(Part: 1A First Meet) Love Or Sin {Sidnaaz}


A tall man stepped into the mansion where the party was going on. He was well dressed up in a white shirt with a black blazer and black trousers. His eyes were shining with happiness and the smile was not leaving his face because after two long years he was going to meet his friends. He missed them a lot. The party which was going on, it was his welcome party. The happiness was clearly visible in his bewitching black eyes, the contentment of meeting his family. Yes, his friends were his family. He is Sidharth Shukla. He is handsome and smart, very calm in nature. He is amiable, polite. He cares about others and likes to help them.

He was standing on the doorstep and his eyes were searching for his friends in the party, but suddenly his eyes fell over a beautiful girl who was standing facing her back to him. He felt something in his heart when he saw her. He didn’t understand what was it.

“Sid…” A man shouted and hugged him tightly bringing him back on the earth. He was taken aback with a sudden hug, but he hugged him back with a contented smile on his face after recognising him.

“How are you, Sidharth? You know, how much we missed you in these two years. I am so happy.” The man said happily after breaking the hug. Sid was just looking at him, having a smile on his face. He was so happy to see his friend Shivansh Oberoi after long two years. He was still same for Sidharth.

Shivansh Oberoi is Sidharth’s best friend. They used to share everything with each other from small to big. Shivansh was a charming and sweet man like Sid. Shivansh and Sidharth personality were the same. There was just a height difference between them. They met in school and became best friends. They could do anything for each other. They never got jealous of each other. They used to say ‘jo tera hai voh mera hai aur jo mera hai voh tera..”

Shivansh is the owner of Oberoi’s company. His parents live in the U.S.A. and handling the business there and he is handling the business in India.

Sidharth also handled his business in India. Two years back, his father called up and said that he needed his help there because he was unwell. Since two years he had been handling the abroad business. Now his father was completely fine and he again came back to India and he was happy to come back. It was not easy for him to leave his friends behind and shifting from India to America. But he had no other option because his father was sick, and he needed him.

“I am seeing, Is my Shivansh is still same or got changed after marriage? Because everyone changed after marriage.” He joked, swaying his eyes from head to toe. Shivansh was just smiling, looking at him.

“So what do you think, I’m still same or not ?” He asked, raising his eyebrows and crossing his arms around his chest.

“I can’t say anything right now about this, but you have become more handsome.” He complimented his friend, holding him from his shoulders.

“Not more than you,” As Shivansh uttered, they both chuckled.

“Now come, let’s make you meet my beloved wife.” He patted his back.

“Can’t wait to meet her. I desperately want to know that girl who made my friend crazy in love. The Shivansh Oberoi who used to hate girls.” His eyes glinted with excitement and Shivansh grinned.

“I am damn serious, Sidharth. If you had met him before me, you too would have fallen madly in love with her, but now she is mine.” As Shivansh joked, they both laughed. Shivansh was taking him to meet Shehnaaz. He didn’t understand why suddenly his heartbeat quickened.

“Shehnaaz.” Shivansh placed his hand over a girl’s shoulder from behind. That girl turned around, smiling broadly. She was in a red colour saree, looking ravishing. Her big smile and her long black hair were increasing her beauty.

Sidharth’s heart stopped beating for a moment when his eyes saw her angelic face. He felt like to keep glazing at her exquisite face.

She is beautiful from inside and outside. She is courageous and fearless. She always thinks about other people when she does something. She is understanding women. She is helpful and kind in nature. She’s a little crazy but in a fun way. She is cheerful and talkative. She has a heart of gold.

“Shehnaaz, meet my friend Sidharth Shukla.” Shivansh introduced him to Shehnaaz. Listening to his voice, Sid came on the earth back. He wasn’t understanding what was happening to him.

“And Sidharth, meet my wife Mrs Shehnaaz Oberoi,” Shivansh encircled his arm around her neck. She smiled at him, and he smiled back.

“Hello, Sidharth.” She greeted him in her sweet like sugary voice holding out her hand in front of him. He felt like electricity ran down his spine as he held her hand to shake. He immediately took away his hand.

“You know, Sidharth, From the day, I came here after marrying Shivansh, not a single day passed when he didn’t talk about you. I was really excited to meet you and finally, we met.” She said merrily and Sidharth just smiled, nodding his head.

“Shivansh, where are others? I want to meet them.” He asked from Shivansh and tried hard to ignore Shehnaaz.

“Don’t know, where they are, Sidharth. A few minutes ago they were with me.” His eyes were searching for them in the hall.

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