(Part: 33 Nightmares) {Manan} Master And His Princess


A Month passed away of our separation. She’s busy with her college exams and I’m keeping myself busy with my office work. We talk every night before sleeping and sometimes we sleep, gazing at each other through the video call. I haven’t been feeling so well lately. Nightmares have started haunting me again. I don’t want to lose her like I had lost my mother in my childhood. I’m extremely afraid to lose her. Every night, I’m seeing only one dream that she’s not with me, she left me like Mom. I’m not sharing this with my Princess because I don’t want to make her worried. For now, I just want her to concentrate on her exams. I don’t want to give her stress. I’m sure if she comes to know that nightmares aren’t letting me sleep, she will come and make me sleep. I badly needed her, but I don’t want to put her and our mom’s life at risk because of me. I needed her badly, but I can’t tell her. I’m feeling so helpless.

That Bitch Jiya, once I find her I won’t leave her for keeping us away. I’ll take the revenge of my Princess’s every single tear.

She has been sitting on her desk and studying for exams for three hours. I’m gazing at her on my phone, lying on the bed. I’m lying on my one side. She’s so beautiful and I can gaze at her all day and night. Her Angelic face gives peace to my soul and mind.

“It’s so late, now you should sleep, Princess.” As I asked her to sleep, she moved her eyes from the book to phone which is kept in front of her on the table and against the wall.

“I have an exam within two days, Manik. Let me study and please you sleep.” She tucked a few hair strands behind her ear.

I explained to her, “You can’t spoil your health because of exams, Princess. You can study in the morning.” I’m concerned for her.

“Manik, please sleep and let me study.” She requested me.

She doesn’t know, I don’t want to sleep because I’m afraid of nightmares. But I can’t tell her.

“Princess, your Master is ordering you to sleep now and study tomorrow,” I commanded her to sleep and smirked.

She knitted her brows and growled at me, “You always take the advantage of being my Master.”

“Now stand up and go to the bed.” As I ordered her, she rolled her eyes.

“Don’t roll your eyes like this, Princess. I don’t like it.” I keep my voice firm.

She scowled at me. “I don’t care, You’re very bad, Master.” She snarled at me before standing up from the chair.

“Thank you for the compliment, Princess.” I smiled at her, she pouted and glared at me in anger.

She closed her all books before picking up the phone from the desk.

“I hate you.” She shouted at me and strode to the bed.

I chuckled, “and I love you too, Princess.”

She looks so adorable when she gets angry like this. I love everything about her. I love her so much.

“I said, I hate you.” She lay down on the bed and pulled the comforter over her.

“And I said, I love you and I’ll always love you, no matter what. I can’t stop my heart from beating for you, Princess. You’re my world. One day if you really hate me, I’ll still love you.” I confessed my love and finally, her lips curved into a blissful smile.

“I love you, Manik. I love you so much and I miss you so much.” Her eyes glinted with sadness. We both are yearning to be with each other again, not for the physical desires, we just want to feel each other presence. We want to fall asleep cuddling each other every night and wake up in each other arms every morning. This is my only dream for now.

“I miss you too, Princess. We’ll meet soon.” I assured her.

She smiled, “Yes, we’ll meet soon. Now Good night because I have to wake up early and study for the exam. I’ll message you in the morning.”

“Good Night, Princess and sleep well.”

“I love you.” She yawned.

“I love you more.” We both beamed at each other and she disconnected the call.

I kept the phone on the side table and fell asleep, thinking about our beautiful memories.

Next morning, I come to see her in the college from far away. We can’t meet each other, but we can see each other from far away. She’s parking her Scooty outside of the college and I’m just gazing at her from the car on the opposite side. She removed her helmet and hung it on the handle of scooty. She leaned down and glanced at herself in the mirror to set her hair.

She smiled at herself before turning around. Her eyes glinted with happiness and a broad smile touched her lips as she saw me. I widely smiled back at her and my eyes shimmered with happiness.

Suddenly a white van came in between us and stopped there for a few minutes. I tried to look at my Princess, but couldn’t. I don’t know why suddenly my heartbeat accelerated and I became restless. The car drove away and she disappeared.

Where did she go? That white van?

I instantly looked at the van and saw her in the van. She’s staring at me with her sorrowful eyes from the back of the mirror, tears were constantly trickling down her eyes. She is sitting in the middle of two men. I clutched the steering and my blood boiled in fury. Those men were hurting my Princess by grasping her arms tightly. How could they even touch her? I will not leave these bastards.

I hurriedly started the car and followed that white Van. They stopped the car at the cliff and dragged her out of the car by grasping her hair. She’s constantly crying. My anger is increasing with each passing second and tears are rolling down my eyes. My heart is aching painfully. I stormed out of the car and rushed to her.

Before I could do something, they dragged her to the edge of the cliff. “Ahaaa…” As I heard her scream and my heart stopped beating, they threw her down the cliff.

“Princess….” I screamed, crying mechanically. No, No, I can’t lose her. No, she can’t leave me like mom. I can’t take this pain again.

“Princess,” I woke up in the middle of the night, breathing heavily and sweating badly. I sat up on the bed, holding my head. I took a few minutes to realise that it was a bad dream. Again I saw the dream of losing her. Why? Why every night, I’m seeing the same dream?

But today, the dream felt so real. I’m anxious for her. I just hope she is fine. I should call her.

I picked up the phone from the side table to call her. A small smile spread across my face as I saw our selfie on the phone. Her smiling face made me smile. I want these days back when we were together and carefree. There was so much peace in her arms. I’m yearning for our days.

I was about to call her, but dropped the plan of calling her because I didn’t want to make her anxious.

I climbed down the bed. I went to the balcony to take some fresh air. I stood, grasping the railing and closed my eyes. I inhaled the positive thoughts with the fresh air and exhaled out the bad thoughts. I want to refresh my mind. I have learned this from my Princess only. This idea really works. I always feel better by doing this. Inhaled the positive thoughts and exhaled out all the negative thoughts. I’m breathing in and out, feeling better from inside. Thank you, God, for blessing me with Princess.

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Love Mehak

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4 thoughts on “(Part: 33 Nightmares) {Manan} Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Aww manik is soo cute he cares for nandu so much that he cant even compromise her health for her studies so he repeatedly told her to sleep and when she didnt listen he commanded her so she had to listen hehe…
    Loved manan ke cute nok jhok there antics where so cute the way nandu was showing her tantrums and the way manik was saying I Love You continuously was so sweet awww…
    Poor manik dream ketna painful tha poor soul is bearing all the pain alone as he doesn’t want to stress nandu…
    Hope inka separation jaldi khatam hou jaye…

  2. Loved the update 🤗♥️…just waiting how manik finds Jiya and remove her from their live and be back with Nandini 🙈♥️

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