Manan Love Story (Part: 125 Happiness)


Manan stepped into the Malhotra Mansion hand in hand, having a big smile on their face, their eyes were shimmering with the happiness and their faces were glowing too. They were happy like before because they were again going to become parents soon as they had decided to adopt the baby who would complete them and heal their all pain.

Neyonika was sitting in the hall, waiting for them desperately as Manan had already informed her of their arrival. As she saw them, she stood up from the Sofa. Her heart was relieved to see the smiling faces of her children.

Manan strolled to her, beaming at her.

She placed her hands over their faces and uttered cheerily, “I’m so glad to see you both happy again.” Few tears of happiness streamed down her cheeks.

Manan glanced at each other and smiled before hugging Neyonika together. She hugged them, smiling brightly. Her children were her happiness. She was contended to see them happy again. She was thankful to God.

“Mom, we’ve decided something,” Manik said merrily as they broke the hug.

Neyonika’s eyes glinted with the excitement and she asked instantly, “What?”

He held her shoulders and said, “have some patience, Mom. First, call everybody, then we’ll tell.”

“Chachu, Chachu,” as Muskan ran toward them, screaming, they all looked at her.

Manik picked her in his arms and kissed her cheek. Neyonika smiled at them before going to call everybody.

She rested her head over his chest. “Chachu, whel wel you? Musu missed you a lot.”

“Aww, my baby.” He caressed her hair and kissed them. Nandini was gazing at her sadly because Muskan was angry with her and she wasn’t understanding how to pacify her.

Manik noticed this. “Didn’t you miss Chachi?” He asked, stroking her hair lovingly.

“No, I don’t like her now, why she came back?” She made an angry pout, glaring at her Chachi and then averted her eyes in anger.

Nandini became a bit upset after listening to her words and moved her eyes down guiltily.

“Musu, this is bad manners.”

She knitted her brows at Nandini first and then moved her eyes to Manik. “Chachu, you cried betause of hel. Musu didn’t like it.” She told her.

“It was a misunderstanding, Musu. Your Chachi is innocent. I didn’t cry because of her. Did you forget how much she loves you? She plays with you and brings lots of toys and candies for you.” As he was explaining Musu, Nandini was admiring him, having a small smile on her face. She always felt so lucky to have him.

“Now say sorry to your Chachi for behaving so rude with her.”

“Okay, Chachu.” Now Muskan nodded her head innocently, understanding him.

“Musu is vely vely sooly, Chachi.” She held her ears and apologised adorably.

“It’s okay, baby.” Nandini placed her hand over her face and smiled at her. She added, “and your Chachi loves you a lot.” She leaned down and placed a kiss over her forehead.

“I love you too.” She kissed Nandini’s cheek and giggled. Manan smiled at her broadly. She was their little bundle of joy.

Everybody gathered in the hall and settled down to hear the good news.

Manik clasped Nandini’s hand and both passed a smile to each other. Then he looked at everybody and announced, “we have decided to adopt the baby.” Everybody widened their eyes in shock.

“But why? Can’t you both have your own kid?” Neyonika asked anxiously.

“We can have our baby in future, and we will have,”

She asked, cutting his words, “then why you both are planning to adopt the baby?”

“Neyonika let them complete first,” Raj said to her, she slightly nodded at him before looking back at Manan.

“Mom, there are so many orphan kids in this world who need family, home and parents’ love. We just want to help one of them.” Neyonika and Raj’s lips curved into a broad smile, they were proud of him for thinking like this.

“Wow, that’s a great idea, Manik!” As Adi exclaimed, he smiled at him.

“Mom, Dad, I hope you both don’t have any problem with this.” Manik wanted his parents’ permission first before taking such a huge step.

“Not at all, we both are proud of you,” Raj said and smiled gleefully at his son.

Manan beamed at each other ear to ear, they were extremely happy after getting persimmon from their family to adopt the baby. Now they just can’t wait to bring their baby at home. They were super excited.

They stepped into their room, smiling. Nandini went to get fresh and Manik went to the balcony to talk to the orphanage’s manager for the adoption of the baby.

Nandini stepped into the balcony, Manik was standing facing his back to her, holding the railing. She sauntered over him. She encircled her arms around him and rested her face on his back, her lips were drawn up in a contented smile.

A smile flashed on his face too as she wrapped her arms around him, holding him tightly. They stood there silently, just enjoying each other presence, their eyes were close. There was so much peace at this moment for them.

After a minute, as he turned towards her, she asked guiltily, “I have hurt you a lot, right?”

He clasped her face. “It was a bad phase of life which has been passed now. Now don’t think about it. You were in the trauma after losing your baby. Now our baby is also coming back. So be happy, don’t be upset.” He explained her, tucking her hair strands properly behind her ear. She smiled at him fondly, and he leaned down and kissed her forehead.

“When we can adopt the baby?” She asked.

“Tomorrow we can go to see the baby,” as he told her, her eyes glinted with excitement. “But it will take a few days for adoption and bring the baby to the home.”

“I just can’t wait. I’m so happy.” She squealed joyfully. He just smiled at her. A few days back, they had been grieving their unborn baby death, and now they were happy again because the baby was coming back to them. They would accept the baby with their whole heart and love the baby like their own baby always.

So what do you want, a baby girl or a baby boy?

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  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Aww muskan is soo cute she loves her chachu very much thats why she was angry on nandu for making manik cry but when her chachu made her understand she instantly understood and apologised to nandu…
    Manan’s family where very happy hearing there decision and his parents where proud of manik for taking such a good decision…
    Manan are very happy now as they are gonna get there baby back…
    Finally everything is good now…

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