(Part: 21A) {Manan& Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


Part: 21A The Dice Game

My Princess is now standing utterly naked before me in the playroom and I’m gazing at her heavenly beautiful body, arousing her with my intense gaze only. Her twins rising up and falling down as she is breathing heavily. I swept my eyes to her face and found her gazing at me in anticipation.

“You have a beautiful and sexy body, Princess.” I moved closer to her face and whispered, sending the chills down her spine.

“It is all yours, Master.” As she whispered, I grinned at her.

“Yes, you’re all mine, Princess.” I murmured huskily against her lips before kissing her passionately by grasping her waist.

I pulled away from her. “Now it’s time to play.”

“Play?” She narrowed her brows in confusion, having no clue what I’m going to play with her today.

“We’re going to play a game today,” I told her and she stared at me bemusedly. I’m grinning at her mischievously.

“Just a minute, let me show you.” I slid my hand into my pocket of jeans and took out a dice, my intense gaze is fixed at her.

“Dice game.” I gave the dice to her.

She widened her eyes in shock after seeing the pictures on the dice. On each side of the dice, there is a picture of different type of bondage sex position.

She swept her eyes from dice to me. “Are you going to tie me like this?”

“Yes, Princess. We gonna try three different positions tonight.” I pointed at dice and continued. “The positions which are drawn on this dice. We will roll the dice one by one.” I explained to her. Her eyes glowed with anticipation and I grinned widely.

“Do you want to play this game, Princess,” I asked.

“I’m excited, Master. These all positions are arousing me. Thank you for always bringing something new.” We grinned at each other.

“So first your turn, Princess. Throw the Dice.” I ordered, pointing at the table which is kept beside us.

As she bent down to toss the dice, I squeezed her butts, smirking. “Throw it, Princess, and don’t stand straight until I ask you,” I commanded, stroking them gently.

She tossed the dice and excitedly stared at the rolling dice on the table. I’m not looking at the dice because I have something else in my mind.

“Explain the position, Princess,” I smirked and asked. So this was going in my mind. I’m still caressing her round butts fondly.

“Do I have to explain it? Can’t you look yourself?”

Very bad Attitude, Princess. I didn’t like it.

“No.” As I lightly smacked her butts, she moaned, jumping up. “Do what I’m saying, Princess,” I said in my master tone.

“In this position,” she paused as I started massaging her inner thigh. I love to tease my Princess a lot.

“Continue, Princess.” Now I’m vigorously rubbing her and making the things more difficult for her. She placed her hands against the table to balance herself.

“A girl is bound to the stool in this.” She hurriedly completely the sentence.

Smart move, Princess. But your Master is smarter.

“Explain to me. Princess, how will I tie you up if I don’t understand the position?” I grinned evilly, my hands still rubbing her.

I’ve understood the position because there is only one stool position on the dice which I know. I just want her to explain me, and I can’t wait to see my Princess in that position. Just the thought of seeing her this erotic position is arousing me.

“Stand straight and explain to me,” I ordered after removing my hands from her.

She sighed and stood straight, facing me. “You’re evil, Master.”

“I’m taking it as a compliment.” I gave a mischief wink to her and she cutely averted her eyes.

“Now explain, you’re wasting our precious time.”

She sighed. “A girl is bent down on the stool and her wrist and legs are tied with the legs of the stool.” Now she explained to me nicely like a good girl.

“Do you want to try this position, Princess?” I asked because I really don’t want to do something which she doesn’t like it.

“I want to try all the sex position with you, Master.” We grinned at each other. She always surprised me with her answer.

“Then bend down over the stool and wait for me,” I ordered, pointing at the stool which is kept in the corner of the room.

She smiled at me. “Okay, Master.” She strolled to the stool and I strode to the cupboard for ropes and other things. I’m taking the things out slowly because I want to increase her excitement. As she said I’m her evil Master.

I strode towards her with the things, she’s gazing at me in anticipation, bent over the stool. She’s looking super sexy and erotic in this position. Her hips are raised up in this position, her twins are pressed against the stool, her face is in the air. I knelt down in front of her to tie her wrist with the legs of the stool. I stood up after tying her both the wrists and then ankles. Now she is bound to the stool, not in a position to move even a inch. She’s making me harder and harder.

“You’ve no idea, what you’re doing to me in this position, Princess.” I grasped her waist from behind and ground my crotch against her butts to show her my hardness, telling her that what she is doing to me.

“Are you comfortable, Princess?” I asked.

“I’m more than comfortable. You know I feel incredible when I arouse you, Master.” She answered, making me shocked.

“Your always make me speechless with your answer, Princess.” I uttered in disbelief.

“You always make me speechless with your action.” As she uttered, I chuckled.

After that, I pulled down my trousers and rolled up the condom. I’ll try something different in the next position because now I just can’t wait to claim her because I’m utterly aroused after seeing her in this position.

“Are you ready, Princess?” I grabbed her waist and positioned myself on her.

“Yes, Master.” As she answered, I pushed deep into her, filling her and stretching her. She’s so tight like always. I moved out and instantly thrust into her again. I accelerated the speed of my thrust after a minute. It feels so good to be deep inside her. We both are moaning in extreme pleasure. I’m spanking her slightly while thrusting her hard and fast. I exploded within a few minutes but moved out of her before she could climax. My plan is to let her cum in the third position. In the end, her orgasm will be so intense that later on, she will thank me. I slightly hit her throbbing inner thigh two, three times and she squeezed her butts in response on my each spank.

“Do you like it, Princess?” I asked after coming in front of her.

She moved her eyes up at me, panting. “I need it badly, Master.” She breathed, her eyes begging me to satisfy her.

“You will surely get what you need, Princess because the fun has just begun. Remember two more positions are left.” I told her, caressing her cheek.

“Don’t tell me, you will make me wait till the end?” She asked, freaking out.

“You assumed right.” I grinned at her devilishly and she frowned.

“This is not fair.” She complained like a baby, I chuckled.

I leaned down and held her jaw gently. We gazed into each other eyes deeply, our warm breaths mingling with each other. “Why do you always forget that the longer you wait, the more pleasurable it will be in the end,” I whispered before kissing her delicious lips intensely and hungrily.

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    Manik and his innovative’s idea to give nandu great satisfaction and to get great pleasure for himself is always sexy and overloaded with hotness…
    Poor nandu she always gets punished but this punishments are always very pleasure able for her and she enjoys it very much…
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