(Part: 48 Think Positive) Love Or Sin {Sidnaaz}


Shivansh reached at Mukti’s place in the evening after completing his office work. Today, he cracked a big deal and he wanted to share this good news with Mukti. He bumped with Cabir as he stepped inside.

“How are you ?” Cabir asked concernedly, holding his shoulders.

“How am I looking to you ?” He asked but Cabir didn’t answer him, he was just staring him in utter disbelief. “I’m fine, bro and all credit goes to your sister.”

“That’s.. that’s great.” Cabir hugged him unbelievably.

“Where is Mukti ?” Shivansh asked after breaking the hug.

“She must be in her room. I had just come back from the trip and I was coming to meet you. I’m so happy to see you like this.” Both smiled at each other.

“You must be tired, you should take some rest. And today’s dinner is at Sidharth’s house.” Shivansh went upstairs to meet Mukti after asking him to take rest. Cabir was shocked to see him so cool and positive. He was happy for him, but he was shocked too because he hadn’t expected this.

Shivansh knocked on the door of Mukti’s room. “Come in.” He heard her voice and strolled inside after opening the door. He found her sitting on the sofa and working on the laptop which was kept on the table in front of her. She was utterly engrossed in her work.

“Give me the file, Akansha.” She said without looking at Shivansh.

“Akansha, give..” she raised her head and paused, finding Shivansh who was smiling at her. “Shivansh..”

“I had called my assistant, Akansha, so I thought that she has come.” She told him and Shivansh chuckled, sitting beside her on the sofa.

“I came here to ask you for a coffee, but you are looking quite busy,” Shivansh said, moving his eyes from laptop to her.

“I’m free.” She instantly said because she didn’t want to miss the chance of going out with him.

“Then let’s go.”

“Give me a minute. I just come.” Mukti went to the bathroom to do touch up before going for a coffee with her special person.


They were sitting at the famous cafe and chit-chatting. Shivansh was enjoying the company of Mukti.

“Congratulation.” Mukti congratulated him when Shivansh told her about the business deal.

“You know, I’m feeling happy from inside since you made me realise that what’s my real happiness.  Thank you so much, Mukti for bringing me on the right track on right time.” He thanked Mukti wholeheartedly, holding her hand which was kept on the table. Mukti shivered with his touch and her heartbeat accelerated.

“I’m your friend, Shivansh. Don’t say thank you, please. It was my duty to show you the right path.” Mukti replied him politely and Shivansh smiled at her.

Then the waiter came with their coffee. They started drinking. Mukti was noticing every move of Shivansh. That how he took the first sip of coffee and got lost in the taste of coffee, closing his eyes. He was enjoying his life as nothing had happened.

“You know, Shivansh. I had never thought that you would move on so easily. But I’m so happy.” Mukti took the sip of coffee and said, looking at him.

“Since childhood, I have always looked at the positive side of everything. That’s why I never get depressed in my life. When I came to know that Shehnaaz loves Sidharth, I was shocked, I felt like nothing is left with me. For a moment, I had forgotten to look at the positive side. But then you came up and I again came on the right track. We should always look at the positive side to live happily. Like coins have two sides, in the same way, every situation of life has two sides. One is positive and second is negative. Just we have to always look at the positive side to live happily. When I was seeing the negative side, I was sad and depressed and now I’m seeing the positive side, I’m happy.” Mukti nodded her head, agreeing with him.

“I hope, I’m not making you bore with my lecture.”

“No.” She instantly replied. He chuckled and took the sip of coffee. He didn’t know, she was loving the moment which she was spending with him. She was delighted.

“If everybody were like you, then nobody would be in pain in this world. Just hats off to your thinking.” Mukti praised him with a smile.

“I’m unique.” He grinned, saying this and she was smiling at him.

“That’s why I love you so much.” She murmured to herself looking down.

“Did you say something ?” As he asked, she instantly nodded her head, looking at him.

Suddenly Shivansh moved closer to Mukti’s face and she widened her eyes in shock. As his hot breath touched her skin, a shiver ran down her spine. His proximity made her breath heavy and heartbeat fast. He wiped the coffee from her nose with tissue paper.

“Thank you.” Mukti murmured, looking up at him.

“Just now, you said that there is no thank you and no sorry in friendship. Then what ?” Both chuckled, looking at each other.

“Today’s Dinner is at Sidharth’s house and you’re coming with me. Are you ?” Shivansh asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Are you asking me or ordering me ?” Mukti asked, narrowing her eyes and bringing her eyebrows closer together.

“I want you to come with me.” He said so sweetly that Mukti falls in love with him all over again at that moment.

“I’ll go with you.” She smiled and he grinned. Mukti got lost in his eyes for a moment.

Sidharth, Shivansh, Cabir and Mukti, they all were sitting in the hall and gossiping like old days. Shehnaaz reached back home after work. She was surprised to see Shivansh enjoying and laughing with his friends as nothing had happened. She felt like she was seeing a dream with open eyes. She was in a state of shock and couldn’t believe on her eyes.

Shivansh noticed her and stood up. He ambled to her. Now everybody’s eyes were at Shehnaaz.

“Hi, Shehnaaz.” He whispered after reaching in front of her. She was just staring at him incredulously.

“Guys, I’m just coming. I want to talk to her in private.” He led Shehnaaz to the room, holding her hand. Her eyes were fixed at him.

“I hope that Shivansh is not pretending to be happy,” Cabir whispered concernedly.

“No, Cabir.” Sidharth nodded his head. “He has moved on from Shehnaaz. I can see that. I know him.”

“Cabir, Sidharth is right.” Mukti murmured.

“Then we should celebrate,” Cabir whooped excitedly. Mukti and Sidharth chuckled.

“Let them come first. Then we will celebrate, Cabir.” Mukti said to he nodded his head.

“I’m really happy after ages. Finally, there will be no guilt, no regret, no pain, no sufferings.” Sidharth sighed.


Try to become like Shivansh and there will be no pain in life.

Every pain is as big as we make it. Life is not as hard as we think. Think positive, stay happy.

Love Mehak

Stay blessed

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