(Part: 22) Lost Love


Shehnaaz turned to leave but before she could, Sidharth stopped her by grasping her hand. Her heartbeat accelerated and her breath became heavy. Next moment, he pulled her toward himself holding her arms. Her back pressed against his front, making them crazier. She clutched the knot of the towel tightly, closing her eyes. He inhaled the fragrance of her wet hair, nuzzling her wet hair. He wrapped his one arm around her stomach and pulled her more closer to himself. From his other hand, he gently placed them over her one side of her shoulder. Her heart skipped beating for a moment when his lips brushed against her bareback. He was trailing kisses all over her back crazily and sucking all the water droplets from her back. They were lost in each other forgetting about everything. She forgot her promises and he forgot about Nandita. This is the power of love which makes you forget everything. Just you remember one thing which is love.

He moved his toward the knot of the towel, kissing her neck from behind. His other hand was still snaked around her stomach. She was enjoying his touch on her skin with her closed eyes, utterly enjoying his touch. His soft kisses were driving her crazy. When his hand was about to open the knot of her towel, she immediately opened her eyes, coming back to her senses. She stopped him from opening the knot of her towel by placing her hand over his before he could open it. She wanted him to love her, opening the knot but she was forced to stop him because she had promised him that she would not let him and herself to cross the limit of their friendship. It was very difficult for her to stop him but she did this for him.

But he didn’t stop, he was driving her crazier while kissing the side of her neck, sucking all the water droplets which was making him crazy. He was lost in her utterly, forgetting about everything. It was getting more and more difficult to control herself for her.

He was just about to bite her neck but stopped as he heard her words. “Sidharth, Nandita.” He instantly moved away from her, leaving her arms. He stared at Shehnaaz in shock who was standing, facing her back to him. He was not understanding what was the girl doing to him. Every time she made him forget everything through her inner beauty and through her outer beauty, both.

As Shehnaaz heard the sound of his footsteps going away, she understood that he walked out of room. A lone tear trickled down her cheek. She didn’t want him to stop, but she was forced because of the promise and for him.  She was waiting for the day when he would start loving her more than Nandita. Her name or nothing would force him to stop loving her. She decided, that day she would happily break her all promises and would give herself to him completely.

But deep inside she knew, that day was never going to come because his love for Nandita was something which was impossible to forget. He loved her from his birth and inside he knew that she was alive, therefore it was like impossible for him to accept Shehnaaz utterly after knowing that her first love was alive. Her love was making him crazy but then also he always stopped by listening to her name because he always felt like he was cheating Nandita.


Shehnaaz was taking out breakfast from the packet. “You go, I will do this.” Sidharth asked her to go, strolling into the kitchen.

“I am absolutely fine.” She answered him and smiled, seeing his care. She was falling in love with him more.

As he was about to take the packet from her hands, she strictly asked him to go, pointing at his burned hand. “Please go out, after this I won’t let you to even enter inside the kitchen.”

“You are still not well completely, you should take some rest.” He said concernedly, placing his hand on her face and then they gazed into each other deeply.

“Okay you take this, but I will keep my eyes on you so that this time you don’t burn your hand. I can’t take this risk of leaving you alone in the kitchen again.” She gave him the packet and he took it. Then he reheated the food and she gazed at him with so much love in her eyes for him.


“It is so shocking that yesterday I spent the whole day without drinking.” When they were having their breakfast. Sidharth uttered in disbelief because he had been living on the alcohol before meeting her. She smiled at him, she was happy to know this.

“Yesterday was the most beautiful day of my life because I was with you. For the first time, I slept peacefully at night. For the first time, I stepped inside the kitchen and burn my hand.” He chuckled, showing his hand while she was busy gazing at him. She was loving Sidharth more because he was perfect.

“Yesterday, I smiled wholeheartedly after so many years. It just because of you.” He clasped her hand, gazing at her fondly.

“Thank you for coming in my life.” He kissed her knuckles lovingly, closing his eyes and she was looking at him, having happy tears in her eyes.

“But I am sorry that I can’t,” He paused because he was not finding right words to explain to her that why he couldn’t accept her love in his life and why he couldn’t love her.

“I can understand, Sidharth. You don’t need to explain to me or feel sorry,” She placed her hand on his face and looked into his eyes. “I will be always there for you. I won’t let you feel lonely, never. Just don’t push me away. Can’t we live as a true friend?” She asked and smiled as he nodded his head positively.

“I really love you, Sidharth.” She whispered after hugging him tightly by wrapping her arms around his neck and in response, he hugged her back tighter. For a few minutes, they got lost in each other arms. Like always, they were getting immense peace in other arms.


After two hours of journey, Sidharth stopped the car in front of Shukla Mansion. The whole way, Shehnaaz was telling him about herself and her life. He was just listening to her and in between just giving her a small smile in response. She was happy because at least he was smiling and trying to live a normal life.

“Sidharth, keep these keys with you. Whenever you want to go there, you can go.” She gave the keys of her beach house when he was removing his seatbelt. Both smiled at each other.

She clasped his face and whispered. “You look great when you smile.”

“Always keep smiling like this.” She placed a soft kiss on his forehead. He smiled broadly at her in response.


He stepped into his house, having a smile on his face because he was thinking about Shehnaaz. His parents and Nandita’s parents, they all were taking their lunch in the dining room and they were surprised to see him smiling for the first time. After staring at him, they looked at each other in disbelief.

“Sidharth, come have lunch with us.” As Ishita called him, he nodded. He strolled toward them and they were smiling happily. He sat beside Neyonika and immediately she served him vegetables and roti in his plate.

“Thank you, maa.” He smiled at his mother. She kissed his forehead, having happy tears in her eyes. Then he started eating, passing smile to each other. They were happy seeing him behaving like a normal person. They were all thanking Shehnaaz in their mind for giving their son back to them. Neyonika caressed his hair, having a smile on her face and he gave her small smile.

“Mom will you make me eat ?” He asked, looking at her like a small baby.

“Why not?” saying this, she started feeding him, gazing at him having so much love in her eyes for his son. Again happy tears started falling down from her eyes. She was dying to give her love to his son and finally, she got the chance to show him how much his mother loved him. Sid wiped her tears, nodding his head and she smiled, putting her hand on his cheeks.

“I will also make my son eat.” Ishita said happily walking toward Sidharth.

“Why not, you both have equal right on your son.” He replied, smiling at them. Ishita just hugged him tightly hiding his face in her belly because she was standing and he was sitting. He hugged her back having a smile on his face.

In the evening, they both were wondering about each other, lying on the bed. The smile wasn’t going away from their face.

“If my life was not so complicated, I would have accepted Shehnaaz long back ago. It is not easy for me to accept her. I can’t accept her,  forgetting Nandita. I had promised her that I would always be her, and I would never give her right to anyone. It is not easy for me to break that promise.” He was lost in his thoughts. He wanted to accept Shehnaaz but his true love for Nandita was stopping him.

“I just hope, I give him all the happiness of his life which he deserves. I don’t care if he is not mine. I just only want to give him all the happiness of world.” She murmured, hugging the pillow tightly. She just wanted his happiness which showed how truly she loved him. 


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