(Part: 13) Mine (Sidnaaz)


Sana was wondering about the kiss forgetting about chocolates. She was unaware of this foreign feeling. Whenever he touched her, she felt like her whole body was on fire, and she also felt wet in between her thighs. This was all new for her to understand. She had heard about make out and sex, but she was unaware of this sexual feeling. Her body was craving for his love and she was not aware of this.

Sidharth came out of the bathroom half-naked. A towel was wrapped around his waist. He was looking seductive. His wet hair, the water droplets falling down his chests were making him look hotter. Sana again felt something inside her after seeing him like this.

“He is so shameless that he came outside half-naked, but what is happening to me? I am not understanding anything, I will ask this from did.” She was wondering, gawking at him.

“Baby, if now you have eaten your chocolates, then take bath.” As Sidharth took the chocolate from her hand, she came out of her thoughts. She stared at him innocently.

She asked in the flow, “Why did you come out of the bathroom like this? Don’t you know what happens to me when I see you like this,” she instantly palmed her mouth and widened her eyes after realising what she was going to tell him.

He just chuckled on her cuteness. This girl was changing his attitude. Before marrying her, he hardly laughed once a year, but this girl was making him laugh every day. She was a girl who could make laugh anybody.

He leaned over her face. “No, I don’t know, please explain to me, baby.” He asked acting to be innocent like he was not understanding anything. She closed her eyes shyly.

She stood up and pushed him away. “Nothing, I am going to take bath,” she was about to run to the bathroom, but he stopped her by holding her hand and she again closed her eyes, her heartbeat accelerated and her lips were drawn in an adorable smile.

“No baby, you can’t run away like this pushing me away, you can only go after explaining to me what you feel after seeing me like this,” he was enjoying a lot while teasing her, and she was feeling shyer and shyer. Her cheeks were becoming red like a tomato.

He asked after coming in front of her, her eyes were still closed. “Tell me, baby.” She opened her eyes as his warm breath caressed her face. He was so close to her. She gazed at him.

“Tell me now, what happens to you when I hold your face,” he asked huskily. “When I come close to you, “he moved closer to her lips, “when I kiss your lips like this,” he whispered after sucking her upper lips softly and moved away. She became annoyed because she wanted him to kiss her properly.

“I feel irritated when you don’t let me kiss you,” she again told something that she didn’t want to tell. He smiled mischievously after listening to her words.

“This was not the answer to my question, but it’s okay, I’m satisfied with this answer also, baby.” He clasped her face and captured her lips. She was taken aback with his sudden kiss. As Sidharth bit her lower lip, she came back to reality and responded to him, placing her hands over his chest. They both weren’t getting enough of their kisses. They wanted to kiss each other till infinity. This was only showing that they were in love. The difference was only that Sidharth was aware of his feeling, but Sana was still unaware. He moved his hands down and yanked her closer to himself by grasping her waist and deepen the kiss. He trailed his hands behind from her face, and as he suddenly squeezed her butts and she widened her eyes in surprise and moaned inside his mouth. He smiled evilly and glided his hands up her back from her hips. Her hands were doing magic on her. Sana was enjoying his touch a lot. She didn’t want this kiss should ever end.

“Now are you okay?” As he asked after breaking the kiss, she shyly looked down, smiling sheepishly.

“I have a surprise for you and I want my answer also.” As he told her about surprise, she instantly looked up at him and her eyes shimmered with excitement.

“Wow surprise, you know I love surprises. Tell me, what is my surprise?” She cutely asked like a baby and Sidharth chuckled.

“Baby, if I tell you what’s the surprise, then how it will remain a surprise? Now go, take your bath, then I will show you the surprise.” He told her, and she was just smiling widely, wondering about the surprise.

“Mein Abhi fatak se ready hokar ati hoon, my hero (I’m just coming after taking the bath.)” She rushed to the bathroom joyfully.

She was a girl who used to find happiness in small things. She became sad also on small things but became happy also instantly. She was a girl with a pure heart. She was unaware of a cruel world. Sidharth was lucky that he got this girl who was a pure soul.

Sidharth told to Mukti, Cabir and Abhi that what he had told to Sana about her parents. Mukti became happy after knowing this. She excitedly went to meet her. She stepped into her room, smiling cheerfully.

“Hey sweetie, how are you?” Mukti asked after hugging her from behind, and then she strolled in front of her.

“Didu, you were right monster is not a monster, he is a hero, you know he has saved me and my parents. Silly me, I was blaming him, sorry didu.” She said cutely, holding her ears.

Mukti smiled and placed her hand over her face. “Aww.. sweetie, don’t be sorry. So are you getting ready for a surprise?” She asked and Sana nodded merrily.

“Didu, I want to ask you something,” Sana said and moved her eyes down because she was feeling shy.

Mukti narrowed her brows confusingly and asked, “what?”

“Actually, didu, whenever Sidharth touches me, kisses me, I don’t know how I feel, like Kuch kuch hota hai didu,” she said cutely while playing with her fingers, having a pretty smile on her face. Mukti widened her eyes in shock. She wasn’t expecting that Sana would ask something like this from her.

“Didu, tell me about this feeling, I am so confused,” She asked again, holding Mukti’s hand after not getting any answer because Mukti was confused how to answer her.

“Uhmm… Sana, ask this from Sidharth, he will make you understand your feelings better than me. Okay?” Mukti disappeared from there instantly because she didn’t know how to explain her.

“Oh god, didu bhi chali gye (Didu also left), maybe she also doesn’t know about this feeling, but now I will ask from Sidharth. I feel so shy in front of him, what should I do, should I ask or not?” She was baffled that from whom she should ask about her feelings.

“Sana, stop moving your legs, it is irritating me,” Sidharth shouted frustratedly because from five minutes, Sana had been swaying her legs which was hitting the seat and this was making the sound. She was sitting beside Sidharth in the car, he was taking her out for the surprise.

“I am sorry.” She bit her lower lip. “Actually whenever I’m excited, I play with my legs, sorry I didn’t know that this will make you angry.” She instantly apologised, and Sidharth felt bad that he shouted on her, but his nature was like this only. He was short-tempered.

“Sana, you still haven’t told me how you feel, when I…” as he moved closer to her face, she moved her eyelashes down and flushed. He said this to change the atmosphere.

Few minutes passed.

“You tell me about this feeling,” Sana asked suddenly looking at him and Sidharth smirked at her after applying the brake.

“Don’t you know what you feel when I touch you?” He asked, placing his hands over her face and came close to her face. She shook her head innocently and her smile grew bigger. Her innocence one day would surely kill him.

“Okay, so tonight I will explain to you everything properly, first surprise time okay.” She slightly nodded her head, not knowing his plan. He was smiling at her devilishly.

“Wow… water park, I love water rides, thank you so much for taking me here.” Sana squealed joyfully as she stepped into the water park. Sidharth was just gazing at his baby. Only for her, today he had come here. Only for her happiness.

“But there is no one, maybe it is close today,” she uttered dishearteningly, looking down, wondering wrong that the water park was closed.

“Baby, it is not close. For our privacy, I make this place vacant, so that we can enjoy here alone properly.” He held her face and made her understand. But the real reason was his possessiveness. He didn’t want anybody to see his baby in a short and wet costume. Only he had the right to see his baby like this.

“What? Really? Wow, now we don’t have to stand in the long queue for our turn, you are best.” She jumped over him and hugged him tightly cheerfully.

He also hugged her back and murmured, “I love you, baby.”

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