(Part: 36 It was God’s Wish) Love Or Sin {Sidnaaz}


“Mukti, I came here for our friendship. I don’t want to lose you guys. You all are the best gift from god to me. I want to make you understand my situation and the rest will be your decision. Just listen to me and then take the decision.” Sidharth tried for the last time to explain Mukti. Sidharth paused before continuing further and waited for Mukti’s response, she nodded her head slightly.

Sidharth sighed and continued, “Since day one, I have had a strong connection with Shehnaaz. This was wrong for me too because she is Shivansh’s wife. I tried hard to keep myself away from her. But the more I ran away from her, the more I came close to her. You must have seen my condition. I was going crazy. Every day, something was dying in me when I was keeping myself away from Shehnaaz. I blamed myself, I called myself wrong, I ran, I pushed her away and forced her to hate me but at the end, I realised that nobody is living happily. Mukti, you know, I can still leave Shehnaaz for Shivansh. He is still most important for me. Nobody can take his place. But, Shehnaaz will not able to keep him happy because she loves me, not him. I can’t force her to love Shivansh. I want both Shivansh’s and Shehnaaz’s happiness. I can’t see them in pain. From outside our love will be wrong for everybody but for me, it is not because we love each other truly. This love has only given us pain and sufferings but still, we are not ready to forget our love. We are ready to go through more pain for our love. Mukti, I don’t care what others think about me. I just only want my friends to understand me.” Sidharth was trying to explain Mukti in the best way. He wanted them to understand him because he didn’t want to lose them.

Mukti was standing silent and Sidharth was waiting for her reply.

“Please, say something,” Sidharth asked Mukti to say something after few minutes of silence.

“I am understanding you, Sidharth but I still doubt Shehnaaz.” Mukti took a deep breath and spoke breaking the silence. Sidharth closed his eyes dejectedly. It was hurting him because his friend was still doubting his star.

“But for you, I will talk to her and try to clear the things. I want some answers from her.” Sidharth sighed with relief after knowing that at least she was ready to clear her doubt.

“Mukti, I want to tell you something about Shehnaaz. I didn’t want to take that thing in between all this but I think you should know before talking to Shehnaaz.” Sidharth spoke making her confused.

“What ?” She asked instantly.

“Mukti, Shehnaaz mind is little disturbed.” He paused for a few seconds to gather the courage to tell Mukti about the worst incident of his life.

“Somebody sent goons to rape her,” Sidharth told Mukti and he felt a sharp pain in his heart, recalling about her condition. Mukti was shocked to know this.

“But why? Is she fine ?”Mukti freaked out and then Sidharth told her everything. He even told her that because of this incident only, he accepted his love in front of Shehnaaz and before that he was pushing her away.

Mukti was shocked and this changed her point of view Before she was thinking that Shehnaaz has tried to trap Sidharth in her love. But after listening to all this, her point of view changed. She was feeling bad for Shehnaaz and feeling guilty for blaming her.

“Shehnaaz has gone through a lot of pain in these few days. She was completely broken. I have handled her very difficultly. She is not in a condition to take more pain now. Somewhere I am also the reason for her pain. It’s hurt to see tears in her eyes.” Sidharth was crying now in front of Mukti. He was trying to be strong till now but couldn’t control himself more in front of Mukti thinking about the pain which Shehnaaz had gone through.

“Sidharth, stop blaming yourself. It was god’s wish. You know, whatever God does, he does for something good only. I think this all was necessary to make you realise how much you love Shehnaaz.” Mukti said, putting her hand on Sidharth’s shoulder while he was just crying in pain.

“If I had realised earlier that how much I love her then she wouldn’t have to go through this pain. I want to see her completely fine. She is still in pain and scared. Mukti, I want the old Shehnaaz back.” Sidharth cried, hugging Mukti like a small baby. She was constantly rubbing his back. She let him cry and take his pain out.

“Sidharth, relax. Shehnaaz will be fine. This type of incidents has a profound effect on girls. With time she will be fine. You will make her fine, I’m sure.” Mukti broke the hug and explained her, putting her hand on his shoulders. Like always, Mukti was consoling Sidharth and supporting him like a true friend.

“Come…” she took her to bed by holding his hand and made him sit down. She went to bring the water from the table while Sidharth wiped his tears with his palms and composed himself. She gave him the water. He thanked her for supporting him through his eyes while taking the water. He was feeling much better.

He gave her the glass and she went to put it on the table.

“Thanx, Mukti, for understanding me.” She came to her and he thanked her verbally while standing up from the bed.

“Are you crazy, Sidharth? Now you will say thank you to me. If in future if you say thank you to me, I will give you a tight slap.” Mukti warned him showing her hand to him.

“Oh, I got scared.” Sidharth acted to get scared of moving away from her. Both chuckled together.

“But seriously, Mukti, I didn’t think that you would understand me so soon.“ he hugged her again happily.

“I am guilty that I misunderstood you and Shehnaaz earlier. I will apologise from her and talk to her. She is the sweetest girl I have ever met but still, I doubted her.” Mukti said getting disappointed from herself.

“No need to feel guilty, Mukti. Your reaction was not wrong, it was justified. I am so happy to see that in all this, you trusted me and gave me a chance to explain myself. I am glad to have a friend like you.” Sidharth said holding her hands. Both passed a small smile to each other.

“And don’t worry, I will talk to Cabir. You just take care of Shehnaaz. She needs you.” She squeezed his hand slightly. Sidharth nodded his head in response, having a small smile on his face. He was so relieved to get support from his one friend. Her support made him more strong and hopeful that Shivansh would also understand him.

“But what about Shivansh? Have you thought something? I mean, how you will tell him ?” Mukti asked coming to the point.

“Tomorrow, he is coming back. I will tell him everything. I know, he will be hurt. But I can’t hide this truth from him anymore. The rest will be his decision and I will accept it wholeheartedly. I only want his happiness and I just hope, in future, he will get a girl who will love him. The love, which he deserves.“ Sidharth turned toward another side.

“Everything will be fine, Sidharth. Shivansh will understand you.” Mukti reassured him, placing her hand on his shoulder from behind. Sidharth turned around and passed a small smile.

“I shall leave now. Shehnaaz is alone at home.” Mukti nodded his head.

“I will come at night.” She said and Sidharth walked out from the room, giving her a small smile.

Cabir was standing outside of the room only and he was glaring at Sidharth. He looked at him pleadingly. He wanted him to listen to him for once.

“Cabir…” Sidharth tried to talk to him, but Cabir stopped him by showing his hand to him.

“Cabir, I will make you understand everything,” Mukti said coming outside.

“I have already heard everything.” He said and punched Sidharth making everybody shock. Mukti palmed her mouth and widened her eyes in a shock.


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