(Part: 24 Healing Romance) Love Or Sin {Sidnaaz}


Sidharth walked into his room, Shehnaaz was in his arms. She was wearing his coat. She was silent and staring straight. She didn’t utter a single word after her outburst at the cottage. He was trying hard to control his emotions after seeing her condition. Her condition was killing him from inside. He wanted to do some magic and take away her all pain and fill her life with happiness. He could bear any pain of life but seeing his love in pain was unbearable.

He directly took her in the bathroom and made her stand on her feet under the shower. He looked at her pale face with the moist eyes and tried harder to not cry by biting his lower lip. Shehnaaz was staring straight like a lifeless soul. She was in a state of shock after what had happened with her.

He took off his coat which she was wearing, staring at her face and she kept standing, lifeless. He felt a sharp pain in his heart and automatically tears rolled down his cheeks as he saw bite marks on her neck, shoulder and upper arm. At that moment he felt like to beat those bastards till their last breath for making her this condition. He would surely punish them for making her this condition. But for now, healing her was more important than anything else.

He shut his eyes and clenched his fist to compose himself. He opened his eyes after taking a deep breath. He looked at her face and turned on the shower after setting the temperature to medium. She flinched as the water fell over her. She closed her eyes. He was looking at her, having pain in his eyes. His shining star was in extreme pain and he couldn’t see that.

He held her arm and pulled her closer to himself to take out the small glass piece from her face. He took it out and instead of her, he hissed in pain and she didn’t react. She kept standing lifelessly with closed eyes. She was so lost in her inner pain that the physical pain was not even affecting her. Sidharth was shocked, seeing this and it was hurting him a lot.

He was shedding silent tears, looking at her. His tears were mixing with the water. His heart was breaking more and more. He cupped her face and kissed her forehead softly, promising her that he would take her out of pain and after that he would never let even a single tear to drop down from her eyes. She finally responded to his kiss. She opened her eyes instantly when his lips touched her skin. She looked at him blankly while he was looking at her, crying. He was softly cleaning her face with his thumbs.

Then he took out a few glass pieces from her arms, silently crying in agony. She kept standing, staring straight. His heart was aching terribly, seeing her condition. His hands were cleaning her arms and his eyes were looking at her pale face. He never wanted to see her in this condition. No matter what, he wanted to take her out from the pain but he didn’t know what he should do.

“Shehnaaz.” He called her by cupping her face, but she didn’t respond. She didn’t even move her eyes. Sidharth closed his eyes and shed more tears. It was getting really difficult for him to see her in pain. His heart was aching miserably. Seeing her in pain, he was feeling like thousands of needle are piercing into his heart.

He composed himself and turned off the shower. He went to bring the towel and dried her with it but what she did next, it shocked him and broke his heart even more.

She turned on the shower again after pushing him away. She started rubbing her arms, her face, her neck and her lips harshly while crying in anguish. “They made me dirty.”She was, again and again, repeating those words rubbing her body like she wanted to remove their touch by doing this. She was feeling like she became impure because of them. Their torture was only the thing which was revolving in her mind at that time and she was going crazy because of the pain. Those bastards crushed her soul completely with their torture.

“Shehnaaz, stop. Shehnaaz…” Sidharth tried to stop her by holding her arms, but she was not in her senses. She wasn’t listening to him. She was saying those words again and again while crying badly and trying to come out of his hold.

When he didn’t find any way out, he just pulled her closer to himself holding her arms and captured her lips after leaning down. She instantly stopped fighting back and gave in, closing her eyes. He was sucking her lips softly and gently like they were made of glass. He was craving to taste her lips from ages and finally he tasted them. The situation was not good but still, he felt so good like heaven. Her lips were soft, he was feeling like he was kissing the rose petals. He was sucking every droplet of water from her lips. He didn’t know when his hands left her arms and cupped her face. He was happy because she was responding to his kiss. She was kissing him back with the equal flavour clutching his shirt collars. She wasn’t responding to anything before but now he was happy because at least she was responding to his kisses. First, she responded to his forehead kiss and now she was responding to his lip kiss also.

“For me, You are still as pure as you were before.” He whispered after breaking the kiss, gazing in her eyes intensely. She was looking at him while breathing heavily. He kissed her forehead after leaning down and she closed her eyes in response, feeling his touch.

“Aren’t you feeling disgusted after seeing marks on my body?” As She suddenly asked, he looked at her shockingly. She was looking at her marks which were on her shoulder.

“Why would I feel disgusted when your all scars are mine?” Shehnaaz widened her eyes in shock after listening to his words. His words touched her heart. He was gazing at her, having so much love in his eyes.

“Your every pain, your every problem, your every sorrow and your every scar on your body are mine. Now you are not alone, Shehnaaz. I am with you always.” He breathed and leaned down. He was trailing kisses down her neck to soothe her pain. She closed her eyes in response to feel his touch. He was sucking and kissing every inch of her neck. She pulled her head back to give him complete access to her neck. He reached at her arms by kissing her neck and shoulder. The way his lips were kissing her skin, she was feeling heavenly good. She was feeling like he was removing their touch with his kisses. He was taking away her all pain. She was feeling better and getting lost in him, forgetting about her all pain. He was healing her dead soul with his kisses. It said truly that love has the power to conquer all the pain.

“Never call yourself dirty again. You don’t even know how much pure you are.” He said in strict tone, cupping her face and gazing into her eyes deeply. His words were making her feel so pure at that moment. It was looking like he did magic on her because the girl who was calling herself dirty and impure, now she was feeling so pure. This magic which he was doing on her, it called as the magic of love. It has the power to heal any pain. Every pain is small in front of the power of love.

“Your soul is pure like crystal and you are so beautiful that nobody can make you dirty ever.” He whispered huskily and kissed every inch of her face. Shehnaaz was just enjoying the touch of her lips by closing her eyes, and she forgot about the whole world. She wanted him to kiss every inch of her body like this. His kisses were heavenly beautiful for her.

“Feeling better?” He asked after placing the last kiss on her forehead. She just nodded her head slightly in response. He was relieved to see that at least she was responding and feeling better now.

“I am bringing clothes for you. I will be back in a minute.” He spoke after turning off the shower. He was just about to walk passing by her, but she stopped him by holding his hand. He turned his face behind to look at her.

“Could I wear your shirt, please?” As she requested him, he just smiled slightly and nodded his head. As she left his hand and he strolled out of the washroom after glancing at her for the last time.

As he left, she again became scared as that dreadful incident revolved in her mind. She just rushed out of the washroom. She found him taking out the shirt from the cupboard. She just scurried to him and hugged him from behind by wrapping her hands around him. She was shivering with the fright and pulling him closer to herself more and more.

Sidharth was shocked. He could feel that she was shivering. He tried to calm her down by rubbing her hands, but it didn’t help. He turned toward her after removing her hands and he felt a sharp pain in his heart after seeing her condition. She was trembling and breathing heavily in wet clothes. She was looking down, having fear in her eyes. He felt like crying but composed himself because he had to handle her.

“Relax, Shehnaaz, relax.” He clasped her face and made her look at him.

“I am scared, Sidharth. I am scared. What… what if they again come back?” She asked and her voice was quivering because of fear.

“Shehnaaz, those bastards are in jail. Now they won’t come. You don’t be scared, I am with you now. I won’t let happen anything to you.” He assured her and pulled her shivering body into his warm arms. She kept murmuring that they would come, and he kept assuring her by caressing her back and hair that they won’t. He was kissing her hair after every few seconds. After a few minutes, as she calmed down, he broke the hug by holding her arms.

Then she ran to the bathroom without uttering a word after taking his shirt from the cupboard.

“I will heal you, Shehnaaz. I will make you shine again the way you used to shine when I saw you for the first time. I will fill your life with lots of happiness which will make you forget all your pain. I will take you out of this trauma. I will never leave your side now and I’ll love you till my last breath.” He murmured to himself, staring at the door of the bathroom in determination to heal his shining star.

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