(Part: 9) Mine (Sidnaaz)


It was 4 am and Sana was still awake. She was lost in thoughts, how to get rid of this monster. Finally, she got an idea and she jumped out of the bed after throwing her blanket joyfully.

“Monster, you think you are smart but you don’t know, I am smarter than you,” she murmured, looking at Sidharth who was sleeping on the sofa.

She was looking around as like she was searching for something and as her eyes fell over Sidharth’s pocket, her lips drew down in disappointment. “Oh no, Monster’s phone is in his pocket, now how I will take it out ?” She planned to call her parents through his phone.

“Sana, take out the phone from his pocket and call your parent,” as her mind encouraged her, she shook her head.

“No, no, If he wakes up and comes to know about my plans, he will surely kill me.” She replied to her mind. She was biting her nails in nervousness and staring at him, her eyes filled with fear.

She put her fear on side and finally decided to take the phone out of his pocket because she badly wanted to talk with her parents, she was missing them a lot. As she leaned down and lifted her hand to take out his phone, Sidharth moved in sleep. She got scared and scurried to the bed. She hastily lay down on the bed and covered herself up to her head with the comforter as like she had seen a ghost.

She peeked out of the comforter after slowly pulling it down to check if he was sleeping or not. She sighed with relief as she found him sleeping peacefully. She again gathered courage and climbed down the bed. She strolled to him and after leaning over him, she tried to take out his phone, but as he again moved in sleep and she hurriedly stood up. As she was about to run, her foot caught with the table, she stumbled and directly fell over him.

“Ahaha… “Sidharth woke up and screamed looking at Sana because her face wasn’t visible, her hair was falling over her face and this made monster Sidharth scared.

He held her arms and asked loudly, “ what are you doing here, Sana?” She stared at him mutely with her eyes filled with fear. She was finding any excuse.

“If you wanted to sleep with me, then you should have told me before,” he said and his lips curved into smirk, she instantly stood up.

“No no, nothing is like this. I wasn’t feeling sleepy, so I thought, thought to walk in this room, and then my foot caught with the table and I fell over you.” She was pausing after every word and he was staring at her dubiously. He was doubting her.

“Now good night, I am feeling sleepy.” She hurriedly walked to the bed and lay down after covering herself with comforter. He was staring at her like kuch toh gadhbadh hai.

“Mumma, why my all plans are getting fail?” she cried like a small baby.

Sidharth lay down properly on the couch. As he found that his phone was coming out of his pocket, he immediately understood what was Sana trying to do.

“Very smart move, baby. My baby is growing up, not bad,” he grinned, gazing at Sana.

Next morning

Sana woke up, rubbing her eyes cutely. Sidharth was gazing at her, sitting on the sofa. He strolled to her and she sat on the bed.

As he sat in front of her, grinning, she rolled her eyes. “I get to know everything, baby that what you were trying to do last night,” As he uttered, she raised her eyebrows in shock.

“You were trying take out this last night right? Now take this phone, I am giving you this myself,” he said, giving his phone to her, first she stared at him shock, and then she smiled and her eyes shimmered with happiness. She took the phone and Sidharth was just smiling at her.

“It is asking for the password, open it.” As she innocently asked him to open the phone and gave the phone back to him, he burst into laughter. She narrowed her brows bemusedly.

“You idiot, I was just trying to make you understand that you can’t do anything to escape from here. You were trying call police yesterday night, right?” He asked calmly, but his eyes were filled with anger.

She instantly shook her head. “No, I wasn’t calling the police, I was just trying to call my parents, they must be worried for me and I want to know, how are they?” Sana told him innocently. He stood up and walked out of the room without saying anything.

“Cabir, meet her for once, she needs our help, at least for one time, we can only make her meet with her parents.” Mukti was requesting Cabir to help her because he was not ready to go against his brother. Then he took him to Sidharth’s room forcibly.

“Didu, why you came here with the second monster?” Sana asked, calling cabir as the second monster. Mukti smiled at her. Cabir narrowed her brows in confusion, not understanding her words

“Sweetie, Cabir is not a monster at all, he will help you in meeting your parents.” As Mukti told her, her eyes glinted with the happiness and Cabir gave look to mukti like when did he get ready to her.

“Wow, you all will help me, I am sorry for calling you a monster, ” Sana apologised, holding her ears adorably. Cabir and Mukti just broadly smiled at her. They found her super cute.

“Yes, I will help you, I mean we will help you, Sana,” Cabir’s heart melted, and he agreed after seeing her innocence. Mukti smiled and looked at him in surprise. He smiled back at her.

Sidharth was taking bath. He was staring straight with gloomy expression. Sana’s words were echoing in his ears. “Monster, please make me meet my parents for once, I promise you, I will do whatever you say.” “No, I am not calling the police, I was just trying to call my parents, they must be worried for me and I want to know, how are they ?”


Sana was sitting in her room, she was bored because no one was in the house, all were busy today.

As she saw Alia standing on the door, her eyes glinted with anger. She marched over her and yelled, pushing her out of the room. “You, you get out of here. You are witch, you shouted on me, I will not spare you.”

She was pushing her out of the room and Alia was trying to make her understand. “Sana, listen to me, I can help you in escaping out of this house,” Alia uttered when Sana was about to shut the door on her face, she stared at her doubtfully and didn’t close the door.

“Sana, I am really sorry for that day, I was not aware that you are Sidharth’s wife, Mukti had told me everything about you, I am so sorry for you.” Alia held her hands and continued, “but now I can help you from running out of this house.”

“You will help me?” She asked and her eyes glinted with joy. She trapped the innocent Sana.

“Yes, but you have to promise me that you will never take my name and tell anyone that I am helping you in this, not even mukti also, ” Alia asked for the Promise.

“Sana promise, I will never take your name, if I got caught also, I wouldn’t take your name, but please help me,” she promised her because at this time, she just wanted to escape out of here and meet her parents.

“At 2 pm, there will be no guards, I will be waiting for you outside.” Alia took Sana at the backside of the house and explained the plan. Sana was happy and excited to meet her parents.

At evening Mukti came back home after the work and she directly went to the guest room to check Sana. She smiled as she saw her happily watching the tv. “Sana, I promise, I will make you meet your parents.” She murmured and strolled into the room.

“Didu, I am so happy today.” Sana hugged Mukti tightly and about tell everything but stopped as she recalled Alia’s words.

“Wow, that’s super great, but what is the reason of your happiness?” Mukti asked after breaking the hug.

She instantly replied, “because you came back home early, that’s why I am happy.”

Mukti kissed her forehead. “I am sorry, Didu. I can’t share this with you because I have promised Alia di that I will not tell this secret to anyone.” She thought, hugging her.

“Cabir, I have taken Sana’s parents address. Are you going with me there tomorrow?” Mukti asked Cabir.

“Of course, Mukti, I also wanted to know the truth that why Bhai is doing this with the innocent girl.” Cabir said.

It was 1 am and Sidharth was doing work on the laptop. Sana was, again and again, glancing at the wall clock and wondering, “why the time is passing so slow? And why this monster is not falling asleep?”

Sana came out of her thought as Sidharth asked her, “Baby, why are you again and again looking at clock ”

“Hmm, let me guess, you are waiting for the time when I will come close to you and kiss you, right? Because I haven’t kissed you today.” As he moved closer to her lips, Sana widened her eyes in shock.

“Good night, baby and sleep now because if you don’t, then I will not let you sleep the whole night.” He brushed her lower lip with his thumb.

“I am sleeping, I am sleeping,” she shrieked, lying down and covered herself with a blanket. He stood up, having a smile on his face.

“Monster,” she muttered in anger.

After a minute only, she peeked out of the blanket. She didn’t find him on the couch, nor he was standing beside her. As she turned on other side, she found him lying on the bed beside her, grinning at her.

He came above her and slammed her lips after cupping her face. He softly sucked her upper lip and she sucked his lower lip. Like this, their lips were moving in rhythm. The kiss had so much power that Sana forgot about her escaping plan and utterly got lost in their kiss. She was moving her hand all over his back and he was enjoying her touch and kissing her more lovingly. This kiss was soft and pure kiss and the kiss which Sana was enjoying the most. After becoming breathless, they broke the kiss and gazed deeply into each other eyes. His eyes were filled with immense love and her eyes were filled with lots of questions.

“Aa…” Sana hissed in pain as Sidharth leaned over her neck and gave a first love bite on her neck. He kissed the mark two three times to soothe her pain and she felt good.

She was gazing at him without blinking her eyes. “This is the first mark which is a proof of that you are mine, slowly I will fully mark your body as mine.” As he whispered against her lips, a shiver rush down her spine.

“Good night,” he kissed her forehead and stood up after last time smiling at her.

He lay down on the sofa and she was still in a shock. She hissed in pain again as she touched the mark.

“Oh god, it’s two am, Alia di must be waiting for me.” She wondered, staring at the clock. After checking Sidharth, she jumped out of the bed and set the pillow and covered them with the blanket as if Sidharth wakes up at night, he will think that she is still there and sleeping.


She came at the backside of the house. She hastily opened the door and stepped out of the mansion. She saw Alia standing outside the car. She had a evil smile on her face. They hugged each other and settled down inside the car. Then the car drove off.

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