(Part: 20) Mine (Sidnaaz)


“Sidharth, today please, wear the shirt which I had given you yesterday. Look I have also worn, isn’t it amazing?” She cutely requested her husband when he was going for the morning shower. She had created a very big trouble for him because how could he go to office after wearing that sweatshirt, and he couldn’t even deny her.

“It’s amazing, baby, but I can’t wear this today, I need to wear formal in office. On Sunday we will wear this together, not today please.” He tried to explain his baby, forgetting that she was very stubborn. She pouted sadly at him.

“I know, you didn’t like my gift, therefore you’re giving me excuses.”As she assumed wrong, he nodded his head negatively. “I will dump both of the shirts.” She said disappointedly and about to go, but he stopped her by holding her hand.

He clasped her face. “Nothing is like that baby, I love your gift.”

“Then wear this for me please.” She requested cutely and in the last he agreed.

“Okay, fine I will wear, don’t be sad.” She smiled broadly at him, showing her all teeth. A smile touched his lips too. For seeing her this smile, he could do anything.

“Thank you so much, Sidharth.” She hugged him cheerfully. After breaking the hug, she cupped his face and kissed his both cheeks, this was her way of showing happiness to him. He was just smiling like an idiot. He was falling in love with her more and more everyday.

“Didu, Bhai, how we are looking?” She asked after coming to the dining room with Sidharth for breakfast where cabir and Mukti were already present. They widened their eyes in amazement as they saw their brother for the first time in that type of cute shirt. He was looking super cute in that black shirt and Sana was breaking all the records of cuteness as always.

“You both are looking,” Sidnaaz were settling down, and Mukti was finding right word because she was in shock after seeing Sidharth.

“Cute.” As Cabir and Mukti said together, Sana smiled merrily. Sidharth was avoiding eye contact with them because he was feeling a bit shy.

Sidharth sat in the car with Cabir. “Bhai, are you going to wear this in-office also?” Cabir asked in shock.

“No way, Cabir, I need to change.” Sidharth answered him. Then only Driver gave him the bag and he took his suit out of it and immediately changed his it. Cabir was laughing and Sidharth glared at him.

“Cabir, when you get married, I will laugh at you and then you will understand my condition.” Sidharth said dramatically, placing his hand over his heart.

“Bhai, Sana is changing you, I can see this.” Cabir said merrily and Sidharth just smile, he also knew that he was changing, changing for good. Cabir was happy to see the change in his brother.

It was night time, Sidharth didn’t come back home yet and Sana was missing him.

“Didu, I am missing, Sidharth.” Sana uttered sadly after placing the tab down. At that time, Mukti was doing some important work in the laptop. As Sana closed her laptop, Mukti became a bit angry.

“Didu, listen, please.” She requested cutely. As she saw her innocent face, Mukti’s anger flew away.

“Sorry, Sana, give me just ten minutes, I’m doing important work. Then I will find the solution of your problem.” As Mukti explained her calmly, Sana nodded her head innocently and started playing the game on the tab.

“Sweetie, how about video call, you are missing bhai, right?” Mukti asked and Sana’s eyes glinted with happiness after hearing the idea of video call.

“Wow, didu, superb idea, please call him fast.” Sana said excitedly and clapped her hands.

“Bhai, Sana is missing you, that’s why,” before Mukti could complete her words, Sana came in front of Mukti, facing her back to her and showed her cute face to Sidharth.

“Sidharth, I’m missing you a lot, when will you come back home?” She asked cutely and Sidharth was just smiling like an idiot, gazing at her fondly. He was so much in love with her.

“Wait, why aren’t you wearing my shirt?” She frowned and asked as she noticed Sidharth was not wearing the shirt given by her. Sidharth closed his eyes and felt like to smash his head on the table.

“I am very angry with you, bye.” She stood up in fury.

“Sana, listen,” She left the room, ignoring him and Mukti was just smiling.

“Bhai, she left and now you have to do something, she is really angry.” Mukti told him and he nodded his head before closing his laptop disappointedly.

In no time Sidharth reached back home, wearing that black sweatshirt given by her. He directly dashed to his room. He pushed open the door and found Sana sitting with an angry pout, wearing a casual top. Her sweatshirt was kept beside her. That was clearly showing how much angry she was.

“Baby, I am sorry, for the meeting I have changed this, see now I am wearing this.” Sidharth tried to explain her after kneeling in front of her. The person who never sat in anybody feet, he was sitting in a girl feet, who could say that he was the same old Sidharth Shukla.

“No, you didn’t like this. I know, you don’t need to say sorry, I am sorry that I bought this for us.” She said dejectedly after getting up and Sidharth moved her head down sadly. He knew that he had to work hard to pacify her.

“Baby, why did you do this?” Sidharth asked in shock when Sana threw her shirt out of the window.

“You didn’t like it, I will never wear that.” She growled at him, but he could see the sadness in her eyes. She was assuming everything wrong.

“Remove this, you don’t need to wear this for me.” She was removing his shirt in anger and Sidharth smirked as something naughty came into his mind.

“Baby, what you want to do? “He asked, grinning. Sana was not in a mood to listen to him and kept removing it.

“What are you doing?” She asked in a low voice, shying a bit when Sidharth caged her in his shirt. He took her face out of the same shirt which he was wearing. She was so close to his heart that she could listen to his heartbeat. Her heartbeat accelerated as their bodies were pressing against each other. Sana wrapped her arms around his back and hugged him tightly after forgetting her all anger. She was feeling so good in his warm arms. Both could spend their whole life being in one shirt. They were finding peace in each other arms.

“Anger gone baby? “He asked after kissing her hair and she nodded her head positively.

“Yes, I am feeling so good.” She whispered, lost in his warm and peaceful arms. A blissful smile touched his lips.

“No, I am still angry.” She again snarled at him after coming out of his shirt. “And now I’ll punish you and your punishment is that I am not sleeping with you today.” Sidharth made a sad pout like Sana.

“Yes, I am going to sleep in Didu’s room, bye.” She rushed out of the room and Sidharth sat on the bed, putting his hand on his forehead, disappointed.


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