(Part:2) Mine (Sidnaaz)


Sidharth stepped into the mansion after getting married to Sana, she was crying silently in his arms and cursing her fate. She was scared of this monster, she was scared for her parents more than herself. She was feeling helpless because she couldn’t do anything.

That time cabir and Mukti were eating their dinner. They widened their eyes in utter shock as they saw an unknown girl crying in the arms of their brother. They both stood up and walked toward Sidharth, staring at him. Before they could speak a word, Sidharth showed them his hand and cabir moved back, but Mukti still tried to ask Sidharth, but now cabir stopped her by holding her hand. Sana was staring at them with her innocent black eyes as like she was asking help from them. Sidharth then marched to his room.

“Cabir, why didn’t you let me ask Bhai, who is she? Didn’t you see her condition?” Mukti shouted on cabir in anger.

“Mukti, how many time I have to explain you, don’t disrespect Bhai, he doesn’t like it and you also know that whatever he does, he does wisely,” as Cabir explained her, she calmed down instantly after listening to his words

Inside the room, Sidharth laid down Sana on the bed. He was frustrated after seeing her crying nonstop, but he took a long breath and calmed down himself. He sat in front of her and was trying to hold her hand but she was, again and again, jerking away from his hand and in last he forcefully grasped her hand.

“Listen, now you’re my wife, don’t cry baby, I will never give you pain, I will give you all happiness,” he assured her. She was still crying silently looking down and this was making him angry. He was controlling his anger for her only as he didn’t want to shout on her, but he was a very short-tempered man.

“Just look at me, when I am talking to you.” As he shouted, she instantly moved her eyes up at him and sobbed.

“I am sorry, baby, I shouted on you, but you were making me angry.” He wiped her tears and she cried noisily.

“Please let me go, I am not liking this,” She hiccuped and spoke after gathering courage and he chuckled after listening to her words.

“Did I marry with you to let you go, baby?” He asked, caressing her hand and she was just crying.

“Baby, you know how much I love you, I can do anything for you, but can’t fulfil your this wish as I can’t live without you, now do you understand?” He asked, placing his hand on her face. He became angry as she didn’t answer him.

“Do you understand?” He shrieked and cupped her face tightly and this made her jump on her place and she immediately replied him, “yes, yes, I understand.”

“Good.” He got up from the bed.

“Now get up and take bath…” he ordered her and made her get up by holding her shoulder and arm. She cried more as he touched her. Then she took her in the bathroom.

“Take a bath, here is a bathrobe and I have arranged all clothes. See, I care for you so much.” He praised himself like a crazy person.

“Now take bath and if u need anything, I am outside. Okay, baby? Now please don’t cry more, it hurts here,” he placed his hand on his heart, she stared at him in utter disbelief, her eyes full of tears. He glanced at her for the last time before shutting the door.

As he left, she slumped on the hard floor and cried loudly and hysterically on her fate. Poor soul got married to a stranger, she didn’t even know his name. She was missing her parent.

“Mumma, papa, please take me out of here, I am not liking anything here. God, what have you done with me? Why you have done this with me like this? He is so wired, he is a monster, I hate him. Why did you make him my husband? Don’t know, what he will do with me and with my parents? Please save us, god, please.” She cried and begged from god for help, having no other option. She had no clue, the person whom she was calling Monster, he was her saviour.

Sidharth came outside and went into the hall where cabir and Mukti were waiting for him.

“Bhai, who was the girl with you?” Cabir asked as Sidharth sat in front of them.

“She is your bhabhi, Cabir, she is my wife,” As Sidharth told them casually, they raised their brows in shock.

“But she is so young and why she was crying?” Mukti asked.

“I married her because I love her, but she doesn’t.” Cabir and Mukti glanced at each other in utter disbelief.

“Bhai, what are you saying, love and when you started loving her and I didn’t expect this from my hero, I never expected from you that you would marry a girl forcefully one day,” Mukti said in disbelief and cabir was just staring at Sidharth for an explanation.

“Cabir Mukti, no more words, go to the bed and listen to one thing, what I do, I do wisely and what I have done today, I’ve done after thinking a lot.” Sidharth shut their mouth. There was a secret hidden behind his words.

He came back to his room and shook his head incredulously as he saw her still crying, sitting on the bed, holding her knees, wearing the bathrobe. Her hair is wet, falling over shoulders.

“Baby, why haven’t you changed your clothes and please don’t cry,” he strolled to her, she looked at him and sobbed.

“What I can do, I am worried about Mumma and papa, why are you doing this with us?” She said innocently and cried more. Then he sat in front of her and held her hand.

“How many times I have to tell you, I have done all this to make you mine, I love you,” he kissed her knuckle.

“Please, leave my Mumma papa,” she requested.

“Okay, I will leave them, but you have to promise me, you will not cry,” she instantly nodded her and wiped her tear.

“Now get up and wear your nightwear.” As he ordered her, she immediately got up. He brought the nightwear for her and gave to her.

“Remember no crying,” he warned her sternly, she went inside the bathroom without saying anything.

She came out of the bathroom and saw Sidharth lying on the bed. He smiled at her. She was feeling uncomfortable to sleep on the bed with him, therefore she glanced at the empty couch and thought to sleep on the sofa.

“Baby, why are you sleeping there, I am your husband sleep with me on the bed, “he said calmly but in dominating tone as she strolled to the sofa.

“I said come here Sana, listen to your husband.” When she didn’t listen to him, he shouted. She hurriedly came to him and lay down beside him.

“Baby, why don’t you listen to me, why you make me angry?” As he asked, holding her hand, again her eyes became moist, but after recalling his words, she controlled her tears.

As Sidharth pulled her into his strong arms, her breath got stuck in her throat. Sidharth felt so peace and comfort in her arms. He wanted to never leave her while Sana also felt different, but she was unaware of her this feeling because all this was new for her. Before this, no man had ever held her like this.

“Now sleep baby, and I promise you, I will give all the happiness.” He gently kissed her hair and Sana was trying to understand what was happening with her.

Sidharth was caressing her back and wondering, “why she is so cute and why she is not understanding my love? She doesn’t even know that I love her from the past eight years. I waited for her, now she is mine, there is only my right to touch her, hug her, talk to her, shout on her, she is only mine and now I will never let her go and you have to accept Sana that you are mine from today. The way she is sleeping in my arms, I’m feeling like I’m dreaming. I found her body so soft. My arms were properly wrapped around her body as they were made for her only. “He was her caressing back. He was loving this. He had a contented smile on his face.

“She is my heaven. I never want to lose her.” He whispered, gazing at her.


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