(Part: 2B Living Under The Same Roof) Love Or Sin {Sidnaaz}


“Sid will live here with us for a few days. Actually, his house is renovating.” Shivansh told Shehnaaz when they were taking lunch, sitting at the dining area.

“That’s great. You will get more time to spend with your best friend. And don’t worry. I will manage everything. I will make a room ready for him and also cook a special dinner.” Shivansh was just smiling at his cute and loving wife. He really loved her a lot, he could gaze at her all day.

“I know, meri Jaan, you will manage everything.” He said taking her hand in his hand. She smiled slightly at him.

“I am so lucky to have you in my life.” He gently kissed her knuckle. She was just smiling at him.


At night

Sidharth stepped into Oberoi’s Mansion with his luggage. A servant came and took the luggage from him while another servant came and made him sit in the hall. Then the servant went to call Shehnaaz.

Sidharth was sitting there twiddling his thumbs. He was waiting for Shivansh.

“Hello, Sidharth.” He instantly raised his head as he heard the sweet voice of Shehnaaz. As he looked up at her, she gave him a warm smile.

As she settled down beside him, his heart skipped beating for a moment because of her closeness. He stood up immediately, making Shehnaaz confused.

She narrowed her brows at him. “What happened ?” She also stood up and asked confusingly.

“No-nothing. I just-I just need to use the washroom.” He stammered a bit while talking to her. She nodded her head, making O shaped mouth.

“Then I should show you your room.” As she said, he nodded his head in yes. She strolled towards his room, and he followed her. Sidharth was going crazy because of the storm which was going inside his heart and mind.

“So this your room and there is the washroom. You can go.” She pointed her finger at the washroom as they walked inside the room. Sidharth nodded his head and immediately dashed into the washroom. He took a deep breath after closing the door of the washroom. Her presence was making him crazy.

After a few minutes, Sidharth stepped out of washroom after composing himself and making himself ready to face her. He found her sitting on the sofa and doing something on her phone.

He cleared his throat and greeted her. “Hi.”

She looked up at him by raising her head and got up. She greeted him again with her engaging smile, walking toward him. “Hi, Sidharth.”

“Where is Shivansh?” He asked after a few seconds of silence.

“He just called me to inform me that he will come late tonight.” She told him, showing her phone to him. He just nodded his head, avoiding eye contact with her.

“You get fresh, and until then I’m arranging the dinner.” He nodded at her and she exited from the room, closing the door. Sidharth sat on the bed taking a deep breath. Her presence was affecting him a lot and he didn’t know why.


Sidharth stepped outside. He found her arranging the dinner on the dining table and few servants were helping her. Sidharth took a deep breath and sauntered toward the dining area. With each step, his heartbeat was accelerating. Shehnaaz looked at him and passed him a smile. Sidharth smiled slightly at her in response. He sat on the opposite side of where she was standing. She also sat down in front of him. Servants served him. Sidharth was trying to avoid eye contact with her because he knew if he looked into her eyes, he would get lost in them.

“So, how was your day, Sidharth? I mean you joined your company after two years.” She asked, starting the conversation. She ate one spoon of rice and then waited for his reply, looking at him.

“It was great.” He answered and looked at her for a second only. Then he again looked down, rolling the spoon in the bowl.

“Look, I am not habitual of sitting quietly while even at the time of eating. So you can talk to me.” She ate another spoon of rice and then spoke, looking at him. He moved his eyes at her and just passed a small smile to her.

“Oh hello. I asked you to talk, not to smile.” She complained when he still didn’t say anything to her.

“The food is very tasty. You cook amazing.” He said, looking at her and then again looked down.  As she laughed loudly, he narrowed his brows at her in confusion, wondering what happened to her suddenly.

“I didn’t cook the food.” She told while still laughing, palming her mouth. He made 0 shape mouth.

“You should say thank you to Rashmi.” She spoke and finally stopped laughing.

“Say thank you to her on the behalf of me ?” He said and ate another spoon of rice, looking at her. She passed him smile.

“What you do? Shivansh didn’t tell me about your profession.” He asked after a few minutes of silence, looking at her.

“I work in NGO and I am a writer too.”She told him, and again Sidharth made an O shape mouth.

“What you write about?” He asked curiously.

“I write romantic novels. Even a few of my books got published.” She told him, and he nodded his head.

“I also read romantic stories and this is my secret,” Sidharth spoke in low voice, coming close to her. She listened to him, having a smile on her face.

“Don’t worry. I will keep your secret safe with me because I am good at this.” She assured him and he murmured thank you to her. Both chuckled.

“So tell me, who is your favourite writer ?” she asked excitedly, raising her eyebrows. Now they started talking, forgetting about their food even.

“Pretty Angel is my favourite writer. She writes so beautifully. Really I am completely fallen for her writing. Especially the book  ‘Is It really love ?’. I really want to meet her one day. I really want to kiss her hands for penning down the things so beautifully and perfectly.” Sidharth was telling her about his favourite writer like an excited kid and she was listening to him, having a smile on her face.

“But sadly I have no information about her.” He pouted disappointedly and huffed, resting his back at the back of the chair.

“Then kiss my hands.” She held out her hand in front of him. Sidharth moved forward and raised his brows in surprise.

“I am your favourite writer Pretty Angel.” She told him.  He stood up, staring at her with wide-open eyes and mouth. He wasn’t expecting her to be his favourite writer. Shehnaaz chuckled, seeing his reaction.


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