(Part: 31 Angry Master) {Sidnaaz&Manan} Master And His Princess


As the clients walked out of the conference room, I slumped down on the chair and huffed, resting my head against the chair and keeping my hands on the armrest. I slid my hand into the jeans pocket and took out my phone.

Me: Hello, my love, missing you.

I messaged her on WhatsApp and tapped open her profile photo. She’s looking gorgeous in the photo, especially her eyes which are sparkling and her captivating smile. I fondly kept gazing at her beautiful smiling face until she replied to me.

My Princess: I’m missing you too, Master. Spending time without you in college is the most difficult for me.

I pouted sadly and typed the message, moving forward and placing my elbows over my lap.

Me: I know, I have also spent a few days in the college without you.

Suddenly an idea struck into my mind and my lips curved into a smile.

Me: But I have an idea to make your boring time interesting.

I have a constant smile on my face.

My Princess: What?

I typed the message, smirking.

Me: First, Go the washroom.

My Princess: Next lecture is within a few minutes. I can’t skip it. I’ve already skipped so many lectures.

What? I didn’t expect this reply from her. Did she forget, I’m her Master and she can’t argue with me? I knitted my brows and curled my lips.

Me: Really? Are you denying to follow your master’s order?

After that, I didn’t get any reply from her. I waited for five minutes and called her, but she’s not answering my calls.

I became a bit worried about her because she had never done like this before. Maybe she is taking the lecture. I’ll call her after this lecture and scold her. How could she deny my orders? I think she has forgotten that I’m her Master or maybe she needs punishment.

I called her again after one lecture, but still, she wasn’t responding. Now I became worried about her.

Is she fine?

I stood up from the chair and rushed outside. I just can’t wait to see her fine in front of my eyes. I became hell anxious for her. My heart is throbbing with the fright.

I’m driving the car in full speed, going to college to see her. I’m just praying from God to keep her safe. If anything happens to her, I’ll never forgive myself. After every few minutes, I’m calling her, but she’s not answering and my tension is increasing.

I suddenly applied the brake as my phone rang up in my hand. Her beautiful name ‘my Princess’ is flashing on my phone’s screen. I immediately answered the call and placed the phone over my ear, staring straight anxiously. My heart is still racing.

“Hello,” As I heard her pleasant voice, I sighed with relief and my heartbeat became normal. But I’m still angry with her.

“Where the hell were you, Princess? Do you have any idea what was my condition when you weren’t picking my calls?” I chided her because I cared for her. She’s my life.

“Sir took our phone’s before starting class and also he took two lectures.” As she told me, I frowned.

“I asked you to skip the lecture, Princess. Did you forget that I’m your Master?” I said sternly.

She spoke after a few minutes of silence. “You know that I’ve already skipped so many lectures,”

I cut her words and instructed her, “Reach home and call me at four O’clock. Be ready for the punishment.”

“Punishment? Why?” She instantly asked.

“Because you disobey your Master.” I keep my voice stern.


“No argument. See you at four o’clock.”

I was about to cut the call, but stopped as she asked, “Are you coming to meet me?”

“I wish I could, but can’t.” I’m dying to see her and feel in my arms. Every single second without her is like one day for me.

“We’ll meet soon, Master, believe me.” As she assured me, I smiled faintly.

“I know, we’ll meet soon. Now see you after a few hours, reach home safely and I love you.”

“I love you more.” She confessed cheerfully and I disconnected the call, smiling.

I reached my farmhouse within a few minutes. I hang my blazer on the chair and rolled up the sleeves of my shirt. I sat on the edge of the bed before calling Princess. I did a video call. I just can’t wait to see her smiling face and to punish her. My lips curved into a devilish smile as I wondered about the punishment which I have planned for her.

“Hi, Master.” She answered the call with the bright smile which I love the most. The best thing about her is her engaging smile. Her one smile is enough to take away my all stress and make me happy from inside. I feel contented after seeing her smile.

She is sitting on the sofa and just smiling.

“Are you trying to melt my heart with your smile, so that I’ll not punish you?” I asked, smiling mischievously.

“Master, Sir took my phone, what was my mistake?”

“Your mistake was that you didn’t follow my order, you didn’t leave the classroom when I asked you,” I answered her sternly, turning on my Master side.

She just stared at me silently.

“And now I don’t want any words, just follow my orders.” She adorably averted her eyes to show me that she’s angry.

“I know you’re not angry, Princess.” As I said, she instantly looked at me, narrowing her brows.

“No, I’m angry because you’re punishing me without any reason.”

“Now you’re doubling your punishment by arguing with me.” I smiled evilly.

“You’re seriously unbelievable. You find reasons to punish me.”

“Because I know punishments make my Princess turn on.” She moved her eyelashes down and blushed hard. I just gazed at her fondly. She blows my mind and sends chills down my spine with her face expression. I love her a lot. I’m nothing without her. She’s like a shining star of dark life. She’s my whole world, my only happiness.

So, excited for the next part?

I want to add punishment also in this part, but got busy in some work and couldn’t able to write more. I’ll try my best to update the next part tomorrow.

Love Mehak

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3 thoughts on “(Part: 31 Angry Master) {Sidnaaz&Manan} Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Poor manan they love each other so much but still they have to stay away from each other bcoz of some bitch…
    Manik ko tou mini heart attack aa gaya when nandu was not picking up his call and not even replying to his messages but at last she called….
    Poor poor nandu uske bina galti ke usko manik ke punishment jhelne paad rahi hai but alas woh kuch kar nahi sakte bcoz he is her master and she his princess…

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