(Part: 64) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage


Part: 64 Guilt

Shehnaaz reached back Shukla Mansion. Nobody was in the hall. She directly strode to her and Sidharth’s room. She wanted to talk to him first and apologise for leaving him alone for three days in this condition.

She opened the door and stepped into the room. “Sidharth,” her brows creased as she didn’t find him in the room. She checked the washroom and balcony. She walked out of the room disappointedly, her lips were drawn down.

She composed herself before knocking the door of Neyonika’s room. She was guilty for blaming her too. She had hurt her too.

Neyonika opened the door and raised her brows in surprise as she saw Shehnaaz. She lowered her gaze in guilt as Neyonika looked at her.

“I’m so happy to see you here. How are you?” Neyonika smiled and asked after placing her hand on her face.

She slowly moved her eyes at her. “I’m sorry.” She apologised guiltily.

Neyonika was gently caressing her cheek with her thumb. “Why sorry?” She asked and raised her brows.

“Because I left the house like this. I should have listened to you. I wanted to bring my baby into this world and I was just thinking about him. But now when I’m thinking after putting myself into your shoes, I’m understanding that you all did this for me. Perhaps if I were at your place, I would have done the same thing. I’m sorry, Mom, I should have listened to you.” Tears trickled down her eyes mechanically.

“Don’t be sorry, my child. I can completely understand you. I’m also a mother and I can understand your pain of losing your baby. Your reaction was normal.” She was gently wiping her tears. “And you know, I was sure that in few days you would understand us and come back. I knew that you needed time, therefore I didn’t come to meet you.”

Shehnaaz smiled, having tears in her eyes. “You always understand me, Mom. I’m so blessed to have you.” She hugged her, having a contented smile on her face. Neyonika hugged her back smilingly.

“If the mother doesn’t understand their kids, then who else will understand?” She uttered after the hug. She clasped her face and kissed her forehead. “You will be blessed with a baby soon.”

Shehnaaz smiled at him. “I love you, mom.”

“I love you more.” She tucked her hair strands behind her ears.

“You know, where is Sidharth? This time I have hurt him a lot.” She uttered dejectedly, wondering about him.

“Don’t worry, he will understand you.” She assured her and added, “he told me he is going out for a few days to relax his mind.” As Neyonika told her this, she understood that where he was.

“Now I’ll come back home with him. I love you.” She hugged her and turned to go, but stopped as she saw Muskan walking out of her room.

Muskan’s eyes shimmered and a pretty smile flashed on her face as she saw her Chachi after three days, but she frowned after recalling that her chachu was crying because of her.

Shehnaaz strolled toward her and asked, “Muskan, how are you?” She rolled her eyes and rushed back to her room. A fresh tear rolled down her cheek after seeing this. Muskan had never behaved like this with her before. She was hurt and guilty both at the same time.

Neyonika placed her hand over her shoulder and squeezed slightly. Shehnaaz turned towards her.

“She is angry with me. I have hurt her too.” She uttered, disappointed.

“It’s okay. She’s a kid. She will take time, but she will forgive you.” Neyonika reassured her.

“First you should talk to Sidharth. Don’t worry, Muskan will forgive you.” She wiped her tears.

Shehnaaz gave her a slight nod before stepping out of the mansion. She knew he must have gone to his Pune farmhouse because once he had told her that he visited there to relax his mind when he got upset.

“I’m coming to you, Mr Perfect.” She murmured before starting the car.

She reached farmhouse at night. She parked her car and her lips curved up into a smile as she saw his car which was parked there.

She rang the bell and the caretaker of the house opened the door.

“Where is Sidharth?” She asked instantly.

“He is on the terrace.” As she told her, she dashed upstairs. She couldn’t wait to see him after three days.

She stopped at the doorstep, panting. He was standing facing his back to her, holding the railing. He was gazing at the stars, distressed.

She took a deep breath and strolled toward him. “Sidharth.” She murmured and placed her hand over his shoulder.

As he turned around, she looked at him in guilt. He was gazing at her differently, there was no love in his eyes and his next words shocked her.

“Why did you come here to meet a murderer?” He asked, gazing at her blankly.

She lowered her eyes in guilt and a few drops of tear trickled down her cheeks mechanically. She was guilty for blaming him and calling him a murderer. Her heart ached when he called himself a murderer.

“You shouldn’t come here. You should go or else I will kill you too because I’m a murderer.” She squeezed her eyes shut and cried after listening to his words.

She composed herself and opened her eyes to look at him. “I’m sorry,”

He rebuked, cutting her words. “No, I’m sorry,”

He continued, “sorry for killing your baby because he was nothing to me. I’m so happy after losing him.” He was angry and hurt. She pursed her lips and cried after listening to his words. She wasn’t understanding what she should do. She was in great guilt for hurting him.

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