(Character Sketch) Mine (Manan)


Manik Malhotra

Age: 26

A famous businesses tycoon, Rude, arrogant, dominant. He wants everything perfect and wants everything according to him. He loves his siblings but also very strict with them. He is madly and deeply in love with a girl name, Nandini.

Nandini Kapoor

Age: 18

A college-going girl, very naive like a small kid, love singing, love her parents more than her life. She is cute and very sensitive. Hate rude people like Manik but unfortunately, she has become the obsession of the person whom she hates the most.

Cabir Malhotra

Age: 24

Brother of Manik, work with Manik in his office. He loves Manik and understands him. He knows Manik from in and out.

Mukti Malhotra

Age: 22

Sister of Manik, she is a fashion designer and loves her brothers. Always listen to them. Girlfriend of Abhimanyu from four years.

Abhimanyu Singh

Age: 24

He is the best friend of Manik, loving and caring boyfriend of Mukti. His profession is secret for now.

Alia Saxena

Age: 22

Friend of Mukti, his obsession is Manik and a very clever girl.

Malhotra Siblings are orphan, their parent had died when they were kids. Manik took all the responsibility on his head and took his parents’ small business on no. one position.

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