(Part: 1B First Meet) Love Or Sin {Sidnaaz}


“There, they are. Busy talking to each other.” Shehnaaz uttered, pointing at the bar counter where they both were standing. Shivansh and Sidharth looked there. He smiled broadly seeing them. He strolled toward them.

“I just come sweetheart.” Shivansh left after placing a kiss over her cheek.

“Sidharth.” A girl and boy yelled up together as they saw Sidharth who was standing in front of them. He was smiling broadly at them. The girl in black midi was Mukti Kapoor and the boy was Cabir Kapoor. Mukti and Cabir are twins but completely opposite to each other. Cabir is crazy, cheerful, hilarious and amusing. He always remains in good mood and his hobby is to tease others. Mukti is a serious type of person. Nobody can say that she is Cabir’s twin sister. They met Sidharth and Shivansh in school. People used to give examples of their friendship. Their bond was strong and unbreakable.

They both hugged him together encircling their arms around his neck. He hugged them back, putting a hand on their back. He was overwhelmed with the immense happiness to see them after two long years. Shivansh was standing a few steps away from them and gazing at them, having a content smile on his face.

“Guys, how are you both? I missed you both a lot!” He exclaimed happily breaking the hug. They both were just smiling at him.

“I missed you too,” she said, having happy tears in her eyes. “So much.” She added, wiping her tears. He just took her in a hug.

“You know, in two years she has filled so many buckets with her tears. I am glad you came back or else her plan was to bring flood with her tears in Mumbai.” As Cabir said playfully, Mukti glared at him and hit his bicep. Shivansh and Manik laughed at them.

“Shut up, Cabir.” She yelled, pointing her index finger at him. Shivansh stood resting his elbow on Sidharth’s shoulder. Both passed a smile to each other.

“Guys, stop fighting. I came back after two years and you guys are fighting.” He shouted when Cabir had just opened his mouth to speak something. He closed his mouth, listening to his words.

“So, Sidharth, tell us what you did there in two years ?” Mukti asked excitedly and they all looked at him for the answer. 

“Work and work. I didn’t get time to do anything except work. Even I couldn’t come up to attend his wedding. I am sorry, Bro.” He apologised from Shivansh.

“I can understand, Sidharth. Don’t feel sorry. Now you are back and we are happy.” Shivansh placed his hand over his shoulder.

“I want to listen to your love story in detail.” Sid winked and Shivansh chuckled.

“We are here to narrate his story. His story is short, simple and beautiful. Shehnaaz is his parents’ friend’s daughter. Their parents arranged their meet and they met one year ago and he fell in love with her at first sight. Shehnaaz took time but gradually she also fell in love with our Shivansh.” Cabir started telling the story. Shivansh was blushing listening to his story and Sidharth was listening to his story excitedly.

“I admired them a lot. Shehnaaz is such a sweetheart, Sidharth. She is very nice. She thinks about others before herself.” Mukti said and Shivansh’s eyes were finding the love of his life in the crowd.

“I am so happy for you, Bro. Finally, you got what you deserved.” Sidharth said happily to Shivansh. He smiled back in response.

“By the way, Sidharth, What’s your plan of getting marry ?” Shivansh asked, raising his eyebrows.

“When I find the girl of my choice, I will get marry,” he answered him with the smile. Then only he heard the sweet voice of Shehnaaz.

“Guys, I am sorry but I have to take your friend away from you all for a few minutes.” She interrupted them. Sidharth again couldn’t take his eyes off her. “Especially sorry to you, Sidharth.” She apologised.

“It’s okay.” He blinked his eyes. She smiled in response. He felt like his heart stopped beating for a moment when she smiled at him.

“Shehnaaz, you don’t need to say sorry. Shivansh is all yours. Ab voh humhra kha rha, Tumse shaddhi karne ke badh, voh paraaya hogya hai..” Cabir said dramatically and his words brought Sid back on the earth. He stopped gazing at her and turned his face toward Cabir.

“Thank you, Cabir and stop being so dramatic every time.” As Shehnaaz said, his eyes swept to her beautiful face automatically. He was not getting that Why and What was happening to him.

Then Shehnaaz took Shivansh with her, holding his arm.

Cabir and Mukti were talking with Sidharth and he was busy gazing at Shehnaaz who was making Shivansh meet somebody. He didn’t know but his heart was attracting toward her unknowingly. He never felt like this for any others girl before.

“What is happening to me? He is Shivansh’s wife. This is wrong.” He wondered, staring at her bemusedly.

“I need to leave.” He uttered suddenly, looking at them. Mukti and Cabir narrowed their brows in confusion.

“Why? What happened suddenly?” Mukti asked confusingly and he was finding a reason to go because he needed to calm himself down. The girl was forbidden to him because she was his friend’s wife. He needed to stop the thing which was happening to him.

He was controlling himself from looking at her. “I, I have an urgent meeting.” As he told them, they glared at them in anger.

“What? Just cancel the meeting right now. It is your welcome party, Sidharth. This is wrong. We are meeting you after two years. Still, you are thinking about work.” Mukti complained like a kid. Cabir nodded, agreeing to her words.

“I won’t let you go anywhere.” She held his arms tightly. Sid looked at Mukti, having guilt in his eyes then he moved his eyes at Cabir for help.

“I am with Mukti today,” Cabir placed his hand on Mukti’s shoulder. They passed the small smile to each other. For the first time, Cabir was agreeing with Mukti’s words

“Okay fine. I am cancelling the meeting. ” He dropped the plan of leaving the party after seeing their sad faces. They both hugged him tightly after jumping on him. He smiled, hugging them back. Then his eyes fell over Shivansh and Shehnaaz who were approaching toward them.

“I need to go washroom guys. Can I ?” As he asked from them and they both nodded their head in approval. He dashed from there before Shehnaaz and Shivansh could reach there.

“Where he went ?” Shivansh asked from Mukti and Cabir, staring Sid who was going upstairs. Cabir told him that he went to the washroom. Sana was standing there silently, staring at Sid.

He stepped into the washroom of an empty room. He was splashing water on his face continuously. Shehnaaz’s face was not going away from his mind. He was going crazy. Before Shehnaaz, no other girl had ever attracted him like this. He was shocked that what was happening to him. He was already feeling guilty because his best friend’s wife was attracting him.

“I need to control myself. This is wrong. I am not understanding why the hell she is attracting me so much that I’m losing control over myself even. But I have to control myself. I need to face her and accept her as my friend’s wife. Running is not the option. I need to face them, her..” He murmured to himself, staring at his reflection in the mirror. He was not aware that it was just the beginning because his heart had already started to fall in love with the girl who was forbidden to him. Now nobody could stop his heart, not even he himself because running from love is impossible.

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So how the concept of the story?

Excited for the next update.

I know it is something which is not acceptable in our society but I am writing it because I want to show that no love is wrong if it is true. Love can happen with anybody, anywhere.

This story is gonna be filled with lots of emotions. So be ready and if you are not liking the concept, then step back. I don’t want any bashing.

Love Mehak

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