forgot.” As the waiter apologised, Manik’s lips curved into a devilish grin.

“Okay, I am leaving you.” He left his collars, still smiling evilly. He added, “but there is my one condition.” The waiter stared at him, his eyes filled with fear.

“You have to eat a bowl of green chillies. So that you will come to know what mistake you have done.” Manik said sternly, and the waiter gulped the lump down his throat. He asked one worker to bring a bowl of green chillies. He gave the bowl to the waiter.

“Eat it now, or else I will beat you the hell out of you.” As he shouted, everybody shivered on their places. The waiter was eating the green chillies and Manik was glaring at him in anger.

“It’s enough, you can have water.” He stopped him and walked out of the kitchen.

“I don’t know why I become so mad when someone hurt Nandini in any manner. I can’t bear single tear in her eyes.” He was wondering coming back to the parking area. His every word were clearly showing how much he loved.

“Oh god, now where did she go?” He muttered to himself annoyingly when he didn’t find her in the car. He also became anxious for her and scolded himself for leaving her alone.

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