(Part : 3B Jealous, Angry and Guilty) Love Or Sin {Sidnaaz}


He was walking out of the mansion as fast as possible so that nobody could see him or stop him. He didn’t want to face her again.

“Sidharth,” Shivansh called him from behind, stepping downstairs as his eyes fell over him. Sidharth closed his eyes and fisted his hands, listening to his voice. He wanted to run away, but he turned around unwillingly, plastering a fake smile on his face.

“What did you think that you could go without having breakfast,” Shivansh asked, strolling over him. As Sidharth looked at him, Shivansh raised his eyebrows.

“I am sorry, Shivansh but I am already getting late for a meeting. I have to leave.” Sidharth instantly gave an excuse to leave the house.

“You know one beautiful girl has said that we should never leave the house with the empty stomach. I mean my Shehnaaz says this.” Shivansh laughed loudly. Sidharth felt a sharp pain in his heart when Shivansh called Shehnaaz as his Shehnaaz. But still, he forced a smile on his face.

“Wow, Shivansh, I am impressed. ” Shehnaaz said, walking there and clapping her hands. Like always Sidharth heartbeat accelerated because of Shehnaaz’s presence. Her voice was becoming like a melodious song for him which he wanted to hear all day and night. But that song was also forbidden for him like she was forbidden to him.

“Tell me one thing, when did you start taking my words so seriously ?” She crossed her arms around her chest and asked in anger, raising her eyebrows. Shivansh made a cute pout while Sidharth was trying to not look at her.

“Sidharth,” As she took his name, Sidharth instantly looked at her and his heart skipped beating after listening to his name in her sweet and pleasant voice.

“You know, your friend Shivansh who was explaining to you that we should not leave the house with an empty stomach. He himself most of the time leave the house without having breakfast.” Shehnaaz said all this, looking at Sidharth and at last, he glared at Shivansh.

“I am sorry jaan.” Shivansh apologised, holding his ear cutely.

“Promise you, from the next time this won’t happen again.” He took her hand in his hands and said. She smiled in response, nodding her head. Sidharth was standing there, looking down.  Many things were going in his mind at that time and all those things were making him crazy.

“Now you both follow me to the Dining table without any argument.” She ordered them sternly, showing her forefinger to them. Then she turned around and strolled toward the dining table.

“Chal aja..( Come on)” Shivansh patted Sidharth’s back and ran behind Shehnaaz. Sidharth left with no other option rather than following them.

Sidharth and Shivansh settled down at the dining table while Shehnaaz was serving them breakfast and one maid was arranging the breakfast on the table. Shehnaaz served Sidharth one Aloo Pratha and when she was about to put the curd in his bowl, he showed his hand to her and they had an eye lock of two seconds where they for the first time looked into each other eyes.

After serving Shivansh, she sat down beside him and on the other side of him, Sidharth was sitting. Sidharth started eating without, looking at Shehnaaz and thankfully she wasn’t sitting in front of him or else it would get more difficult for him to stop himself from looking at her beautiful face.

“Shehnaaz, the coffee is not so sweet. Will you taste?” Shivansh asked, holding out the mug of coffee in front Shehnaaz. She took it with the confused expression and taste it.

“Now give it to me. You taste it, now it became sweet.” Before Shehnaaz could say something, he said, taking the glass from Shehnaaz’s hand.

“So cheesy Shivansh,” Shehnaaz shook her head in disbelief.

“Really, you have made it sweet by tasting it. Before this, the coffee was tasteless for me .” He said after taking a sip of coffee. Shehnaaz again shook her head. Sidharth was just trying to concentrate on his tasty pratha and trying to avoid their talks.

“Sidharth why are you so silent? Isn’t the food tasty?” Shivansh asked, looking at Sidharth. Sidharth nodded his head in no, looking at him immediately.

“These Prathas are yummy. Say thank you to Rashmi.” Sidharth said, making Shivansh and Shehnaaz looked at him confusingly.

“Sidharth my wife name is Shehnaaz , not Rashmi. What are you saying ?” Shivansh asked, having a confused expression on his face. Then both heard Shehnaaz’s loud laughs which caught their attention. They both stared at her, having confused looks on their face.

“Actually Shivansh last night Rashmi cooked dinner so I think Sidharth though that breakfast is also cooked by her only,” Shehnaaz said, solving the confusion.

“Right Sidharth ?”Shehnaaz asked, looking at Sidharth. He nodded his head in yes, looking at her. Shivansh made O shape mouth, understanding Sidharth’s words now. Now he understood that why he was finding Pratha so tasty because they were made by Shehnaaz.

“Sid, today my beautiful wife has cooked the food from her beautiful hands, not that Ras..  or whatever her name is,” Shivansh held Shehnaaz’s hand and kissed her knuckle, leaning down. She smiled in response, looking at him.

For the first time, Sidharth was getting jealous of Shivansh and he was feeling guilty too. He was hurt, he was jealous, he was angry and more than all of this he was guilty. Shivansh was his best friend and he was getting jealous of his best friend because he had Shehnaaz, the girl who was making him crazy, helpless and weak. He was feeling like she was doing some kind of magic on his heart, on his mind and on his soul, like she was hypnotising him. He wasn’t able to look beyond her. From her smile to her taking his name, everything was driving him crazy. He knew that this was wrong but still he was not able to stop his heart from attracting toward Shehnaaz.


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