(Part: 23 Broken) Love Or Sin {Sidnaaz}


Sidharth was calling her constantly while searching her in the whole club. He was regretting badly for leaving her alone. She was completely wasted and not in a state to go home herself. His tension was increasing with each passing second. He couldn’t let anything happen to her. If something happens to her, he would never able to forgive himself.

He stepped out of the club, putting the phone on his ear. “Where are you, Shehnaaz?” He shouted frustratedly as she didn’t answer his call again. He was becoming restless. His heart was thumping with fright. He was anxious for her. He would only get relief after seeing her fine in front of his eyes.

On the other side, Shehnaaz was driving the car, having tears in her eyes. She was lost in the world of her pain. Sidharth’s words were echoing in her ear constantly. She was trying to be strong, and she didn’t want to cry for him anymore. But she couldn’t control her emotions any longer, and her heart couldn’t bear more pain, tears were mechanically trickling down her cheeks. Her phone was continuously ringing in her sling bag which was hanging on her shoulder. Unluckily it was on silent mode.

As she saw a jeep, standing in front of her car, she applied the brake and moved forward. She saw three men who jumped out of the jeep and approaching her car. She gripped the steering and her heartbeat accelerated with fright. Before she could do anything, one man stood beside her car. She looked at him, horrified, and he gave her a lascivious smile. She immediately started the car with her hands which were shivering because of fear.

“Ahaaa…” She jumped and yelled loudly as the man broke the glass with the wooden stick and few pieces of glass pierced into her skin. Within a few seconds, she was taken out of the car by one man.

“Who-who are you? What do you-do you want from me?” She shuttered, her eyes were filled with fear and lips were trembling. They were raping her with their eyes which were filled with lust. She was constantly struggling to come out of the grip of his hands.

“We have come here to destroy you completely tonight. It will be so much fun.” Then another man snickered, coming close to her. She looked on another side, closing her eyes. Three of them smirked at each other.

“Leave me, help-help, ” she was screaming for help when two men were dragging her into the jungle by grabbing her arms. Another man was coming behind them. In all this, her sling bag slipped down on the floor. The one man who was holding her arm, he shut her mouth with his palm to suppress her screams. She wanted to kick them and run away but her body was giving up because she was completely wasted and she had become very weak after the last night.

Within a few minutes, Sidharth with the police force reached the place where she had been attacked by the goons. They reached here by tracing her number. He stopped the car behind Shehnaaz’s car. He came out and ran to her car. His breath got stuck in his throat when he didn’t find her inside the car. He widened his eyes in shock and froze as he saw the broken window, he became sure that Shehnaaz’s life was in danger.

“I think, somebody attacked her and took her inside the jungle because there is one more car.” The police Inspector assumed, pointing at the other car while police constables were already searching Shehnaaz in the jungle, and one of them was searching her in the car. Sidharth became completely numb at that moment because Shehnaaz’s life was in danger. The girl whom he loved her more than his life. So many horrible thoughts were running in his mind and his soul was shivering in fear because of those thoughts.

“Sir, here is her phone.” Sidharth came on the earth as he heard the constable’s voice who was standing holding her phone and sling bag. Sidharth rushed to him and snatched the bag and phone from his hands. Fresh tears streamed down her cheeks.

“I won’t let anything happen to her,” he uttered in a serious tone and wiped his tears, staring straight in determination. Then he ran into the jungle, screaming her name. Inspector with few constables followed him.

On the other side, Shehnaaz was screaming for help lying on the cold floor of a dirty cottage. One man pinned her hand above her head and the second one pinned her leg against the floor. The third one was opening the button of his shirt, standing in front of her, he was leering at her. The poor soul was trying hard to come out of their hold and constantly resisting them. Only the thought of getting raped by them was killing her soul. She was constantly praying from God to send somebody to save her. Her throat was inching because of screaming but still, she was screaming for help in hope that someone would listen to her.

They all were laughing evilly and raping her through their eyes. Shehnaaz cried loudly, shutting her eyes as the man hovered over her after throwing his shirt. He directly attacked over her neck, Shehnaaz shook her head, crying in agony. She was trying hard to move her hands and legs, but they gripped them tighter, digging their nails. He cupped her mouth to suppress her screams with his one hand and tore one sleeve of the black dress, scratching her arm with his other hand. He bit her shoulder and arm too. The poor soul was crying miserably and helplessly under him and feeling so disgusting with his touch. The pain was unbearable for her. Her mind was becoming numb because of the torture which they were doing with her. She was feeling like they were making her body dirty with their touch. She was throwing her head on the hard floor and trying to come out of their grip.

She instantly opened her eyes as she heard the sound of a gunshot. The two men who were holding her down against the floor, they left her wrists and legs. The third one was thrown away by a person and that person was non-other than Sidharth Shukla. She stared at him in utter disbelief, and he looked at her having guilt and pain in his eyes.

Her hair was missy, blood was oozing out of many parts of her body, there were scratches on her arms, her ankle and wrist became completely red, eyeliner was smudged around her eyes and the most painful thing was her neck and shoulder which were filled with the marks of bite, the blood was oozing out of those marks too. Her condition was clearly showing that those three men had treated her with extreme cruelty. Her condition was breaking his heart into millions of pieces and feeling like to kill those bastards at the moment only for making her this condition. But now his priority was Shehnaaz. He had to handle her.

As he sat down beside her, she buried her face in his chest and cried, clutching his blazer. She was crying loudly in agony. He held her in his arms tightly and he also cried with her, closing his eyes. He wanted to keep her safe forever in his arms. Her screams were breaking his soul. He was feeling like somebody was constantly stabbing the thousands of knife into his heart. He was feeling guilty because he couldn’t protect her at the right time. He failed as a lover. He was blaming himself for her condition. Her pain was killing him. His soul was shivering inside, seeing her in this condition.

Cops left after arresting those three bastards, leaving Sidnaaz alone. Sidharth had no time to look around. He was just thinking about Shehnaaz and regretting badly for leaving her alone at that time. She was crying and shivering in his arms because of the fear and pain.

“Don’t touch me…” but suddenly she shouted and pushed him away. She scurried to the door after getting up. He was taken aback. She was not even getting peace in his arms. Her mind was only thinking about the torture of those bastard. She was in great shock. She was not feeling safe and her condition was killing him.

Sidharth rushed behind her to stop her. He held her firmly from behind, pulling her closer to himself and buried his face in her neck. His one arm was wrapped around her chest and other was wrapped around her waist. She was crying painfully, asking him to leave her and trying to remove away his hands. She was in a shock that she wasn’t even recognising the touch of Sidharth. The touch which had always given her peace and the touch which she had always craved for. She was in so pain that his touch was also not giving her relief. She was not feeling safe anywhere. She was scared.

“You are safe, Shehnaaz. You are safe now. I won’t let anything happen to you. I will never let anything happen to you. Your Sidharth will always keep you safe till his last breath. Just trust me. Everything is fine, Nothing has happened to you. You are safe.” As Sidharth whispered those soothing words in her ear, she stopped resisting. His words were calming her down and giving her little relief. She again felt safe in his arms, forgetting about those bastard. She closed her eyes, placed her hands on his arms and rested her head over him, getting lost in his touch. Sidharth kept whispering in the ear that she is safe and he wouldn’t let anything happen to her.

He knew that she would take time to get out of this trauma and he promised himself that he would not leave her side at this time. He would not let her cry anymore. He would do anything to bring a smile on her face. Now her first duty was to take her out from this pain and bring happiness in her life. He was ready to do anything for that and he had decided that he would not let her suffer more. He would not let his love suffer more pain.

What do think, how will Sidharth help Shehnaaz to come out this trauma?

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