(Part: 39 Is This The End?) Love Or Sin {Sidnaaz}


Sidnaaz broke the hug as Sidharth phone rang up.

“Everything will be fine, Shehnaaz.” He cupped her face and reassured her, wiping her tears with his thumbs. Her tears were not stopping.

“Your phone is ringing, pick it up.” She asked him to pick up the phone but he denied nodding his head.

“First, you stop crying then I will attend the call.” He was still wiping her tears.

“I’m fine, pick up the call.” She insisted him, removing his hands from her face.

“Okay.” He finally agreed and kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes in response. She always felt so good to feel his lips on her forehead. These forehead kisses gave her relief and strength.

“Shivansh.” He took out his phone from pocket and told Shehnaaz that it is Shivansh’s call. Shehnaaz closed her eyes dejectedly and fresh tears rolled down her cheeks. Sidharth was trying hard to control his emotions.

“I just come,” Sidharth said putting his hand on her shoulder and squeezed it slightly. Shehnaaz opened her eyes and nodded her head. He went to the balcony last time glancing at Shehnaaz.

“Hello.” He composed himself and then answered the phone, holding the railing with his free hand.

“Missing you a lot, Sidharth. I just can’t wait to meet you. And I want to see a smile on your face when I meet you, understand?” He said in a serious tone. A lone tear escaped from his eyes. He felt guilty because Shivansh wanted to see his smile and tomorrow, he was going to snatch his smile.

“Miss you too and wanna meet you.” He wiped his tear and spoke gripping the phone.

“Shivansh, I need your good luck. Tomorrow, I am going to take a huge step towards my love life.” He needed his friend’s good luck.

“Sidharth, my best wishes are with you always. I want that you get your love. Your happiness is most important to me. I am always there for you.” Shivansh words were giving strength to him now. Seeing his love for him, he became sure that he would understand him.

“And your happiness is important to me. Your friendship is a gift of God for me which I never want to lose.” Sidharth was telling him how important he is for him. “I don’t want to lose you.” Sidharth pursed his lips and controlled himself from crying. He was really afraid to lose him.

“I am always with you, Sidharth. Nothing can come between us, nothing.” Sidharth smiled with the relief. Shivansh was giving him strength and assuring him that he would always support him.

“Sidharth.. at least tell me the name of the girl and what she does?” Sidharth became quiet as Shivansh asked about Shehnaaz from him.

“Shivansh, I-I will di-directly introduce her to you, tomorrow.” He stammered and said with difficulty.

“I really want to meet the girl and scold her for snatching my Sidharth from me. You know, I hate her because you suffered a lot because of her. But you love her, I will manage.” He chuckled and Sidharth was listening to him quietly.

“She had suffered more than me, Shivansh and I have hurt her a lot,” Sidharth said having guilt in his voice.

“Sidharth, relax. Don’t blame yourself. She is married and it isn’t easy to accept a married woman. Just remember one thing, whatever happens, it happens for something good. Look at the end, you both have accepted each other.” Shivansh explained to her, giving more strength to Sidharth.

“Now bye, Sidharth. I have an early morning meeting. See you tomorrow.”

“Bye, and take care.” Sidharth hung up the call and stood, holding the railing. He was staring at the stars with moist eyes. Every word which Shivansh had said to him, those words clearly hinted him that he would understand him but still, he was afraid to tell him the truth because the truth was going to badly hurt him.

Shehnaaz walked into the balcony. She hugged him from behind by wrapping her arms around his chest and rested her head over his back. Her arms took away his all fear. There was some kind of magic in the arms of his star. He held her hand and kissed the knuckles lovingly.

“Are you fine?” She asked when Sidharth turned around to face her.

“Until you are with me, I am fine. Promise me that you will be always with me.” He cupped her face and asked her to promise him.

“I am always with you, Sidharth. You are my heart and tell me how can a person survive a single day without his heart?” She asked, raising her eyebrows and he smiled slightly.

“I love you, my star.” He confessed looking deeply into her eyes and softly kissed her forehead while his thumbs were stroking her face.

“I love you more, Sidharth.” She confessed and smile contentedly, gazing at him.

Then they came back to room hand in hand and their eyes were looking at each other. They were so much in love with each other. They lay down on the bed in each other arms and Sidharth covered them with the white duvet.

They were trying to sleep but the sleep was far away from their eyes. They were lying silently in each other arms. Shehnaaz’s eyes were closed and she was trying to get lost in his soothing heartbeat. Sidharth was staring at the ceiling, wondering about tomorrow and the moments which he had spent with Shivansh.

After every two minutes, they were asking each other” did you sleep?”

After long three hours, they finally fell asleep struggling with their thoughts. This was their longest night ever. But both were unaware of the storm which was going to come tomorrow.


Next morning

Finally, the day arrived which was going to be a turning point in their life.

Sidnaaz woke up early in the morning and they were talking about something else rather than about Shivansh. They didn’t want to stress each other more, therefore they were trying to distract each other. Shehnaaz was lying resting her head on his chest. Sidharth’s one hand was wrapped around her and another was playing with her hair.

“Shehnaaz, when you are going to start writing your new story ?” Sidharth asked, making her think for a few seconds.

“Sidharth, I am thinking to write a novel on our life. I want to convey a message to people, never judge a book by it’s cover. Our relationship would be wrong from outside but from inside, nobody knows how pure our love is. What do you think, Is it a good idea or bad.” She asked, looking at him after raising her head from his chest.

“It’s a superb idea, go ahead. I am with you.” She smiled listening to his words and both gazed at each other, having so much love in each other eyes.

They both were startled after hearing the sound of something falling near the door. They widened their eyes in shock as they saw Shivansh standing outside of the room. He was staring at them in utter disbelief. Sidnaaz moved away from each other immediately. They both were looking down in guilt. They weren’t understanding what they should do. Nothing was coming out of their mouth. They both became numb.

Shivansh left from there silently. Sidnaaz stared at each other blankly.

“I never wanted this to happen? He will think wrong about us now. Everything has ended Shehnaaz.. , everything.” Sidharth was on the verge of crying. He felt as if his world had stopped. Shivansh was his life.

Shehnaaz was blank. She wanted to tell Shivansh the truth herself. Now he would surely misjudge them and think wrong about them.


Finally, Shivansh got to know the truth, what do you think, how he is going to react?

Love Mehak

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