(Part: 10) Mine (Sidnaaz)


In this story, there will be no major twist. This is cute and humorous story. You will enjoy it a lot, every part will surely bring a huge smile on your face.

“Thank you so much, Alia di, only because of you today I will able to meet my parents, you are my best friend.” Sana cheerily said to Alia, standing outside of the car in front of her home, the smile wasn’t going away from her face and her eyes were shimmering with the happiness. Alia was sitting inside the car.

“Sana, I will always help you, don’t worry and take care. Now go, your parents will be waiting for you,” As Alia said, Sana bid bye to Alia and turned to walk. She stepped into her home with a smiling face, but her lips drew down in sadness as she found inside main door locked.

“God, where will be Mumma papa, this door is locked? Was monster lying to me that he hasn’t kidnapped my parents?” She wondered bemusedly, holding the lock and her eyes became moist.

“Alia di,” she shouted after coming out of the house. She started crying because she was getting scared of darkness.

“Alia di has gone, now what will I do? bhut dar lag rha hai, Mumma papa please come back, your Sana is getting scared, she is alone, please God send my Mumma papa, ” she prayed and sobbed. She was shivering with fear because she was alone at 2 am. She was also afraid of darkness.

On the other side, Sidharth woke up in the middle of the night because he could feel that his love was in danger. This is called true love. Sidharth love was true and this was the proof of it.

He glanced at the bed, but thought wrong that Sana is sleeping peacefully, covering herself with the comforter because he had always seen her sleeping like this only. He sighed with relief and tried to sleep back, but couldn’t.

“What happening to me? Why I’m feeling like something is wrong.” He held his head after getting up. He was not checking Sana because never in a dream also he could that Sana would run away.

She was sitting outside of her house, leaning against the wall and crying badly because she was hell scared. She was only praying to God to send her parents.

“I remember, once papa showed me a police station near to our house, thank you so much, god, for making me remember about this.” She stood up and happily wiped her tears.

She stepped into the police station and without looking here and there, directly matched into the cabin of A.C.P. He looked at her in shock.

“Sir, please help me, a monster married to me forcefully and he has also kidnapped my parents, ” Sana asked for the help, joining her hands in front of the person.

“Mam, calm down, have a seat first,” the person made her to sit first and then he gave her water to drink which was kept on his table.

“Now tell me who is the person? I will send my whole police force there and we will arrest him, you don’t worry.” He assured her and Sana felt relief. She gave all the necessary details about Sidharth to him.

“You sit here, I am sending police force there.” He left the cabin after assuring Sana. She was now smiling happily.

“Monster, now you will see, when police beats you, then only you will tell about my parents, ” Sana was murmuring to herself and she came on the earth back as A.C.P. came back.

“Sir, thank you so much for helping me. Please don’t beat him that much as he was not that much bad monster, only asked him to tell me about my parents,” As Sana said cutely, A.C.P. also chuckled and shook his head in disbelief. She didn’t know, but she had a soft corner for him.

“Mam, don’t worry about this, we know our duty,” he sat back on the chair before her and she smiled at him.

“Could I have these biscuits? Actually I am starving. You know, I was so excited to run away from that monster’s house and in this happiness, I haven’t eaten anything?” She adorably told him everything after seeing the packet of biscuit which was kept on the table. A.C.P. laughed and gave her the packet of biscuit.

“Thank you, Sir.” She took the packet merrily, but pouted sadly because she wasn’t able to open it.

She looked at him sheepishly. “Sir, could you please open it,” she cutely asked from him and he smiled. He took the packet and gave it to her after opening it. Then she cutelyvstarted munching the biscuits and he shook his head in disbelief. She cheerfully smiled at him, showing her all teeth.

Suddenly the door of the cabin opened and Sidharth Shukla stormed inside. He was glaring at her in fury. As looked at him, her eyes glinted with fear, she stood up and the packet of biscuit slipped down on floor from her hand.

“Sidharth Shukla, please, come inside and explain to your wife that you are not monster at all,” As ACP uttered cheerfully, Sana looked at him in shock. Now Sidharth grinned widely.

“Yes, I come here to explain her this only.” Sidharth had a smirk on his face. Sana was so confused after listening to their conversations. She was just gazing at them bemusedly.

The A.C.P. was Sidharth’s best friend and Mukti’s boyfriend, Mr Abhimanyu Kapoor. He knew everything about Sidharth’s forceful marriage. Abhi was only the person with whom Sidharth shared each and everything about his life.


Abhi stepped out of his cabin after assuring Sana and immediately called Sidharth.

As Sidharth picked up the phone, he informed him, “Sidharth, Sana is here in my cabin, she is asking me to arrest you and calling you monster, what’s happening, bro?”

“Are you kidding Abhi?” Sidharth shouted and stood up from the sofa. He rushed to the bed and removed the comforter. He raised her brows in utter shock after seeing the pillows. He just couldn’t believe on his eyes.

“Abhimanyu, I am just coming, is she alright? Kuch hua toh nhi na ushai.” Sidharth asked anxiously, scratching his forehead. His care was clearly showing how much he loved her.

“Sidharth, relax she is fine, you come here and I want an explanation about this later,” as Abhi told her, he closed his eyes and sighed deeply with relief.

“How could she ran away like this at night? Anything could have happened with her at late night, oh god Sidharth you are so careless.” He scolded himself. He was not angry after knowing this she ran away, he was angry because she ran at late night.

“Wait for a second, but how did she run away?” He wondered.

He put all his questions on the side and decided to go the police station first. He was fuming in anger and in no time, he reached the police station.

Flashback Over

“Sir, what are you saying, arrest him, he is a monster, he has kidnapped my parents,” Sana asked Abhi to arrest him when the hugged each other. The innocent and poor soul was puzzled.

“By the way Sidharth, your wife is super cute, I appreciate your choice, your choice is far better than me,” as Abhi joked, he glared at him in anger.

“Abhi, shut up, she is my sister and you are very lucky to have her.” Sidharth scolded Abhi and he laughed.

“Bro, I was just kidding, just chill.”

“Oh, just shut up you both.” As Sana shrieked after getting annoyed with their conversation, both of them looked at her. “What’s happening here?” she asked innocently.

“Baby, let’s go home, I will explain you everything properly,” Sidharth held her hand and walked to the door. Abhi sat back on his chair.

“Sir, he is a monster, please help me,” she was shouting, but he dragged out of the police station and made her sit inside the car.

As Sidharth sat beside her, she was about to shout back again, but Sidharth glared at her in anger. She became quiet and turned her face to other side mutely. His one look was enough to make her quiet. He was puzzled and still wondering, how she ran away from his mansion alone, he knew that somebody had surely helped her.

He was driving the car in full speed because he was hell angry. Sana was sitting, closing her eyes. She was just praying to god for her life. The way he was driving the car, it was clearly showing his anger. Poor Sana was bearing his anger.

“Ahaha…” Sana widened her eyes horrifyingly and shouted as she saw a truck coming in front of their car. She instantly palmed her ear and shut her eyes tightly.

Sidharth hastily turned her car on other side and their car crashed with a tree. Thankfully nothing had happened to them, they both were alright because they were wearing seat-belts.

“Baby, are you alright? Tumhai kuch hua toh nhi?” Sidharth asked anxiously after clasping her face and this made her angry.

“Don’t show me your fake concern, Sidharth Shukla. You’re a monster, a big monster, you are a lier also, you have kidnapped my parents.” Sana bawled in fury, losing her patience.

Sidharth didn’t say anything, he just hastily opened the door of car and climbed out because he didn’t want to shout on her. Sana was sobbing, sitting in the car thinking about her parents. Her all plans were going flop. She only wanted to meet her parents one time. What was wrong that he was not fulfilling her this wish?

Sana opened the seat belt and stormed out of the car. She was also angry, and she had decided today that she will fight until she gets to know about her parents.

“Say, where you have kept my parents? Say the truth, I want my parents, did you understand Mr Monster Sidharth Shukla? I want to know about my parents, say something.” Her lips quivered with outrage as she yelled at him. She was rising his anger.

He yanked her to himself in fury and rebuked, “I haven’t kidnapped your parents, they were selling you to that bloody Aman, I have just saved you.” There was a thunderstorm and his words were also not less than a thunderstorm for Sana. She stared at him aghast with wide open eyes.

“No, you are lying,” she chided him and her eyes brimmed with tears. She was staring at him in utter disbelief because it was very hard for her to believe that her parent was trying to sell her.

“No, baby, this is the truth, they were selling you, I know it is difficult for you to believe this but this is the truth.” Sidharth tried to explain her after clasping her face, but Sana was still not believing on his words. She was nodding his head constantly.

“No, you are lying, you are a lier, I will never believe on you Monster.” As she pushed him away, he fisted his hand to control his anger.

“After seeing this also you wouldn’t believe on me?” Sidharth showed a photo on his phone to Sana, in which Aman was giving a bundle of money to Sana’s father.

Sana was taken aback after seeing this, she took a few steps back in disbelief and shook her head, tears were trickling down her cheeks. Still, it was not easy to believe that her parent tried to sell her. They were her best friend, they had taken care of her like a princess.

Before she could cry loudly, Sidharth grasped her waist and captured her lips after pulling her closer to himself.

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