(Part: 29 The Hot Video Call Session) {Sidnaaz&Manan} Master And His Princess


“Are you wearing undies, Princess?” I asked, grinning devilishly.

“No.” She flushed and shook her head.

“You never leave a single chance to impress me, Princess.” She blushed hard and hid her face in the pillow. My Adorable Princess, I love her a lot.

She looked at the phone screen and asked, “Now will I get a reward, Master?”

“Of course, Princess.”

She grinned widely, “I’m excited for the reward, Master.” No

I suddenly asked, “Did you unpack the bag which I had sent you in the evening?”

“No, I didn’t get time, I’ll do tomorrow.”

I smiled. “Good.”

She narrowed her brows. “What happened?”

“I’ve kept a few gifts for you.” As I told her, her eyes glinted with excitement.

“What?” She asked excitedly.

“You will come to know soon, Princess.” She gave me a slight nod, smiling. “Now stand in front of the bed and set the phone in front of you, so that I can see you,” I ordered.

“Okay, Master.” She complied by getting up from the bed and placing the phone against the pillow. Now I can see her standing in front of the bed. It feels like she’s standing in this room before me. She’s looking tempting and irresistible in my shirt, I bit my lower lip.

“Now, take off your shirt, Princess.”

She is slowly and erotically opening the buttons of her shirt, her intense gaze is fixed at me. She took off the shirt and dropped it down. Now she’s standing utterly naked before me. I’m craving to touch every inch of her sexy body. Damn, she is driving me crazy with her seductive body.

She’s gazing at me in anticipation, waiting for the next order. She is breathing heavily and, her twins are rising and falling with excitement, and her nipples became hard. I’m drinking her exquisite body through my eyes. She’s hardening me with her body only.

“Now bring the bag.” She slightly nodded her head at me and then went to bring the bag. She came back, holding the strap of the brown bag and kept it on the bed.

“Now open it and check the surprise in the blue packet.” She grinned at me before opening the bag and taking out the blue packet. As she took out the gift from the packet, she narrowed her brows bemusedly. It is a lipstick shape tool. I’m sure, she gonna love this toy.

“Is this a Vibrator?” She asked after moving her eyes from the lipstick to me, her eyes are sparkling with excitement

“It is much more than a vibrator, you’ll come to know because you’re going to reward yourself with this.” She flushed.

As she bit her lower lip, I felt a sudden urge to kiss her. Fuck, I want to pull her to myself and kiss her delicious lips right now, I want to make her breathless.

“Now lay down on the bed, opening your leg and placed the phone on the side.” She placed the bag down on the floor and complied by lying down. I can see her side view on my phone’s screen. She’s arousing me.

“Now open it and turned it on.” She opened the lipstick and as she turned it on, she narrowed her brows in confusion, I smirked. The middle of lipstick is perfectly hollowed out to fit right where it needed to go.

“It is not vibrating, what is it?” She looked at me and asked bemusedly. I just smirked.

“Put the hollow part over your clit, then see the magic.” She complied.

“Oh my God, whoa, this is incredible, Master.” She shrieked with immense pleasure.

“Now start telling, how are you feeling, Princess. If you stop telling me, I’ll turn it off through my phone.”I know it is a difficult task, but I love to challenge her and to control her on the bed.

“Is this really necessary, Master?” She suddenly moaned loudly as I increased the speed through my phone, “can’t I… tell you my experience afterwards.”

“Nope.” I turned it off.

“Turn it on, I’m telling.” She shouted, frustrated.

I chuckled. “Good,” I turned it on.

“It is like… a mind-blowing oral sex…” She’s telling me about her experience and moaning. I slid my hand inside the blanket to rub my hard junior. Her sweet and soft moans are turning me on.

She continued telling her experience. “The hollow part of the middle of lipstick is perfectly fit over my spot, and I’m feeling like you’re sucking me. This is incredible, Master. I didn’t know that toy like this is also available in the market. Whoa, I’m feeling very intense sensation down there.”

She moaned louder and louder, shaking her head and clutching the bedsheet with her free hand as I set the speed to maximum. I’m rubbing myself, enjoying our session on the video call also. Everything is incredible with my Princess.

Did you think that their separation can be so hot? *palming my face and giggling*

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13 thoughts on “(Part: 29 The Hot Video Call Session) {Sidnaaz&Manan} Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Manik always manages to surprise us with his new ideas about master and princess sessions…
    Iss baar he was fully ready for this as he packed her a gift which she can use for her pleasure and manik can dominate it…
    Bhot jyda hotness tha iss update hai🔥🔥🔥

  2. If this separation is this hot then I’m sure reunion romance gonna be way way way hotttt😎🤯😝🤤

  3. I’m feeling myself getting jitters over my body.🤣🤣😳
    Ps. Don’t judge if anyone reads this comment 🙈🤭

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