(Part: 15) Mine (Sidnaaz)


“Love like in movies, jo hero ko heroine se aur heroine ko hero se hota hai, like that?” She cutely asked while Sidharth shook his head in disbelief wondering how she could be so cute every time.

Sidharth smiled and replied, “Yes, that love jo hero ko heroine se hota hai and heroine ko hero se and now it happened to you with me.”

“Wow, love is so beautiful, I have seen in movies, I am still shocked that I am in love with you, but without any regret now, as you are not my kidnapper, you are my saviour, so I love you, my hero.” Sidharth was in a shock after listening to the three magical words from her mouth. He didn’t think that she would confess her love so easily, but she confessed and he was happy.

“You know I was so confused from past few days when you come close me and touch me, I don’t know why did I always feel good, but now no more confusion because now I know the answer,” she grinned broadly, but was she really in love with him or it was just the physical attraction because love doesn’t only mean physically feeling good, love is trust.

“That’s good, now let’s go home back, if you remain in the water for a long time you will catch the fever, I really can’t take that risk.” Sidharth said again being over caring.

“What? Why? We have just taken one ride only, no I don’t want to go back home.” She pouted sadly, gripping his hand tighter and tried to convince him.

“We’re going back home and that’s final, I don’t want to listen no,” he uttered sternly and she looked at him sadly like a cute baby.

“That’s so unfair, I will not talk to you,” she said in anger, crossing her arms around her chest and made an angry pout.

“Okay, fine no home,” Sidharth said because he can’t see her angry or sad and Sana show him all her thirty two teeth

“and not water park also,” he said making her again sadly.

“I mean, we could go somewhere else, wherever you want but not a water park,” he said and she nodded her head positively and started thinking where they could go.

“Ahaa, why did you pick me up?” Sana shouted because suddenly Sidharth picked her in his arm in bridal style and he was just smiling looking at her.

“To take you in changing room, Mam. So that you can change your wet clothes or else you will catch a cold,”

As Sana sneezed, he freaked out. “Oh no, you catch the cold, now we should go to the doctor.” Sidharth freaked out on one sneeze only which was clearly showing how much overprotective he was for Sana.

“Sidharth, I am fine.” Sana was trying to explain him, but he was in his eyes own world. He rushed to the restroom and put her down. Now she started coughing also

“No, you are not fine, see now you’re coughing also, it’s all my fault, we shouldn’t have come here,” he can’t see her in a little pain also and Sana was constantly coughing and all this was making him even more worried for her.

They reached to the hospital in no time and Sana had a bad cold, cough and little fever.

“Bhai, what happened to Sana?” Mukti asked worriedly when Sidharth walked inside, Sana was in his arm and still she was constantly coughing.

“Didu, I am fine, it’s just a cold don’t worry,” Sana said cutely in between her cough, looking at Mukti when Sidharth lay her on the bed.

“Not only cold but fever also, I am so stupid that I took her there even after knowing that she could catch a cold.” Sidharth blamed himself and sat beside Sana worriedly.

“Bhai, she will be fine stop blaming yourself, it’s just a cold, don’t worry,” Mukti tried to calm him down and Sana nodded her head cutely, agreeing to Mukti’s words.

Sana was sitting on the bed in the blanket, tissue paper was kept on her lap and Sidharth was making her drink soup and she was showing him her childish tantrums. Who can say that he was the same Sidharth only who ordered others and today he was bearing tantrums of a girl?

“No hero, no more, you have said to me that was last “Sana cried denying to drink more.

“Okay, this one will be last, I promise you,” he said and made her drink, she makes a bad face which made him smile.

“You are looking, Cabir. How Sana is Changing Bhai?” Mukti said happily, standing outside of Sidnaaz room with cabir.

“I am so happy, Mukti. Finally bhai is happy and living his life happily, before Sana, Bhai always remained busy in work, hardly smile and now he is living his life happily.”

“Sana hai hi itni cute and sweet, kisko bhi smile karwade, seriously I am lucky to have a such a great brother and now bhabhi too,” Mukti said while looking at Sidnaaz.

“I will be back in three hours and that’s mean, you are sleeping for three hours and I don’t want to listen no, your are sleeping and that’s it,” he tucked her in the blanket and she was like a baby nodded her head positively.

“Okay hero but come back in 3 hours as your heroine will gonna miss you, “she said holding his hand when Sidharth was about to left. Sidharth smiled hearing her words and turned toward her.

“I promise you, baby, I will try to come back before 3 hours, “he said and kissed her forehead and left from there.


Sana was not feeling sleepy so she went toward mukti room rubbing her nose with a handkerchief. Her nose had become red due to cold, she was looking cuter.

She entered inside the room and smiled seeing Alia sitting with Mukti. Alia had come in good books of Sana as she helped her in escaping out of this house. Poor girl didn’t know her evil intentions.

“Hello, Alia di ” she happily said hugging Alia and Mukti looked at them confusingly, Alia also hugged her back and gave fake smile.

“How do you know each other “Mukti asked confusingly and then Sana and Alia looked at each other, Alia in gesture said Sana to be quite.

“When you were not at home Mukti, I met Sana, she is so sweet, “Alia said putting a hand on Sana face and Sana gives her smile.

“How are you sweety now, “Mukti asked from Sana “I am good didu but didu I want to eat some tasty food, Sidharth is not letting me eat it, ganda sa soup pila diya, “she said in crying tone and Mukti smiled on her request while Alia made an irritated face.

“Okay, sweety but don’t tell bhai about this “Mukti said as she knows her brother very well “didu, telling Sidharth about this, it is like putting the hand in lion’s den na na baba na didu I will not tell this to Sidharth,” Sana said dramatically while Mukti laugh on her words. Then she went to bring some tasty food for her.

“Sana, you remember about the promise, “Alia asked and Sana gave her confusing looks “that you will not tell anyone that I had helped you in escaping out from this house,” Alia asked having little fear in her eyes, she was getting scared from Sidharth.

“Alia di, don’t worry, Sana never breaks her Sana promise at any cost, I will never tell Sidharth about this and thank you Alia di you have helped me otherwise I haven’t come to know about the truth of Sidharth, “Sana said trusting on Alia while Alia smile taking relief, Poor Sana.

“Sana just waits and watch that how I will make Sidharth again monster in your eyes, “she said to herself thinking evil plan in her mind.


“How are you, baby? See I’m back on time,” Sidharth said, entering into the room and saw Sana was watching tv and she smiled showing her teeth to him.

“Sana, I want to ask something from you, ” he sat beside her and she nodded her head positively. “Who had help you in escaping from here that night?” he asked and he was noticing her every expression.

“No one, I myself ran away from the back gate, I am smart very smart, Mr Shukla and you know this very well,” she said happily while Sidharth was now not in the mood of fun.

“Sana, it’s enough of your bakbak, tell me who had helped you in escaping from this house that day.”Sidharth roared, pulling her toward himself by holding her arms and Sana was looking at him, having fear in her eyes.

“This is truth, no one helped me,” she was pausing after every word because she didn’t want to see his anger.

“Sana, please tell me the truth.” He again shouted, pushing her away and now she was sobbing after seeing his anger.

She hiccuped. “I am saying the truth, no one helped me,”

“Sana,” he called her as she fainted down in Sidharth’s arm. He hastily picked her into his arm and put her on the bed. He got so much worried about her.

“Stupid Sidharth, she is like a kid, don’t you get that be little calm with her, you always shout on her like a monster and how can you forget that she is ill, she needs more care and you are spoiling everything.”Sidharth’s heart scolded him for his anger.

“I am sorry baby, I will never shout on you, I will try to control my anger and I will try to change myself for you, forgive me,” he cupped her face, his every words clearly showing that how much he loved her. Sana’s love was not changing him, he was changing himself for Sana.

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