(Part: 4B Turning Point) Love Or Sin {Sidnaaz}


Sidharth waddled into the mansion at late night completely drunk. His legs were trembling. Everything was dark all around, all the lights were off. He trudged toward the direction of stairs with his trembling legs. But next moment something happened which made him froze on his place.

He felt somebody’s arms wrapped around him. Somebody hugged him from behind and he knew very well that who was the person because as the body of that person came in contact with his body, it made his each and every cell of the body alive. He felt like that person touched his soul. He knew that it was her touch. He was sure that it was the touch of the girl who was making him crazy from far away from two weeks. She set his body on fire with her touch and at the same time, he felt like he found his real home in her arms.

Whenever he saw Shehnaaz and Shivansh hugging each other, his heart always wanted her to hug him. He had been craving to feel her touch from two weeks. It was like he had stopped breathing and his heart had stopped beating, and finally when she hugged him, his heart started beating and he got his breath back after a long two weeks. He never knew that this would really happen one day and this would make him feel so good like heaven. With her hug, he came to know that she was the only girl, his heart found every time whenever he went. He came to know that she was the only missing piece of his life.

A few minutes ago

Shehnaaz was working in the kitchen and suddenly all the light went off. She became scared because of the darkness. She heard the sound of someone’s footsteps from outside. She just ran outside. She saw Sidharth in the darkness and rushed to him, thinking that he would be Shivansh. She just hugged him tightly, wrapping her arms around him from behind and buried her face in his back. The peace and comfort which she had been trying to find in the arms of Shivansh from the very first day of their marriage. That peace and comfort, she found in his arms, but she wasn’t aware that she found that peace not in his husband, she found that peace in his best friend’s arms. Tears of happiness automatically rolled down her cheeks because finally, she found what she was craving for. She was overwhelmed with the contentment. She had never felt so safe and secured in anybody’s arms before. She felt like she found heaven on the earth. She was relieved and happy after finding her real home in her husband’s arms.

They both were completely lost in each other, closing their eyes. The hug was giving them immense peace which they had never found in anybody’s arms before. It was like they touched each other souls with the hug. The light came back, revealing the hug of two pure souls clearly. The light did nothing to them.

But they came on the earth back as Sidharth phone rang up which was kept in his jeans pocket. The phone call spoiled their moment. Sidharth immediately removed her hands when reality hit his mind. Shehnaaz flinched and widened her eyes in utter shock when she came to know, the person who gave peace to his soul and heart, he was not her husband. He was somebody else. Her happiness flew away within a second. Sidharth climbed upstairs in front of her eyes without saying anything and without even looking at her.

This hug was the turning point of their life. Before this hug, Shehnaaz had no feeling for Sidharth in her heart. It was only a one-sided attraction from Sidharth side. She never looked at Sidharth like this. He was just her husband’s friend for her, but the hug shook her entirely. She had no clue why she never found that peace in her husband’s arms, the peace which she found in Sidharth’s arms. She was shocked and stood there like a statue for a few minutes. She had no idea that her life was going to change from the hug.


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