(Part: 34 My worst Side) {Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


I reached to Princess’s house to see her if she’s fine or not because I’m getting restless to see after the nightmare. I looked inside her room through the window and a blissful smile touched my lips, my eyes glinted with happiness, and I was relieved as I saw her Angelic face. Luckily she’s sleeping, facing to the window. I’m seeing her sleeping in front of my eyes after one month. This moment is so precious for me. I want the time to stop and I keep gazing at my sleeping beauty. I love her so much. She’s peace of my life.

As she moved in sleep, I instantly hid behind the wall. I should leave now. I last time glanced at my Princess through the window, smiling ecstatically before turning around. I’m ambling towards my car. My lips are still drawn up in a contented smile because her heavenly beautiful face is not going away from my mind. I’m immensely happy to see her after a month. I don’t know why, but I’m feeling like we’re going to meet each other very soon.

I reached home at four O’clock and slept peacefully with a blissful smile on my face, thinking about my Princess.

Next morning, I aroused from the deep slumber. I sat up on the bed, yawning. I widened my eyes in shock as my eyes fell over the wall clock. I’m shocked to see the time, it’s eleven O’clock. I slept so much after a long time. Princess would be worried for me. I should call her.

I picked up the phone from the side table. As expected, there are ten plus miss calls from her, and twenty-plus messages.

I opened her messages and read a few of them before calling her.

My Princess: Where are you, Sidharth? Why aren’t you answering my calls?

My Princess: Now I’m anxious for you. I’m coming to see you.

This is her last message which I received two hours ago. If she was coming to meet me, why did she not reach here yet? Now I became anxious for her and prayed for her safety. I hurriedly called her and placed the phone over my ear.

“The number you’re trying to call, it is currently switched off.” My heartbeat quickened and my lips trembled with fright as I heard this line from another end. I just hope she’s fine. I don’t want my nightmares to become reality. I can’t afford to lose her.

I put the phone down from my ear, staring straight in shock. I’m strongly feeling like there’s something wrong, my Princess’s life in danger.

Suddenly my phone beeped up and startled me. I narrowed my brows bemusedly as I saw a message from an unknown number on WhatsApp. I instantly tapped open the message.

Unknown: Hello, Master. I’m Jiya, remember, your submissive? Your Princess is with me. You have to come and meet me if you want her back. I know you’re smart, but don’t inform anybody about this or else you will never able to see her. If you want her back, you have to come. I’m waiting for you, Master, come soon.

I clenched the phone and gritted my teeth as I read the message. I won’t leave this bitch. I’ll get my Princess back anyhow today. Today no power can stop us from meeting us. I have full faith in our love.

I sighed deeply before typing the message.

Me: Send me the location. I’m coming. I’m not informing anybody about this, but if anything happens to my Princess, I’ll kill you.

Jiya: Calm down. Your Princess is fine.

As she sent me the location, I dashed out of the room.

I reached the bungalow within a few minutes, driving the car as fast as possible. I didn’t inform police about this because I don’t want to put my Princess’s life at risk and I know how to handle Jiya.

As I stepped into the house, a maid in black dress sauntered to me.

“Mam is waiting for you in that room.” She informed me, pointing her finger at the room.

I marched to that room and hastily pushed open the door. I frowned as I saw Jiya, standing in front of the bed in a white top and black jeans. She strolled to me, gazing at me. I’m just glaring at her in fury.

As she knelt before my feet, bowing her down, I grasped her hair with rage and yanked her head back to make her look at me. Tears are trickling down her eyes. She’s gazing at me differently, I didn’t understand. There is something wrong with her. This girl isn’t the same Jiya anymore.

“Where is Shehnaaz, Jiya? I’m giving you last the chance. After this, I’ll take the truth out of your mouth in my way.” I warned her and my voice trembled with outrage.

“I’m ready to do anything for you, Master, but I’m sorry, I can’t answer this question for now. If you get to know about her, you will again leave me like before. I worked so hard to get you for one day. I was yearning to be with you again because I love you, Master. I’m ready to do anything, just be my master for one night. Tomorrow you’ll get her, I promise you.” She reassured me, crying hysterically. I don’t know why I’m becoming weak in front of her. She kidnapped my Princess, keep us separated for more than one month, but still I’m feeling pity for her. Why?

No. No, I can’t become weak. She’s trying to manipulate me. She can do anything with my Princess. I have to take the truth out of her mouth in my way only. She deserves to see my worst side for her evil deeds. Now she will see the wrath of me.

“You can’t make me fool with your fake tears. Now you will see my worst side and regret playing with me.” As I yanked her, she screamed.

She smiled insanely. “ I’ll never regret to see your worst side, Master. You’re with me tonight, only this matters to me. I know you won’t believe me, but I love you, Master. I had been yearning for you since the day you left me. Yearning to see you, yearning to be your submissive again, yearning for your touch, yearning to see you becoming my Master again. You have no idea how much I love you. You can do anything with me, but I’ll tell you about Shehnaaz tomorrow only because I just want you to be my master for one day.”

I grinned devilishly, leaving her hair. “You want this, okay. But let me tell you one thing that you’ll get only pain no pleasure.”

“I’m ready to take any pain given by you, Master.” I rolled my eyes.

I chuckled evilly before ordering her sternly, “remove your jeans and on your fours on the bed now.”

“As you say, Master.” She complied by removing her lower and lying on the bed in doggy position.

“I had promised myself that I would never hurt any girl when I got my Princess, but you’re forcing me to hurt you. I’m still giving you the last chance to tell me about my Princess.” I again gave her last chance, because I don’t want to break my promise by hurting her.

“I’m sorry, Master. I can’t tell you. I want you to punish me for this, Master.” As she denied, I clutched my hands and pursed my lips in fury. This girl is rising my anger. I don’t want to hurt her, but I’ve to hurt her because I want to know about my Princess. Now I’ll make her regret for messing up with me.

“Raise your butts in the air and count,” I ordered firmly, opening the buckle of my belt.

I yanked out the belt in one go from all the loops of my jeans, glaring at her.

“Forgive me for this, Princess, I have to do this for you,” I asked forgiveness from my God, my Princess. For me, she is my God who taught me how to live, took me out of the darkness and filled my life with happiness. She’s my real God and I don’t only love her, I worship her. I can do anything to protect my God from this cruel world.

I grasped the buckle and rolled the belt over my fingers before hitting the belt over her raised butts.

“One, Master.” She screamed and flinched in pain.

“Where is my Princess?” I bowled and hit her again, this time harder because my anger is rising with each passing second. This bitch is forcing me to hurt her which I don’t want to do.

She moved her butts down and screamed, “two.”

I kept hitting her again and again with wrath, and I didn’t even let her count. I’m also begging her to tell me about my Princess. “Where have you captivated her?”

She taking all the pain, but not answering me. I’m fuming with rage. She’s testing my patience.

“Why the fuck you aren’t telling me about my Princess?” I growled and tossed the belt on the floor.

I slumped down on the floor and burst into tears after becoming hysterical. I’m crying and howling miserably, covering my face with my palms. “I can’t do this, I just want my Princess, Jiya. I can’t hurt you more. I can’t hurt anybody because she has changed me. Now I don’t see my stepmom in women. Please, Jiya, I’m begging you tell me about her.”

She climbed down the bed and strolled to me. Tears are rolling down her cheeks nonstop. Her eyes are filled with sorrow. “I think, I have lost my Master forever, you’re not my Master anymore. You have really changed and I’m happy for you.” She stood before me and smiled faintly.

“Go to your farmhouse, you will get your Princess there.” I’m silently staring at her in confusion. I’m not understanding this girl. Is she really evil?

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  1. Merko b yahi doubt hai … Ye achi hai ya buri … 🤔 …itna pain liya ..beshak vo b pyaar karti hogi Sid se … But ye sab karke b sid use hasil nahi hone wala tha na .. thank god use samaj aagya

  2. Such an unexpected twist☺️❤️
    I don’t know what is Jiya actually upto but if she lets go Sidharth and return Shehnaaz safely back to him I will love Jiya more than them because letting go the person you love is not easy🥺♥️
    And what say about Sidharth…I truly loved how you portrayed his emotions 🌺♥️💫🤗
    Will be waiting for the next one♥️🙈

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