(Part: 31 Fun In Rain) Love Or Sin {Sidnaaz}


Inspector Raichand showed the photo of Rahul to Shehnaaz and asked, “he is Rahul Khanna, do you know him?” They were sitting in the hall. Sidharth had gone to attend the important call from the office. Shehnaaz was staring at the photo and trying to recognise him.

“I don’t know him.” She shook her head, looking at the inspector.

“One second..” Sidharth came there and snatched the photo from Inspector’s hand. His eyes popped up after seeing the photo of Rahul. Shehnaaz and Mr Raichand were looking at him confusingly.

“What happened, Sidharth?” Shehnaaz got up and asked after putting her hand on Sidharth’s shoulder. Sidharth first looked at Shehnaaz and then moved his eyes to Mr Raichand.

“Do you know him, Mr Shukla?” As Mr Raichand asked from Sidharth, he nodded his head.

“Who is he, Sidharth?” Shehnaaz asked, staring at the photo of Rahul in anger. Then he told Shehnaaz and Mr Raichand, how he had beaten Rahul that day because he was going to touch Shehnaaz.

“I am sorry, Shehnaaz because of me, you-you suffered so much. I am sorry.” He apologised from Shehnaaz, having tears in his eyes. He was feeling guilty because now he was blaming himself for whatever happened with Shehnaaz that night. Shehnaaz was nodding his head constantly.

Inspector Raichand got up from the Sofa. “I think, I should leave now. I will try my best to find this Rahul Khanna as soon as possible.” Sidharth wiped his tears with his palm and shook his hand with him.

“I am sorry Nan..” Sidharth again apologised from Shehnaaz, having guilt in his eyes as Inspector left.

“It wasn’t your fault, Sidharth.” She cut his words and cupped his face.

“No, Shehnaaz. It was my fault.” He spoke, removing her hands from his face. Shehnaaz was taken aback after seeing the way he was behaving.

“I will never able to forgive myself for this.” He turned around and stood facing his back to her. Few tears trickled down his cheeks. He was regretting badly because she had suffered a lot.

“Sidharth, please stop blaming yourself. Everything was written in our destiny. It wasn’t your fault. That bastard will be punished. It was his fault, not yours.” She hugged him from behind and tried her best to make him understand that it wasn’t his fault. Sidharth squeezed his eyes shut and few more tears roll down his cheeks.

“I really love you, Shehnaaz.” He held her one hand and kissed her knuckles. Then he turned toward her after removing her hands from his body.

“I can’t see you in pain but because of my anger, you suffered a lot. That person took revenge of my anger from you. I..” he was crying in the guilt and blaming himself.

“Shut up, Sidharth. Why are you not understanding such a simple thing ?” Shehnaaz shouted and cut his words. She couldn’t see him blaming himself like this anymore.

She cupped his face and explained, “It was god’s plan, Sidharth. Look, I am fine now and we are together. Look at the positive side. You know, whatever happens, it happens for god.”

“You are right. It was the plan of our destiny to make us meet and to make me realise that you are my life and your happiness matters the most to me.” As he finally understood, a smile touched her lips.

“I love you so much, Sidharth. Never blame yourself like this again.” She warned him and kissed his forehead after standing on her toes. He closed his eyes in response. Then she kissed his eyelids and took away all his tears with her kisses. He was now smiling brightly, gazing at her.

“I love you more, my star.” He took her in his arms and kissed her hair. He hugged her tightly and she was snuggling in his arms which was her favourite place. His soothing heartbeat was giving peace to her soul.

At night after the dinner, Sidnaaz were lying in each other arms and they were talking on random topics. Suddenly it started raining outside.

“Wow, it’s raining.” Shehnaaz squealed like an excited kid as the voice of rain reached in her ears. She loved the rain a lot.

“Let’s go..” she sat up on the bed and said holding his hand.

“Shehnaaz, you are not well. You still have fever. You will not go outside in rain.” He denied strictly and concernedly. She made a sad pout.

“Sidharth, stop behaving like a mother. Please, I really want to dance in the rain. Come na, please..” She tried to convince him, looking at him with her pleading eyes.

“No means no..” but he wasn’t ready let her go in the rain.

“But I am going.” She got up from the bed holding the pillow and ran outside while laughing after throwing the pillow over him.

He got up, calling her. “Shehnaaz…”

She reached the swimming pool area which was attached to his room. She closed her eyes and stood in the rain by opening her arms. She was feeling like her pain was going away with every drop of rain which was falling on the floor passing through her body.

Sidharth was gazing at her through the wall which was made of glass. He got completely lost in her. He was loving the way how rain droplets were drenching her completely. She was looking so beautiful. Like always, she was shining like a star in the darkness. He was falling in love with her more. This girl had been making him crazy since day one. She was doing magic on him.

Shehnaaz looked at him after opening her eyes and strolled to him. Sidharth was standing, keeping his one hand on the glass wall. Shehnaaz put her one hand on the wall exactly at the same place. They were gazing at each other, having so much love in their eyes like they were kissing each other soul through their eyes.

They put their other hand on the wall in the same way. They moved closer to each other to kiss each other lips forgetting that there was a glass wall in between them. They kissed on the glass after closing their eyes and in their mind, they felt like they were kissing each other lips. They pulled away and smiled looking at each other.

“Now come with me.” She came into the room and led him out by holding his hand. Sidharth didn’t stop her because he was so lost in his star which was shining the most among all of the stars which were in the sky. His heart was so happy and his soul was at peace after seeing her like this.

He was drenching in rain and still gazing at Shehnaaz fondly without even blinking his eyes. Shehnaaz blushed looking at him.

“I know, I am beautiful and you have a whole life to look at me like this. But for now, dance with me.” She spoke holding his both hand. Sidharth chuckled and nodded his head.

She was dancing crazily moving her hands in the air. Sidharth was laughing looking at her. As she heard his laugh, she looked at him.

“Stop laughing at me and dance. Believe me, you will enjoy it a lot.”

“Okay fine.” As He agreed, she grinned.

“You just have to copy my steps.” She instructed him and danced again crazily. Sidharth danced in the same way as she was dancing. They were jumping holding each other hands and singing the songs loudly. They both were looking like small kids who are carefree. They were dancing in the rain freely forgetting about all the problems, all the sorrows and pain. It was the best time of their life. They were together and happy, and what else they wanted?

There was a thunderstorm. Shehnaaz jumped over Sidharth and hugged him tightly, getting scared. Sidharth was taken aback, but within few seconds only he held her tightly in his arms. They got lost in each other arms, forgetting about the whole world. They were getting so much peace in each other arms.

After a few minutes, they broke the hug. Sidharth was setting her hair carefully which were falling on her face and blocking the view of her beautiful face. She was looking at him, having so much love her eyes.

“Thank you for making this night so special and beautiful. I enjoyed a lot. It was so much fun.” Sidharth spoke excitedly after cupping her face and Shehnaaz passed him a beautiful smile.

“I really love you, Sidharth. Thank you for bringing back the old me. I am so happy to get myself back.” She held his hand and kissed his palm after closing her eyes. He was smiling at her.

“I love you more, Shehnaaz.” He also confessed and gently kissed her forehead. She felt so good to feel the touch of his lips. His forehead kisses were pure bliss for her.

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