(Part: 15 Jealousy) Love Or Sin {Sidnaaz}


They walked out of the room and she widened her eyes in shock as Shivansh’s uttered, “I know, what you are doing behind my back, Shehnaaz.” She felt like her heart stopped beating for a moment.

“What-what do you mean?” She shuttered, her eyes filled with fear.

“When you were trying to ask Sidharth about his problem, I overheard the conversation,” as Shivansh told her, Shehnaaz sighed with relief. She was so thankful to God that he had only heard her conversation with Sidharth and nothing else. But she didn’t know one day the truth will come out.

Her destiny made her meet Sidharth and made her fall in love with him because of some reason. God doesn’t do anything without any motive. Therefore, it said that ‘whatever happens, it happens for a good reason.’ Just have faith in God, he will make everything fine one day. Always do what your heart wants.

“Thank you so much, Shehnaaz. You are doing so much for me.” Shivansh spoke, cupping Shehnaaz’s face. She moved her eyes down in guilt because she was not doing this for him. She was doing this for Sidharth.

“You are supporting me a lot, Shehnaaz and I am glad that I have you in my life. I am feeling so lucky to have you.” Shivansh hugged her, smiling contentedly. Shehnaaz was taken aback with his sudden hug. She hugged him back and few drops of tear rolled down her cheeks. The thing which was eating her from inside that she couldn’t love her husband after falling in love with Sidharth, she could never love Shivansh.

She hastily wiped off her tears before breaking the hug.

“I love you so much, Shehnaaz. I just can’t wait for the day when you will also say I love you to me. I am waiting for that day desperately.” As Shivansh uttered, his eyes sparkled and Shehnaaz became numb because that day was never going to come. She would only hurt him and snatch away all this happiness by telling him that she could never love him, she could never be his. He always loved her but she never loved him. His love was one-sided. This was the hard reality but he would have to accept it in future.

Shivansh kissed her forehead and a few drops of tear trickled her cheeks. Her heart was burning inside because of the guilt.


“What’s the need for injection, Doctor.” Sidharth was fearing from the injection like a small baby when the doctor was making the injection ready for him. Sidharth was gazing at the needle in horror. Shehnaaz was smiling slightly seeing him acting like a small kid.

“Don’t tell me, Sidharth that you are still afraid of injection,” Shivansh spoke, looking at him like he was surprised. He was just teasing Sidharth, he was not at all surprised because he already knew about his this fear.

“No, it just that I am recovering without injection, so there is no need of it.” As Sidharth gave a stupid reason, Shivansh laughed, covering his mouth and Shehnaaz too chuckled a bit. The doctor also smiled, standing with the injection in his hand. Sidharth fearful gaze was only fixed at the injection.

“Accept the truth Sidharth that you are afraid of injection,” Shivansh said after laughing out loud. Sidharth looked at him sadly.

“Okay, fine, I am accepting it. Now please ask the doctor to don’t give me the injection.” He pleaded to Shivansh like a kid. Shehnaaz was now smiling broadly. She felt like to pull his cheeks because he was looking so adorable at that moment. She found him cute like a baby. His every antic were making her fall in love with him even more.

“Sidharth just close your eyes and you will not even come to know,” Shivansh reassured him and Sidharth made a sad pout, seeing that he was also not ready to stop the doctor from giving him the injection.

“For me close your eyes.” Shivansh requested him and Sidharth couldn’t deny his request. He nodded his head sadly and closed his eyes after last time glancing at injection like it was a knife which doctor was going to stab in his arms. Shehnaaz was just smiling seeing their bond of friendship.

“And you are thinking to break their friendship by telling about your true feelings to Shivansh ?” As her mind said, the smile vanished away from her face. She became upset again.

“No, I can’t break their friendship. I can’t tell truth.” She closed her eyes in agony and murmured to herself clutching her hands.

Shivansh plan succeeded because when Sidharth closed his eyes, Shivansh asked the doctor in a gesture to give him injection and Sidharth didn’t even come to know.

“Give it fast doctor, now what are you waiting for ?” Sidharth shouted after the doctor gave him the injection and he didn’t even come to know. Shivansh and Doctor smiled seeing his antics.

Listening to his shout, Shehnaaz came on the earth back. She looked at them again after opening her eyes.

“Sidharth you can open your eyes, the work has done,” as Shivansh said, Sidharth instantly opened his eyes. He looked at Shivansh surprisingly. Shivansh raised his eyebrows and now Sidharth was shying like a small kid closing his eyes.

“You are so adorable, Sidharth.” As Shivansh pulled his cheeks, Sidharth smiled at him. Shehnaaz was looking at them, having a small smile on her face. His cuteness was making her heart go crazy.

“I will never let this friendship break down because of me,” Shehnaaz promised herself after seeing them laughing and talking.


After a few days

Sidharth was in the hospital for a few days. Shivansh had been taking care of him as his mother in these few days. He had not even gone to office and home. He was with Sidharth twenty-four hours. Sidharth was recovering with the time. Shehnaaz was also taking care of him without anybody’s acknowledgement. After that day she didn’t get any chance to talk to Sidharth and ask him about his problems.

Things were getting more complicated for Shehnaaz. After realising her love for Sidharth, every second she was feeling like she was cheating Shivansh and she should tell him. But she was not understanding how to tell him the truth. She didn’t want to hurt Shivansh and also she didn’t want to break their friendship.

Sidharth was just waiting to get fine, so that he could go away from Shivansh’s and Shehnaaz’s life forever. But he was becoming weak seeing Shehnaaz’s love and care for him. Her eyes screamed to him that she loved him and needed him. Sidharth was helpless. He couldn’t accept her love by breaking the heart of Shivansh. He could never complete his love by ruining Shivansh’s married life. That’s why he just wanted to run very far away from their life.

If she loved Shivansh then why she fell in love with him. This question revolved in his mind every time whenever he saw love in her eyes which was for him, not for Shivansh.

Sidharth got discharged from the hospital. They took him back to Shivansh’s home where he had decided that he would never come back. But destiny again brought him back under the same roof with Shehnaaz. He was cursing his destiny every moment. The helpless, the guilt and the pain was burning his heart. He wanted to get free from all these.

Shivansh and Cabir were shifting Sidharth from the wheelchair to bed by holding him. Shehnaaz and Mukti were standing with them. Shehnaaz was looking at Sidharth worriedly. As Sidharth screamed in pain because his leg hurt, Shehnaaz’s heart stopped beating for a second listening to his scream. She instantly moved forward to help him but stopped herself difficultly, shutting her eyes. She opened her eyes after a few minutes and saw Shivansh putting his leg on the bed carefully. Sidharth was sitting closing his eyes like he was in pain. Shehnaaz was feeling extreme pain in her heart seeing him in pain and the thing was hurting her more that she couldn’t even help him. She was feeling so helpless at that moment.

“Sidharth.” As Mukti called him, putting her hand on Sidharth’s shoulder, he opened his eyes instantly.

“Are you fine ?” She asked concernedly. Everybody was sad and worried after seeing him in pain.

“Guys, chill, Sidharth is not dead, he is alive and he will be fine soon. And he is not going to die before getting married. Shaddhi ke ludoo sabko khane padhte hai.” Before Sidharth could Answer, Cabir uttered in a fun tone to change the atmosphere. Mukti just shook his head in disbelief and Shivansh gave him angry glare.

“One day you will be beaten up by me very badly Cabir for talking shit like this,” Shivansh shouted on him holding back of his neck. Cabir shouted in pain. Mukti was now laughing, seeing this.

Sidharth’s heart ached painfully as he talked about marriage. He didn’t even want to think about getting married because the girl whom he loved she could never be his. Sidharth gazed at Shehnaaz through the corner of his eyes. He found her standing sadly, bowing her head down and her eyes were brimmed with tears. He closed his eyes dejectedly.

After sometime Mukti was feeding lunch to Sidharth, sitting beside him on the bed. Everybody was presented in the room. They were talking and laughing except Shehnaaz. She couldn’t pretend anymore that she was happy. She was silently sitting and inside her heart was crying badly. She didn’t want to but she was getting jealous of Mukti. Mukti closeness with Sidharth was making her jealous. Whatever she wanted to do with Sidharth, Mukti was doing. She wanted to take care of him, she wanted to feed him with her own hands, she wanted to hug him and she wanted to tell him that how important he was for her but all these things she couldn’t do. Seeing Mukti doing all this, she was getting jealous and her heart was breaking a bit by bit with each passing day.

“Mukti, you are only making me eat. My tummy is full now. Now you will eat.” As Sidharth denied to eat more, Mukti showed him her eyes.

“Sidharth, are you a small kid? You have only eaten a few spoons of rice and you are saying that your tummy is full. Don’t show me tantrums and finish this full plate.” As Mukti shouted on Sidharth like his mother, everybody burst into laughter except Shehnaaz. She was silent.

“Good job, Mukti. Sidharth eat full plate or else we all will fracture your another leg too.” Cabir joked making again everybody laugh while this time Sidharth glared at Cabir.

“Sidharth, today your Mumma is making you eat lunch, not your daddy so there is no chance to say no to her,” Shivansh spoke making everybody looked at him confusingly.

“I am Sidharth’s father and Mukti is Sidharth’s mother.” Shivansh chuckled loudly after saying this, making everybody laugh with him.

“Right Shehnaaz ?” Shivansh asked, looking at Shehnaaz who was sitting silently, lost in her own thoughts. She moved her eyes at Shivansh instantly as he called her. She forced a smile and nodded her head.

“Now open your mouth like a good boy, Sidharth.” Mukti spoke and Sidharth made a sad pout looking at her. His cute pout made Shehnaaz smile too and she felt like to pull his cheeks.

“So cute, Sidharth.” Mukti pulled his cheeks and Shehnaaz fumed with jealousy. She wanted to be in her place. She knew Mukti was just his friend but then too her closeness with Sidharth was making her jealous and angry.

“But today your cuteness will also not work. You have to finish your lunch.” Mukti said strictly showing her finger. He started eating meekly. While eating, he was making adorable faces. Shehnaaz again smiled, seeing his cuteness.

As Sidharth coughed and Shehnaaz immediately rushed to fill the glass of water for him. Mukti was rubbing his back while he was constantly coughing covering his mouth with his hand. Everybody became anxious for him, Shehnaaz held out the glass to Sidharth, and Mukti immediately took the glass from Shehnaaz’s hand while her other hand was constantly rubbing his back. Shehnaaz was looking at Sidharth anxiously. Mukti made him drink the water but he was still coughing.

At that moment Shehnaaz couldn’t stop herself and hugged Sidharth tightly in front of everybody. She forgot about the consequences. She forgot everything. She just wanted to make him fine at that moment. Everybody was staring at her in shock and even Sidharth was shocked with her sudden move. He stopped coughing because of the shock. He didn’t think that she would hug him in front of everybody.

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