(Part: 8) Mine (Manan)


She came out after changing her dress and her eyes shimmered as she saw him working on his laptop in the balcony. “Thank god, Monster is sitting outside, now I will think about my escape plan comfortably.”She decided to take the help of Mukti in this.

As she turned to walk out of the room, Manik stopped her by holding her hand and she turned toward him. Her lips were drawn up in a devilish smile. She looked at him confusingly.

“Are you thinking to run from this house baby?” He asked sweetly, cupping her face after leaving her hand.

“Yes, I will run away.” She instantly answered back curtly. He clasped her face little tightly and her eyes glinted with anger which made her scared and she closed her eyes.

“Okay, then try baby, I will not stop you,” as he cooed and left her face, she instantly opened her eyes and looked at him in confusion, she thought he would shout on her again, but that didn’t happen.

Before Manik was also about to shout on her but stopped after remembering Mukti’s words. Mukti words worked like a magic on Manik that today the rude, arrogant Manik Malhotra became so sweet.

It was not just about Mukti’s words, it was love, Manik loved Nandini, therefore for her, he was trying to change and controlling his anger because he wanted her to accept him as her husband from her heart, not in pressure.

“Sweetie, you can’t run away from here, it is not easy, if he comes to know that I am helping you, he will kill me.” Nandini was in Mukti’s room and she was trying to explain her that it is not easy for her to escape from here.

After listening to Mukti’s words, Nandini’s lips drew down in sadness and Mukti felt bad for her but she was helpless. She couldn’t go against him.

“Sweetie, tell me something that you do you in your pass time, any games or something else, “As Mukti asked just to change the topic, her eyes shone with the excitement.

“I used to play many games with my friends, will you play with me? “She asked cutely and Mukti smiled because she succeeded in changing her mood.

“Of course, sweetie, tell me which game do you want to play?” She asked, putting her hand on her face. Nandini stood up, her eyes sparkling and her lips were drawn up in a huge smile.

They were playing Aankh Micholi, in this game, one of the players, the denner is blindfolded with a piece of cloth. The denner has to catch hold of one of the other players while being blindfolded. Maids were also playing with Mukti as Nandini insisted them to play with her. Nandini was enjoying a lot and Mukti too, but she was calling herself a fool. In this age, she was playing this type of childhood game.

On the other hand, Manik was listening to their voices from outside which were disturbing him. He was unable to concentrate in his work. His anger was rising.

Nandini was blindfolded, she was moving her hand and finding other. She said confidently, “now you will see, how easily I will catch you, I am expert in this game.” She was stepping back and behind her there were stairs. She was just about to fall.

As Mukti’s eyes fell over her, she widened her eyes horrifyingly. Before she could stop her, Manik shouted and rushed to her. “Nandini…” he yanked her to himself by grasping her arms and removed her blindfold making her shocked. She was fluttering her eyelashes, trying to adjust her eyes in the light.

“Mukti, are you blind? Didn’t you see that she was about to fall? When you become such a child?” Manik was yelling on Mukti and she was staring down. Nandini turned her face and raised her brows in as she saw, she was standing on the edges of stairs.

“I pay you all for working in this house, not for enjoying and playing this bloody games in this house.” As Manik bawled at the maids, they disappeared from there within a second. Nandini pouted sadly, she felt bad for them.

Manik glared at Mukti in anger. He grasped Nandini’s hand and led her into the room. He shut the door. Now he was glaring at Nandini who was standing silently and making herself ready to bear his anger, her eyes were down at the floor.

Manik clutched his hands, he was trying to control his anger. He explained her so many times to take care of herself but she, again and again, doing the same mistake and making him angry.

When he didn’t find any other way to control his anger, he pinned her against the wall by grasping her waist and sealed her lips with his lips. She widened her eyes in shock. He was kissing her lips hungrily, clutching her waist. Her body became weak, she wanted to respond him, but he was not giving her chance. It seemed like he wanted to punish her through this dominant kiss. She moved her hand up to touch him, but before she could touch him, he pinned her hands against the wall, above her head. His aggressive kiss was slowing down. The kiss was worked like magic on him as it calmed him down, but poor soul Nandini was irritated as she wanted to touch him.

“Aaha…” Manik moved back, shrieking as Nandini kicked on his foot in irritation and kicked him.

“Why are you not letting me to touch you and kiss you?” She asked, becoming a frustrated soul. Manik was about to shout on her for kicking him, but his lips curved into a devilish grin after listening to her words. She bit her lower lip after realising what she said in frustration.

First her words and now the way she bit her lower lips, Manik became hungry, hungry to eat her lips again. He again captured her lips without saying anything. This time he was kissing her lips softly and chastely. She was relieved now because this time, he was letting her kiss him back. He held Nandini’s both hands and placed them over his face because he wanted to fulfil her wish. He held her one leg and placed it around his waist and kiss her lovingly. He was enjoying the kiss a lot. He had been craving for her since so long. He had waited to kiss her, to touch her, to feel her body. And finally, he got her and now he didn’t want to leave her.

As they became breathless, they broke the kiss. Nandini was still confused, wondering what was happening to her and Manik was chilled out after the kiss.

“Earlier I used to control myself whenever you bit your lower lip, but today I’m utterly satisfied because now you are mine and I don’t need to control my inner desire. I can kiss you whenever I want.” He was grinning at her and his eyes were shimmering with happiness. “But don’t worry, I will go very slow with you, baby. I am damn sure, you are also enjoying this as you proved this by your last word.” He trailing his fingertip down her bare arms and she was staring down with shyness, she wasn’t scared this time. She was blushing. His touch was sending shiver down her spine and she was feeling incredible. He was just grinning at her.

Manik was sleeping on the couch at night and Nandini was lost in her thoughts, why she was enjoying kissing this monster, why she wanted to kiss him, why she never pushed him away, and why she was loving the way he was kissing her.

She was feeling thirsty, she stood up and came outside. There was darkness outside, she was scared, but she was feeling thirsty also. She took god’s name and ambled to the kitchen.

“Ahahah…” she shouted with fear as suddenly she bumped with someone. She rushed back to her room and as she opened the room, she found Manik staring at her in confusion.

“I have seen someone outside.” She jumped over him and hugged him tightly. He also hugged her back by wrapping his arms her. He was thankful to the person whom she had seen outside as she hugged him so tightly because of him. Holding her in his arms like this, it was like heaven on the earth for him.

When she didn’t get any reply, she broke the hug and whispered, her eyes were filled with fear. “I have seen someone, outside.” Listening to her words, he came out of his thought.

“Okay, come with me.” He clasped her hand and led her out of the room. As they stepped outside, they saw cabir.

“Bhai, she saw me outside, and before I could explain here, she ran from there.” Manik sighed and Nandini was staring at him bemusedly, narrowing her brows.

“Hi, I am cabir, Manik’s brother.” Cabir introduced himself and held out his hand for her. She made an o-shape mouth after knowing this.

“Monster’s brother, that’s mean he will be also a monster.” She murmured to herself, gazing at his hand and left from there without shaking her hand with him.

Manik hugged him and asked, “Cabir, you come back, how was the meeting?”

“Bhai, we got the deal and all credit goes to you and your hard work.” Cabir smiled broadly, feeling proud to be his brother.

“No, cabir it because of you we got the deal, you convinced the dealer and you held the meeting perfectly, “Manik said, placing his hand over his shoulder. They both smiled at each other.

After few minutes as Cabir left, Manik closed the door. He strode to her.

“What were you doing outside?” As he asked, she immediately answered him innocently and cutely. “I was feeling thirsty and I am still feeling thirsty.” He smiled on her innocence and went out to bring water for her.

“Listen if you ever feel thirsty or hungry next time at night then you can wake me up.” He said lovingly after giving her water and she immediately drank the water.

“Monster, please make me meet my parents for once, I promise you, I will do whatever you say,” she requested as a cute baby and Manik became quite for a few seconds after listening to her words.

Without saying anything he laid her down on the bed and she was staring at him with a sad pout. She turned her face and shedded silent tears, holding the blanket.

“I’m sorry but now I can never let you meet them because you’re only mine now.” He said in calm tone, but his word held dominance and possessiveness. She mutely cried more, burying her face in the pillow after listening to his words. He wasn’t giving her a real villain vibes, but she wasn’t understanding why he was keeping her away from her parents.

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