(Part: 33 It just the beginning ) Love Or Sin {Sidnaaz}


“I think you guys forget to close the door.” Sidnaaz were startled as they heard Cabir’s voice. They stared at each other in utter shock. They were not understanding what they should do now. They never wanted this truth to come out like this in front of them, but what they could do in front of god’s wish. God had already planned to bring the truth of their relationship in front them like this only.

Sidharth was fearing to look behind and it was clearly visible in his eyes. Shehnaaz held his hand and blinked her eyes to assure him that everything will be fine. At this moment, she wanted to become his strength, not his weakness.

He sighed deeply before getting up from the bed and revealing Shehnaaz’s face in front of them. Mukti and Cabir’s widened their eyes as they saw Shehnaaz on Sidharth’s bed and that too in his shirt. They were completely shocked. They never thought that Shehnaaz would be cheating Shivansh and that too with Sidharth who was her husband’s best friend. It was unbelievable for them. They were beyond shocked.

Shehnaaz was staring down in a shame, She didn’t dare to look into their eyes. Her hands which were in the blanket, they were playing with each other nervously. Sidharth was still standing facing his back to them. He was gathering the courage to face their anger and disgusting looks.

They both stepped into the room, extremely shocked.

“What the hell is this, Sidharth ?” Cabir stormed at Sidharth after turning him toward himself by grasping his arm. Mukti was glaring at Shehnaaz disgustingly while Shehnaaz’s eyes were looking at Sidharth and Cabir.

“Cabir, I can explain, listen to me..” Sidharth spoke after gathering some courage. Cabir was boiling in anger and his eyes were spitting fire.

“What I should listen to? The truth of your betrayal is in front of our eyes. Now what you will explain to us, Sidharth?” Cabir grabbed his collars and shouted cutting his words. Sidharth was taken aback.

“I just can’t believe that you were betraying Shivansh for her,” Cabir moved his eyes at Shehnaaz and glared at her disgustingly. As Cabir looked at Shehnaaz, she instantly bowed down her head in shame.

“Didn’t you think about Shivansh even for once? He was there for you whenever you needed him and what you did? Why Sidharth? Why?” He asked and stared at Sidharth for the answer.

Cabir had no clue how much Sidharth had suffered by putting his friendship above everything every time. He had always thought about Shivansh, but this was the first time, he was thinking about his love, Shehnaaz because he couldn’t see her in pain.

He was standing still, closing his eyes and clenching his fist. He was controlling his emotions.

“Because I love Shehnaaz.” Sidharth opened his eyes and answered his question that why he had done this. Shehnaaz closed her eyes and few tears trickled down her cheeks. It was an emotional moment for her because the love which he was fearing to accept in front of himself, today he accepted that love in front of his friends. It was really a big thing for her.

“And what about Shivansh? Did you forget about him? When did you become so selfish, Sidharth? When?” Cabir asked unbelievably. He was baffled.

“Cabir, you can’t only blame Sidharth. There is the fault of this girl, who had been pretending to be a perfect wife for one year and sleeping with his best friend.” Mukti shouted, cutting Cabir’s words. She was taking out her all anger on Shehnaaz. Sidharth got angry after listening to her words.

Shehnaaz shut her eyes and cried miserably. She wasn’t ready for all this, but somewhere she was knowing that she has to go through all this. The whole society would blame their love, she knew it. This was just the beginning, their love has to pass many more difficulties.

“Mukti please, don’t take her in between all this. You want to shout at me, go ahead, but please, don’t say anything to her.” Mukti and Cabir were shocked, seeing his love for Shehnaaz. He was ready to hear anything but he couldn’t hear a single word against Shehnaaz.

Shehnaaz was just crying silently, looking down. She wanted to support Sidharth, but she had no courage to face them. She was blaming their love. Their words were affecting her and breaking her heart. She never wanted this to happen.

“Oh my god, What type of magic you have done on our Sidharth, Shehnaaz ?” Mukti sat down in front of Shehnaaz and asked grabbing her arm. Shehnaaz looked at Mukti with her moist eyes.

“Now why are you crying, Shehnaaz? What you wanted to do, you have done. Now why these fake tears? I don’t know why god makes the girls like you who have an eye on every man and who can never be loyal… “Mukti was pressing her arms tightly in fury, glaring at her. Mukti’s words were increasing Sidharth’s anger.

“Mukti, it’s enough.” Sidharth lost his temper and shouted, marching toward Mukti. She scowled at Sidharth.

“What’s enough, Sidharth? What wrong did she say?” Cabir roared with outrage after turning Sidharth toward himself.

“Come out of her spell, Sidharth and look at the reality, think about Shivansh. This love will take you nowhere. It will snatch everything from you. There is still time, Sidharth. Please mend your ways.”

“Leave it, Cabir. He won’t understand us now.” Mukti left Shehnaaz arm and spoke getting up from the bed.

“The day, this girl leaves him for another man, then only he will understand us.” Mukti’s words were piercing Sidnaaz’s heart. Shehnaaz pursed her lips and squeezed her eyes shut to control her emotions after listening to her words.

“Sidharth, are you blind? Can’t you see that she cheated her husband for you and in future, she can even cheat you for another man? Try to understand, Sidharth, we are your friend and we still want your happiness. She is snatching you from all us.” Cabir tried to explain to him for the last time. Sidharth was fuming in anger and glaring at Cabir. He was crossing his all limit.

“Cabir, you don’t know anything so stop blaming her, please. She is not that type of girl.” Sidharth again shouted as he lost his temper. It was really hurting him to see how his friends were blaming his star. They were making his star cry and making her weak. She had just come out of the trauma and he had gathered her very difficultly, but they were again making his star weak. He couldn’t bear this.

“You were saying right, Mukti. We should leave now. He is not going to come to come out of her spell easily. He doesn’t need us in his life anymore.” Mukti and Cabir left after last time glanced at them in fury.

Sidharth didn’t stop them because he knew, they would not understand him now because they were in a shock. But he would make them understand after telling the truth to Shivansh. Sidharth looked at his star who was crying silently looking down. He felt a sharp pain in his heart after seeing her condition. He couldn’t see tears in her eyes anymore. He wanted to see his star shining always.

She looked at him with her sorrowful eyes. “Sidharth, please leave me. We are not meant to be together.” She uttered, crying in agony and guilt.

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