Manan Love Story (Part: 118 Shattered)


Everybody had been trying to convince Nandini for the abortion for two days, but she wasn’t ready to abort the baby. Her condition was worsening. Manik wasn’t understanding what he should do to save her wife. He tried his best to convince her, he didn’t want to force her. He gave up and left everything on God. He was just praying for his wife’s safety.

“I’m sorry, Manik. I know, I’m doing wrong with you, but I can’t kill our baby. It is a part of us. How can I kill a part of us?” She asked him.

“I can understand you, Angel and now I’ve left everything on God. He will do what is right.” He kissed her forehead and took her into his arms.

“Don’t worry, baby. Your Mumma will bring you to this world and she will survive this pregnancy because you and your daddy is my strength. Nothing will happen to anybody.” She slept talking to her baby but he didn’t, he was shedding silent tears, he was anxious for his Angel. For the first time in his life, he was worried about the future because he was afraid for his Angel. He didn’t want to lose her.

Early in the morning, Nandini woke up because she was feeling extreme pain in her stomach.

“Manik…” As she started crying in pain, clutching her dress from the stomach, he woke up instantly.

“What happened, Angel.” He asked anxiously.

“My stomach,” she screamed loudly in pain. “It is hurting. I’m scared. Our baby…” she cried, burying her face in his chest.

“Just be strong. I’m taking you to hospital.” He caressed her forehead.

He stood up and hurriedly scooped her up in his arms. He rushed out of the room. She was crying in pain and fear of losing her baby.

After an hour, Nandini slowly opened her eyes, she was lying on the hospital bed and Manik was sitting beside her on the stool, emotionless. She turned her face toward him.

“Our-our baby?” She shuttered with fright, placing her hands on her belly. Her heart was thumping. Inside she knew that their baby had left them forever.

He pursed his lips to control himself from crying and shook his head. Her lips quivered and she started crying mechanically, clutching the bed sheet and squeezing her eyes shut. He became hysterical and started crying.

“Manik, our baby.” She was shrieking in pain.

“I tried-tried a lot to save him. Then why this happened? Why God snatched him from us?” She asked, crying miserably and grabbed his collars.

He leaned towards her face and clasped her face, his hands were shaking. “This was written in our destiny, Angel and we have to accept it.” He touched his face with her. They both were crying their heart aloud in grief.

“Our baby, I want him back.” She cried, hugging him firmly and digging her face in his chest. He was crying too. They never thought that God would snatch their unborn baby like this. They had seen lots of dreams and planned everything. They were so excited to become parents and eager to hold their baby in their hands. They were utterly shattered after knowing that their baby is no more with them. She couldn’t feel him inside her anymore and she was already missing him.

“I’m sorry, baby. I couldn’t save you.” She apologised from her baby but only the god knew how much she had tried to save him. She was ready to die for her baby. She didn’t even for once thought about herself. Their baby was no more with them, but he left his footprints on their hearts.

“You remained in my womb for a few months, but you will remain in my heart forever. I miss you.” She cried in grief in his arms.

“What if we could never hold our baby in our arms, but he will always remain alive in our hearts.” He sobbed.

“Our baby sacrificed himself to protect his mother. He was a warrior, Angel. Our baby was a hero.” He rubbed her back to console her. He was completely shattered from inside but trying to be strong for his Angel.

They reached back home. Manik was sitting holding his Angel in his arms, she was staring straight blankly. She was devastated by the loss of her baby. She was missing him. She was lost in the memories when her baby was growing in her. She wanted to feel her baby again inside her. She was missing that feeling. Everyone was trying to talk to her, but she wasn’t responding. She didn’t utter a word after coming back home. She became silent. Her condition was killing him from inside.

“Nandini, it was God’s wish. God will bless you both with the baby soon. Everything will be fine. Be strong.” As Neyonika kissed her forehead, a lone tear trickled down her cheek.

Neyonika was shattered too because their kids were in pain. Her heart was breaking fom inside, seeing their condition. She couldn’t see them like this.

“Everything will be fine.” She said to Manik, placing her hand over his face. He was shedding silent tears, gazing at her.

“Take care of her and yourself.” She kissed his forehead, before standing up. She strolled out of the room after last time glancing at them.

After making Nandini sleep, Manik walked into his parents’ room. His eyes were brimmed with tears and guilt. As Neyonika looked at him, she stood up from the bed and sauntered towards him.

He slumped down on the floor before her, crying hysterically in agony and guilt. “Mom, I did wrong to abort our baby.” He cried, looking up at her mother. “I snatched a baby from her mother. I shouldn’t have given her abortion pills by listening to the doctor. Now she is in extreme pain because of me. It is killing me from inside. I killed my baby. God will never forgive me.” He howled after palming his face. Neyonika was also crying, staring down at him helplessly.

What do you think, he did right to abort the baby?

What do you think, What would be her reaction after knowing the truth?

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11 thoughts on “Manan Love Story (Part: 118 Shattered)

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Poor manan ketna pain mai hai no one can bear the thought of loosing there child…
    When they got the news abt nandu’s pregnancy they thought abt so many thing planed so many things bt god had different plans for them…
    Nandu ko depress hou gaye after the baby left her poor soul she was after all..
    Sometimes we have to think practically more than emotionally and manik did the same bt still his guilt and pain is eating him alive…
    Hope san jaldi thik hou jaye unke life mai…

  2. Why do I feel Nandini listened this conversation or she may come to know about what Manik did to save her😞

  3. Fuck…I seriously can’t imagine Nandini reaction if she comes to know the truth😫😫and manik condition just want to make me cry with him🥺💔

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