(Part: 18 The Unexpected Night) Love Or Sin {Sidnaaz}


Sidharth was just about to gulp down another glass of scotch, but his hand stopped in the midway as suddenly his heartbeat accelerated. He immediately understood that the girl whom he loved, she was around him. He put the glass back and tried to compose himself by clenching his fist and shutting his eyes. He had been yearning to see her from more than a month. That’s why he couldn’t stop himself from turning around and look at her.

His heart stopped beating as his eyes fell over her. She was stepping into the party hall with Shivansh. She was looking breathtakingly gorgeous in that black saree. In the whole party, only this girl had the power to accelerate the heartbeat of the world-famous business tycoon, The Sidharth Shukla. Tears welled up in his eyes as he looked at her face which had become pale. She had a small smile on her face, through which she was trying to hide her all pain. She could hide her pain from the whole world behind her smile and makeup but not from Sidharth. He could read her eyes which were only filled with pain.

The way Sidharth had felt her presence without even looking at her, in the same Shehnaaz also felt his presence. Her eyes were searching for him in the whole party desperately. Shivansh’s business partners were coming with their wives and meeting them. She was just passing them smile while her desperate eyes were searching for him. She was feeling like her heart would be exploded. Finally, her eyes stopped over him. As she looked at him, he turned his face and looked on the other side. She was seeing him after so many days. She was gazing at him without caring about anything. She felt like she got his breath back after seeing him. She wanted to freeze the moment here and wanted to keep gazing at him like this. She was happy to see him fine and at that moment also, she didn’t forget to say thank you to god for making him fit and fine.

“Sidharth.” As Shivansh shouted, waving his hand at Sidharth, Shehnaaz came back on the earth and Sidharth looked at him instantly and smiled. Now Shehnaaz was looking everywhere except Sidharth.

“Let’s go,” as Shivansh placed his hand on her back and Sidharth looked away instantly. Sidharth used to feel hurt when Shivansh used to touch Shehnaaz in front of his eyes. He had no right on her but still, he couldn’t control himself from getting jealous. Jealousy is the part of love only. If there is love then jealousy will be also there.

“Shivansh, I need to use the washroom. You go and I will join you both later on.” Shehnaaz gave an excuse because she was not ready to face Sidharth at that time. She needed a few minutes to compose herself. Shivansh nodded at her and removed his hand from her bareback. He left to meet Sidharth and she went to use the washroom.

“How are you Sidharth?” Shivansh asked hugging him. He hugged him back, having a smile on his face.

“You can see yourself how I am,” Sidharth spoke happily after breaking the hug. Shivansh was happy to see him fit and fine, but he knew, Sidharth was broken from inside.

“Let’s have some drink,” Sidharth patted his back. He just nodded his head giving him faint smile.

“I just can’t face, Sidharth. I can’t control my feelings in front of him anymore. I don’t want him to know, that what I feel for him. I don’t want to increase the complications. I have to leave the party venue as soon as possible. Yes, this is right.” Shehnaaz was crying standing in front of a huge mirror. Luckily nobody was in the washroom at that time. She turned to walk wiping her tears but stopped listening to her mind.

“When you will learn to face your problems? Running from your problems is not the solution. Face them and come out them with the flying colours. You have to face Sidharth.” Her mind encouraged her to face Sidharth.

“I have to face him.” She murmured these words three times to encourage herself. Then she stepped out of the washroom after taking a deep breath.

She reached in the hall, her eyes were finding Sidharth and Shivansh. First, she looked at the bar counter but they were not there. She found them standing in the corner of the hall. They were talking to each other like nobody was there at the party except them. Shehnaaz used to get some kind of peace seeing their strong bond of friendship. She sauntered over them and stood behind them.

“Hi, Sidharth.” She was trying to be normal and happy. Sidharth froze on his place as he heard his name from her mouth. Her voice was so pleasant and gave some kind of peace to his soul. He turned around to face her and found her smiling at them.

“I am completely fine,” Sidharth answered and she just smiled in response.

“So when are you joining back to your office ?” She asked, raising her eyebrows. Sidharth was shocked to see her behaving so normal with him.

“He has already joined the office, Shehnaaz. Work is very important for Sidharth.” Shivansh answered to Shehnaaz’s question, holding Sidharth from his shoulder. She made O mouth.

Shivansh looked at the door and smiled finding a girl entering into the party hall. She was wearing a black hot dress with blank heals. Her brown hair was open falling on her back. She was looking gorgeous. All men were drooling at her.

“Shehnaaz, can we dance together tonight? Look all the couples are dancing.” As Shivansh suddenly asked from Shehnaaz, holding her hand, she looked at him in shock because he had never asked her to dance with him like this.

“Let’s go.” He pulled her closer to himself. She nodded her head confusingly. Sidharth was also confused, seeing Shivansh’s behaviour.

“Tanya is already here, Sidharth. Don’t forget to join us on the dance floor with Tanya. All the best.” Shivansh whispered in Sidharth’s ear and Shehnaaz was looking at them confusingly. Then he left with Shehnaaz winking at him.

“Shivansh what’s going on ?” Shehnaaz asked from Shivansh raising her eyebrows when they reached on the dance floor.

“Dance…” He yanked her to himself by grabbing her waist. Shehnaaz was looking at him shockingly and her hands were on his chest. Their proximity was making her feel uncomfortable.

“I want Sidharth to spend some time with Tanya.”Shivansh held her one hand and they moved their leg to and fro with the rhythm of the music. He told her making her looked at him confusingly.

“Tanya… who is Tanya?” Shehnaaz asked bemusedly.

“Tanya was our classmate. Sidharth was her crush. Tanya is my friend too. In short, I am trying to do their setting.” He twirled Shehnaaz, holding her hand. She felt a stabbing pain in her chest. She couldn’t see Sidharth with another girl. Shivansh was dancing holding her hands from behind while Shehnaaz’s eyes were finding Sidharth restlessly. Tears brimmed in her eyes as she saw him talking to Tanya.

“Shehnaaz, I just come.” Shivansh went to attend the important call, leaving Shehnaaz alone. She stood in the corner of the party hall. She was staring at Sidharth and Tanya, having tears in her eyes. Her heart was crying seeing them. She was trying to compose herself but couldn’t.

“Shehnaaz…” she immediately wiped off her eyes as she heard Shivansh’s voice from behind. She turned around to look at him after composing herself.

“I have to leave for Pune in few hours, so I am going back home. You be here.” Shivansh told her, holding her from her shoulders.

“And tell Sidharth also after he gets free,” Shivansh spoke, grinning at Sidharth. Shehnaaz didn’t look at them.

“Actually I don’t want to disturb them.” He looked at Shehnaaz and she just nodded her head.

“Now bye Shehnaaz and take care of yourself.” He kissed her forehead after cupping her face. He left from there last time glancing at Sidharth.

Shehnaaz burned in jealousy as she looked at Sidharth and Tanya. Tanya was laughing putting her one hand on Sidharth’s chest. Their closeness was hurting her. She couldn’t control her emotions and her eyes became moist. She rushed from there.

“Tanya, I just come.” As Sidharth saw her running somewhere, he went behind her after excusing himself.

Shehnaaz dashed into one room and started crying in agony leaning against the wall. The room was dark and cold. Sidharth was listening to her sobs, standing outside of the door. He closed his eyes dejectedly, feeling intense pain in his heart.

“Why are you doing this with me, God? What is my mistake? Marrying the man of my parents’ choice, was that my mistake? I also want to be happy in my life. I am just tired of pretending that I am happy with my husband. I want the freedom to love. I want to be happy. I love, Sidharth and my heart burns when I see him with… with another girl. I don’t know why I love him. I just only know one thing that I really love him. Please, God, show me the right path, I am just… tired of everything.” She was complaining to god while crying badly. Sidharth couldn’t see her in this condition and he walked inside.

“Shehnaaz…” he switched on the light. The switchboard was just beside the door. Listening to Sidharth’s voice, she immediately wiped off her tears with her hands and composed herself by taking a deep breath.

“What are you doing here and where is Shivansh?” Sidharth asked, strolling towards her and his gaze was fixed at her moist eyes which were clearly telling him that how much pain she was hiding in her those beautiful eyes.

“I… I was feeling suffocation in the party, therefore, I came here.” She lied to him and also told him about Shivansh. Sidharth just nodded his head. He was about to speak something but the sound of closing of the door startled them. Both rushed toward the door after giving each other shocking look.

Shehnaaz stumbled on the box and just about to fall but Sidharth caught her in his muscular arms on right time. She hid her face in his chest, clutching the collar of his coat tightly. She got scared a lot. He was just gazing at her without even blinking his eyes. His one hand was at her bareback and other was at her waist. He was safely holding her in his warm arms. Shehnaaz calmed down immediately in his arms where she felt secure and safe. His touch was giving peace to her heart and soul. She wanted him to store her in his arms forever.

She gazed at him with her eyes filled with pain and love. Shehnaaz was looking deeply into his eyes and trying to read them. She was trying to know what the truth he was hiding in his eyes and behind his smile. Few strands of hair which were coming in her eyes, he tucked them behind her ear, gazing at her beautiful face and she closed her eyes in response. He got completely lost in her forgetting about everything. Both of their hearts were thumping because of their proximity. Shehnaaz was shivering badly in his arms because of the temperature of the room.

Sidharth made her stand straight and asked from her concernedly, “Shehnaaz are you okay ?” She remained silent.

“You are shivering.” He whispered, narrowing his brows in confusion as he held her shoulders.

“Why there is so cold here ?” He asked from himself looking around and he came to know they were in the cold storage room. In the corners of the room, vegetables were kept in the boxes.

“Oh shit. We need to get out of here immediately. This is a cold storage room.” As he freaked out, she also looked around.

“Now what… what we will do.. ?” She asked getting afraid because she was already shivering.

“You wear this.” Sidharth pulled out his coat and helped her in wearing the coat. Shehnaaz tried to stop him but he didn’t listen to her. Shehnaaz felt good to be in his coat. She felt like he was hugging her, and she could smell his fragrance from his coat, a smile touched her face.

As he moved his eyes at her, she instantly hid her smile.

“Don’t worry, we will be out from here soon.” He assured her, cupping her face and blinked his eyes. She nodded at him slightly in response. She was falling in love with him more and more.

“Damn it, the network is not coming,” Sidharth shrieked in anger as he saw that there was no service written on his phone’s screen. Shehnaaz’s breath got stuck in her throat after listening to this. She stared at Sidharth with her eyes filled with fear.

“Somebody please help us. We are stuck inside.” Shehnaaz went toward the door. She started banging the door and yelling for help while Sidharth was trying to catch the network of the phone by going at every corner of the room.

Both were standing at the opposite side. “What we will do now ?” Shehnaaz uttered, staring at Sidharth and her voice was filled with fear. Sidharth was looking at her helplessly, having no rescue plan in his mind.


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