(Part: 25) {Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


I’m crying, touching my face with her and my eyes are closed. She clasped my face and asked anxiously, “Sid, what happened? Why are you crying like this?”

I opened my eyes and found her staring at me concernedly. “Sid, please tell me, what happened?” As she requested me, my poor heart asked me to share everything with her. My heart is craving to share my all pain with her and cry out aloud.

No, No, I can’t tell her. If she comes to know, then she won’t let me go. She will make things more difficult for me.

I sniffed, “I…” Now I’m finding the reason, gazing at her blankly. “I’m going away from you, therefore I became hysterical.” My heart ached as I lied to her again.

She frowned at me. “Really?” As she asked, glaring at me, I instantly nodded my head.

“Stop lying to me because it doesn’t work here. I know you’re hiding something huge from me which is killing you from inside. I can feel it.” I raised my brows in shock. How she could be so sure that I’m hiding something from her? How?

“Today your eyes are filled with immense pain. When you try to hide your emotions from me, I immediately come to know.” She answered my unasked question by reading my eyes.

“Please, don’t do it, tell me what’s the matter?” She asked, requesting me to tell the truth to her.

“You’re thinking wrong, nothing is there,”

She growled at me, shushing me. “Stop lying, please, Sid.”

I closed my eyes dejectedly. I’m not understanding what to do now. I opened my eyes. She’s staring at me mutely, waiting for me to say something, her eyes are filled with anger because I’m lying to her.

“Tell me, Sid, and I want to know the truth. You can’t spoil our relationship by hiding things from me.”

I think, now I’ve to tell her. I don’t have any option. Maybe she would understand me. Why things are so complicated?

I closed my eyes, distressed, and I inhaled deeply to gather the courage to tell her that I’ve to go away from her.

“I have to go away from your life, I’m dangerous for you. I don’t want to go, but I have to go. I want to stay with you, I can’t live without you, but I have to let you go.” Tears mechanically streamed down my cheeks as I told her. My heart is aching with piercing sadness. I’m feeling so wretched because I’ve to go away from my Princess.

She narrowed her brows bemusedly, not understanding why I’m saying this. “What rubbish are you saying? Are you out of your mind? Who put these things in your head?” She asked, fuming in anger.

“Dad,” as I told her, she stared at me in utter disbelief.

“What, dad? But why?” She cupped my face, gazed at me, her filled are with immense love. “You’re not dangerous for me, Sid. In fact, I feel most secure with you.”

“It’s not about you only. It’s about mom. I’m a threat to all of your life.” I paused and shut my eyes, pressing my lips together.

A lone tear escaped out of my eyes as I uttered after opening my eyes. “You have to let me go, for mom.”

“Mom? I’m not understanding anything.” She asked, staring at me incredulously, puzzled.

“Today I met dad and he told me,” I bit my lower lip. “He told me that Mom met with the accident. Then somebody called dad and warned him that if he let you date me, she will kill mom and you both.”

She is taken aback after knowing this and looked at me, appalled. After gathering herself back, she asked me anxiously, “Is mom fine?”

“Luckily she is fine, but if we stay together, she could again harm her and you, Princess. If something happens to any of you, I will never able to forgive myself. She’s behind you and mom because of me, she knows that you both are my weakness. This all is happening because of me, both of your life is at risk because of me.” She was staring straight in utter shock, tears welled up in her eyes after knowing all this.

“You’ve to let me go.” I cried hysterically, resting my head over her shoulder.

She wrapped her warm arms around me and rubbed my back, consoling me in the best way. “Shh… everything will be fine. It is the bad phrase of our life which will pass soon. Don’t think too much.” She is whispering in my ear, soothing my soul. I’m feeling better in her warm arms, and I’m feeling like everything will get fine. I’m glad that I told her the truth because my heart is feeling light after sharing everything with her.

“And you don’t have to go away from me. We’ll survive all this together.” She added, caressing my back with her one hand, stroking my hair with her other hand.

I raised my head from her shoulder and looked up at her like a helpless baby. I sobbed and asked. “How we’ll survive all this together? I’m dangerous to you.”

She shook her head, “No, you’re not dangerous for me. If we can’t stay with each other for some days, it’s fine.” She clasped my face and explained to me. “True love is not just about staying together, true love is all about loving each other unconditionally in every difficult situation. It doesn’t matter if two people are staying with each other or not, the only thing matters their true love. It just that God want to examine our love by separating us, he wants to see the strength of our love. Now it is not our time to stay together and love each other, we have to accept it and wait for our time. Our time will come back again, we’ll be together again.” She entwined her hands with mine, gazing at me intensely. “I know, it will be difficult for both of us to stay without each other, but we’ll survive this together by loving each other.”

She explained to me the meaning of true love, and now I’ve understood that staying without my Princess is also a phase of love, and we both will get over it soon. I will find that bitch soon and make her suffer.

I brought her hand near to my lips and placed a soft kiss over her knuckles. “Thank you so much, Princess.” I just thanked her, smiling at her, having tears in my eyes.

I continued, gazing at her lovingly. “Thank you for always showing me the positive side of every worst situation, Princess.” I thanked her heartily, my eyes are shimmering with happiness. I’m so lucky to have a person like her in my life. She’s a blessing of god to me.

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