(Part: 35 Manan Meet) {Manan} Master And His Princess


“What if you’re lying to me? How can I trust you?” I asked her because this girl is a mystery.

She answered dejectedly, “I have realised that I did wrong with you both, but this time, I’m not lying. Now I’m not going to come behind you both. You both are free now. Goodbye, Master.”

I feeling like she is hiding something very serious from me, but for now, I’ve to think about my Princess. She’s important to me. I should go home.

Jiya is gazing at me with her sorrowful eyes, smiling faintly.

“If anything happens to my Princess, I won’t leave you.” As I warned her, she chuckled.

“I never wanted you to leave me, but you left me. Don’t worry, now I’m leaving you forever. I just want to see you happy, Master because I love you.”

Is she love me?

I don’t care if she loves me. Why even I’m thinking about her? I should leave now. My Princess will be waiting for me.

I glanced at her for the last time and turned around. I rushed to the door.

I suddenly stopped at the door as I heard the sound of something falling heavily on the floor. I turned around instantly and widened my eyes in shock as I found Jiya lying down on the floor unconscious.

I immediately understood that she has taken the poison as my eyes fell over the bottle which is lying on the floor beside her.

Oh shit! Now I understood what was wrong with her.

I know she has done terribly wrong with me, but I can’t leave her to die like this. I have to save her.

I rushed to her and lifted her into my arms. I hurriedly took her to the hospital. Now I’m standing outside of the ICU.

As I thought to call Princess, my phone rang up. I slid my hand into my jeans pocket and took out the phone.

I instantly picked up the call as I saw the caller ID ‘My Princess’, what a coincidence, our timings are same.

“Manik, Where are you?” I closed my eyes and took a deep breath of relief as I heard my Princess’s voice. Her voice is filled with concern.

“I’m at the lifeline hospital.” I answered her first and then asked concernedly, “are you fine, Princess?”

”I’m perfectly fine, but are you fine, Manik? What are you doing in the hospital?” She asked anxiously.

I rubbed my forehead with my index finger and replied to her, “I’m also fine, Princess. You just come here, then I’ll tell you everything.”

“I’m coming.”

“I just can’t wait to meet you after so many days, Princess. I love you so much.” I confessed from the core of my heart.

I smiled with extreme happiness. My heart is jumping inside with the joy because finally, we can meet each other freely without any fear. I can hug her, I can touch her, I can kiss her, and I can sleep peacefully at night with her. I’m so happy. A delighted smile touched my lips as I wondered about my happy future with my Princess and our beautiful life together.

”Me too, Manik. I’m just coming. I love you so much.” I can vividly feel the happiness in her voice. We both are greatly happy and excited to meet each other.

”See you soon, Princess.” I disconnected the call, smiling broadly.

I sat on the bench outside of the ICU. I just can’t believe that everything is fine now after so many days.

As Doctor stepped out of the ICU, I stood up and ambled to him.

“She’s out of danger now. It’s good that you brought here at the right time.” As Doctor told the good news, I smiled at her.

She walked away after slightly smiling at me.

I know Jiya did utterly wrong with us, but after today incident, I understood that she’s not a bad person. Just her situation made her do the bad things. It is good that she realised her mistake. She deserves a second chance, everybody deserves a second chance in this life. I hope now she understands the importance of life.

After a few minutes, I looked around as I felt the presence of my Princess. A bright smile touched my lips and my eyes shimmered with happiness as I saw the angelic face of my Princess. She’s strolling to me, her eyes are brimmed with happy tears and her lips are curved in a blissful smile.

I instantly stood up and tore to her. As I reached in front of her, I just pulled her into my protective arms. I wrapped my arms around her and embraced her tightly in my arms, pulling her closer to myself, I want to hide her in my arms forever. I had been yearning to feel her close to my heart ever since we separated. One month without her was like one year for me. I closed my eyes, smiling with contentment, hugging her tighter. A few tears of happiness mechanically trickled down my cheeks. Our heartbeats are merging with each other, our bodies are pressed against each other, our souls are whispering to each other that how much they missed each other. We felt so peaceful after so many days. She dug her face in my shoulder and clutched my blazer, sobbing like a baby hysterically with the happiness of our reunion. This moment is so precious for me because my Princess, my whole world is with me, in my arms. I’m feeling so good to hold her in my arms.

After a few minutes of peaceful hug, we pulled apart slowly and beamed at each other, tears of happiness rolling down our cheeks. Our eyes are shimmering with extreme happiness.

“I missed you a lot, Manik. I’m so happy to have you back.” She uttered, smiling gleefully.

“You don’t even know, what was my condition without you. I really love you, Princess.” I whispered after pressing my forehead against her. We closed our eyes, we’re just feeling each other presence, our lips are curved in a blissful smile. We don’t care that we’re in the hospital and how many people are seeing us. There is contentment at this moment. Finally, we’re together again and passed the bad phase of our life with flying colours.

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2 thoughts on “(Part: 35 Manan Meet) {Manan} Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Seriously manik ka dil ketna acha hai that jiya hurt him so much and kept him away from nandu for 1 month but still he brought her to the hospital as he couldn’t let her die just like that as he said everyone needs a second chance which he gave to her…
    FINALLYYYY manan ka reunion hou gaye finally they are with each other and can feel there heart beats and all the feeling they felt when they are with each other…
    They passes this love test with flying colours…

  2. You know what is best part in this chapter? Manik saving that girl JIYA. Not everyone will think to help who did wrong with you. . It need courage. I hope jiya too understand her mistake and move on her life.

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