(Part: 18) Mine (Manan)


After Manik left for the office, Nandini rushed into Mukti’s room. She found her talking on the phone and sat on the bed. As Mukti saw Nandini, she gave her a smile and she smiled back naughtily. It was visible something was going in her mind.

“Didu, I want to go for shopping, will you take me shopping please?” She asked sweetly as Mukti cut the call. She always used to ask so cutely that no one could deny her.

“Yes, of course, sweetie, but let me first inform Bhai, okay and until you get ready.” Nandini smiled broadly and Mukti kissed her forehead.

Nandini was trying dresses in try room and showing to Mukti after coming out of try room. In an hour she had selected hundreds of dresses. Every dress was suiting perfectly on her.

“Now I am satisfied.” As she said, Mukti took relief.

“I have a surprise for you, you will surely going to love it.” As Mukti said, her eyes glinted with excitement, she jumped over her and hugged her tightly. Mukti just smiled widely.

“Wow, this is amazing, my nails are looking so beautiful, thank so much, Didu.” Nandini squealed joyfully when a lady was doing her nail art. This was the surprise about which Mukti was talking.

“I can’t come today, I am busy.” Mukti was trying to convince someone that she couldn’t come and Nandini heard that.

“Didu, you go, I will come with driver uncle.” She asked her to go and Mukti smiled.

“Thank you so much, sweetie. The car has been parked in the parking area, you know that?” Mukti asked and she nodded her head positively. She left after giving her money.

After her nail art, she came into the parking area but didn’t find her car. She was roaming restlessly, but couldn’t find her car. She became worried. “Didu has told me that car has been parked here only, what to do now.” She murmured to herself sadly and her eyes brimmed with tears.

At evening Manik came back home. When he didn’t find Nandini at home, he immediately called Mukti.

“What? Did you leave her alone in the shopping mall? Are you out of your mind, Mukti? You know that Nandini can’t manage alone, she is like a kid.” Manik freaked out after knowing that Mukti had left her alone in the mall. She also became tensed for her.

“Bhai, I’m sorry, but the meeting was very important, I don’t know why Nandini hasn’t come yet, I left a car for her with the driver, I,” she was about to say more, but Manik cut her words.

“I don’t want to listen to anything, just tell me the name of the mall and give me the number of the driver.” Manik scolded her because he became hell anxious for her.

She rushed out of the mansion and hastily sat into the car. Mukti told him the name of the mall and he cut the call without listening to her more and started the car. He was hell angry and more than that he was worried about his baby. Bad thoughts were revolving in his mind.

“Where are you, idiot?” Manik asked from the driver in fury. He was driving the car in full speed.

“Sir, I’m at home.” The driver replied and Manik freaked out.

“Why you left her alone there?”

“Sir, I thought Nandini mam has left with Mukti mam.” As Driver told him, he pursed his lips and clutched the phone in fury.

“You stupid, you are fired.” He bawled and disconnected the call.

Manik reached the mall within no time. He was finding her everywhere in the mall and also in the parking area restlessly. After finding her for half an hour in the mall, he came outside, disheartened, tears were trickling down his eyes. He was hell worried about her. He wanted to see her face. He wanted to hug her. “I am sorry Nandini, I couldn’t protect you.” He was crying for his baby. He didn’t want to lose her.

Then only, his eyes fell over Nandini. She was crying constantly, sitting on the footpath and also sweating badly. Manik felt bad for her and a fresh tear rolled down his eyes. He rushed to her. As her eyes fell over him, a smile spread across his face.

She stood up and hugged Manik tightly and started crying loudly like a baby. He was constantly rubbing her back from his one hand and he was caressing her hair with his other hand. 

“I got so scared, Manik. I couldn’t find driver uncle. Then I came outside to take an auto, but koe ruk hi nhi rha tha, they are bad bhut gande hai.” She told everything to him while crying.

“Baby, stop crying, now I’m here and everything is fine okay.” He cupped her face and wiped her tears with his thumbs. She nodded her head and herself wiped her tears and her this act made him smile.

He scooped her into his arms without caring that how many people were seeing them and what they would think about them. He just cared about her only, not about anyone else. For him, Nandini was most important.

Nandini was just gazing at him. She was in love with him. The way he cared about her and the way he handled her. She knew, no one could take care of her better than Manik. She was feeling blessed to have him in her life. She finally realising that what is love.

They were going back home by car, Manik was driving the car and Nandini was sitting beside him sadly.

“Manik, why do you marry me? I don’t deserve you. You are smart, intelligent, a perfect man, but I am a kid, I can’t even come home alone, I am stupid, I am crazy, I am,” she was blabbering gloomily and playing with her fingers but stopped as Manik cut her words.

“Baby, don’t be sad, you’re eighteen years old and I am twenty-six. I was also like a kid in your age and you don’t need to be worried about anything, I am with you. And I love you a lot the way you are, I never want you to change for me, I love your craziness, I love your stupidity, I love everything about you and with the time you will learn all this.” He was explaining her, concentrating on the road and glancing at her after every few seconds. His every word were showing how much he loved her. Nandini was all the time looking at his face, seeing so much love in his eyes. After listening to his words, she became super happy.

“You love me so very much?” she asked cutely stretching the word so and Manik nodded his head positively looking at her and he became happy seeing her smile again as like he got his breath back after so many years. Her smile for him was very precious.

“But how much, I mean how much do you love me?”She asked cutely while coming close to him.

“I love you till infinity, no no, I mean beyond that.” He held her hand and kissed her knuckle gently. She smiled, looking down.

“I love you too, same as you love me.” She squealed joyfully and kissed his cheek after clasping his face. Manik just smiled broadly at her.

They reached back home, Mukti was sitting in the hall waiting for Nandini anxiously. She was blaming and scolding herself for leaving her alone. As she saw Nandini on the door, a bright smile spread across her face and she darted to her. Manik was still glaring at her.

“Didu, Driver uncle is bad, he left me alone there, you know how much I got scared.” She cutely complained about the driver after hugging her tightly.

“I am so sorry, sweetie. I shouldn’t have left you alone at the shopping mall, thank god you are fine.” As the broke the hug, Mukti clasped her face and apologised. Nandini nodded her head negatively.

 “Didu, you don’t need to say sorry, it was driver uncle mistake, not yours. Manik, please make Didu understand, she will listen to you.” Nandini asked Manik to make Mukti understand. He was himself angry with Mukti. Mukti looked at Manik, her lips were drawn down in sadness.

“Mukti, Nandini is right, it was not your mistake, it was the driver’s mistake but be more careful from next time.”Mukti smiled after listening to him. Manik had become majnu from dominating in Nandini’s love.

“Didu, now you understand, it was not your mistake and Manik don’t scold driver uncle also that much, just ask him to say sorry.” As she cutely asked him to forgive driver also, he stared at her in disbelief and Mukti smiled on her kindness. She cared about everybody. She had a pure heart and soul. She was a very naive and kindhearted person. Manik was blessed to have her in his life.

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