(Part: 26 The Union Of Two Souls) Lost Love


Sidharth’s P.O.V.

When I came to know that Nandita called me and asked me to meet her, I became crazy with happiness. After long sixteen years, finally, I would meet her. My excitement, my happiness, I couldn’t even describe in words. I was finally going to meet my long lost love. I suffered a lot without her, I waited for her, I didn’t stop loving her for a single second. So many thoughts were revolving in my mind. How she would look? How she would be? Most important thing was that I was going to meet her after sixteen years which were like so many ages. God finally listened to me.

I was running out of the hotel to the parking area as if I got late, I would lose her. The excitement was killing me. I was running like I was running to save my life. It was true also somewhere, I was running for my life only. Nandita was really my life, she was my world.

After sitting into the car, I started the car hurriedly. The smile was not leaving my face, I was smiling like a fool. My heart and my soul was happiest. My heart was dancing inside me with excitement and happiness. I never felt so happy before. I was driving the car crazily breaking all the signals and traffic rules. I just wanted to see my Nandita as soon as possible. Somewhere I was scared to lose her again that if I don’t reach on time, maybe I would lose her.

“Damn it” I shouted, hitting the steering in anger because of the traffic. My car didn’t move even an inch from five minutes. I was getting frustrated, the wait was killing me. I was just a few kilometres away from my destiny. My heartbeat was accelerating and I was going crazy. Five minutes more passed and I lost my temper. Coming out of my car, I started running toward my destiny. The wait was making me crazier and my excitement was increasing with each passing second. The feeling of seeing my love after sixteen years was making me crazy. People might be calling me crazy seeing their rockstar running like an idiot on the road but I didn’t care because I just wanted to see my love.

When I was just a few minutes away from my destination, I stopped while breathing heavily. One thing made me crazier and confused that what would happen of Shehnaaz? She had supported, she had taught me to live life, she had given me the reason to be happy, she had given me a new life and she had loved me without any expectation. I had also started to love her. “When Nandita comes in my life, what would she do?” I wondered.

This was the only thing which made me worried. I was confused from the day one that how could I love two people at the same time. One side, I didn’t want to cheat Nandita by accepting her love and on the other side, I wanted to love Shehnaaz till my last breath. This thought again made me confused. I was really really confused thinking that from Shehnaaz and Nandita, whom I loved more. I was feeling like both were equally important for me. I wanted to spend my life with both of them. “This is going to be the toughest decision of my life,” I said to myself after taking a deep breath.

I again ran towards my destiny, putting my all thoughts on the side for some time. Few minutes passed away and I reached there. I stood there, putting my hands on my knees, catching my breath back. Then my eyes fell over Shehnaaz who was standing in the middle of the bridge. I was shocked and surprised to find her in Delhi.

“Shehnaaz.” I stood straight and called her. She looked at me and gave a broad smile, her eyes were shimmering with happiness. I found her smile different that time, she was looking happier than before. I was upset because I was going to snatch her all happiness by telling her that I got my Nandita back. I strolled toward her taking slow steps. Her smile was becoming bigger, the more I was walking close to her. My heart was aching because I was going to take her smile. The person who became the reason of my smile, I really didn’t want to become the reason of that person sadness.

“Why My life is so complicated ?” My heart cried inside.

“Sidharth, you are not looking happy. Is everything fine?” She asked me worriedly holding my hand when I reached to her. She became worried for me, seeing me upset and I was going to snatch away her happiness. The girl who became upset seeing me sad, how could I snatch her happiness? This thought was killing me.

“Shehnaaz, I want to ask something. Could I?” As I asked, she nodded her head positively in response.

“Can a person love two people at the same time?” I asked, looking at her. Listening to my words, she narrowed her brows in confusion. Oh god, this was supposed to be the happiest day of my life but my overthinking was spoiling everything.

“Sidharth, tell me clearly, what is going in your mind ?” She asked bemusedly.

“I mean to say that I think I love you and Nandita equally. I really don’t understand whom I love the more. From both of you, I really don’t want to lose anyone of you.” I shared my problem with her. She was looking at me with gloomy expression when I was speaking. As I completed my words, her lips curved into a broad smile and her eyes shimmered with the happiness. I stared at her, puzzled.

“In your case loving me and Nandita equally is possible.” She answered me cheerfully, making me more confused.

“What do you mean?” I asked immediately and she smiled more broadly. Her words and her happiness were making me confused but also giving me positive vibes.

“Because Nandita and Shehnaaz, they both are same,” She shrieked with happiness and I gazed at her in utter shock and disbelief. It was utterly unbelievable. “Did my ears hear right or wrong?” I doubted my ears because what she said, that was unbelievable for me.

“What did you just say ?” I asked incredulously. She was now smiling showing me her all teeth.

“I said that I am your Nandita.” She again shouted joyfully, taking my breath away from me. It was really unbelievable. I became blank at that moment, my mind stopped working, my heart stopped beating. I was stunned.

“Say it again,” I asked her to speak those words again because my ears were craving to hear those words. I really never had thought that I could really hear those words. From the day I had met Shehnaaz, I had been wishing for the miracle to happen that she would come out as my Nandita. I never thought that miracle would really happen and she would really come out as my Nandita.

“I am your Nandita, Sidharth. Your one and only love of your life Nandita.” She squealed merrily and I also smiled happily, gazing at her. It was really unbelievable for me. That moment, I was feeling like I was seeing a dream with my open eyes. I just lifted her up from by holding her waist and twirled her crazily. I was overwhelmed with the contentment.

I was the happiest soul. With her words, she took away my all tension and made the moment more precious and special for me. I was feeling so lucky. Same with her too, she was laughing wholeheartedly when I was twirling her crazily. We both were happy because of the miracle. I still couldn’t believe that God could really give me the biggest happiness of my life. I was feeling like I would die with happiness.

The memories of our childhood started revolving in my mind. Finally, I got my lost love who had got separated from me before 16 years. The flashes of our happy and sad moment started revolving in my mind. I couldn’t believe that I was twirling my Nandita. The more important thing was the guilt which had been killing me since the past sixteen years that she might be living in pain because of me. That guilt was no more because she was living a happy life. I didn’t know what had happened with her in past, I even didn’t want to know that what had happened. If this was a dream also then I never wanted to wake up. I wanted to spend my whole life in this dream.

Finally, I placed her down, the rain started cascading down our bodies, making the atmosphere beautiful and romantic for us. We were gazing into each other eyes filled with immense love. Our lips were curved in a blissful smile. We were at the top of the world because we had no tension of future, no fear of living without each other in future. We were happy because we could love each other as much as we wanted to love, without any fear. She belonged to me and I belonged to her. That was the only reason, she always used to remind me of my Nandita. Every moment which I had spent with her were precious and pure.

“I just can’t believe it.” I murmured happily, clasping her face and pulled her face closer to my face. She smiled happily and blissfully, putting her hands over my hands. We gazed into each other eyes happily and lovingly. We both were speechless, there were lots of things which we wanted to say but words were not coming out of our mouth because of happiness.

“I love you so much, I love you..” I shouted cheerfully, hugging her tightly, hiding her in my arms. I wanted to tell the whole world that I finally got my lost love and she was non-other than my angel. I was getting so peace and comfort in her arms. Her arms were my heaven and my home. I wanted to store her in my arms forever and ever. I decided that I would not leave her alone just for even a single second. I would always keep her safe in my arms. I would not let anyone touch my love. I didn’t know for how long, we stood there hugging each other. The raindrops were falling over us, making us wet and increasing our inner desire which we didn’t have to control anymore. Before, I was dying when I couldn’t love Shehnaaz. I was dying when I was breaking her heart by pushing her away from me. I was dying when she was giving me happiness and I was giving her sadness. But no more pushing game because I was only his.

“Now no one can stop us from loving us,” I uttered happily after breaking the hug and she happily nodded her head, agreeing to my words.

“Just for once call me Sidu, ” I asked her because I wanted to refresh our old memories. Like in childhood, she used to call me Sidu cutely, I wanted to hear again.

“Did I use to call you Sidu?” She asked me excitedly and I happily nodded my head, looking at her.

“I love you, my Sidu.” She spoke cutely, pulling my cheeks and I just couldn’t control myself more and slammed her lips with mine. As my lips touched with her lips, the feeling was precious more than anything else. I had been dying to feel her lips over mine from so many days which were like so many years. Our lips were moving in rhythm and perfectly like our lips were made for each other. Her hands were rested on my chest and my hands held her face, pulling her closer to myself.

Finally, I was kissing her freely. It was like I am flying in the sky freely without any fear. We had kissed each other the first time in the rain only. That kiss was also very precious for me because it was our first kiss and that kiss had given me peace. But our second kiss in the rain was the best because now I had no regret and no fear of cheating anyone. I became a free soul who had the right to love and live happily.

Finally waiting for my lost love got over. Finally, I got her. But this was not the end, this was the beginning of my new story which would be filled with happiness and lots of love.

___________HAPPY ENDING___________

Yes, this is the last part of the story. The end was decided before only. The things which have left incomplete will be shown in the bonus part . Understand me, I really don’t want to stretch the story. Please understand, don’t get disheartened and don’t ask me to write more. I’ll give the bonus part tomorrow.

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