(Part: 58) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage


Part: 58 Good News Turned Into Bad News

Next day, Sidnaaz went to visit Doctor for a routine checkup. They were waiting for the doctor to come after seeing Sidnaaz report. The door pushed open and the doctor stepped into the room with a grim expression on her face which made them a bit worried. She marched towards her chair.

She settled down in front of them and gave them serious look. Their heartbeat was accelerating. They both understood by looking at her facial expression that there was something wrong. Their tension was increasing with each passing second. They glanced at each other cluelessly and then again looked back at her, having fear in their eyes. They understood that there was bad news.

They entwined their hands with each other firmly to give each other strength.

“What happened, Doctor?” He asked tensely.

She took a deep breath. “There is something serious.” As she uttered, Sidnaaz glanced at each other anxiously.

“What happened, Doctor? Is our, is our baby fine?” She asked, stammering with fright, placing her free hand over her belly. Her heart was thumping. She couldn’t lose her baby.

“There are some complications in your pregnancy, Mrs Shukla.” She paused before falling the bomb over the Sidnaaz. “You can’t carry this baby.” Tears rushed down Shehnaaz’s cheeks mechanically and she clutched the dress and he became utterly blank after knowing this. They both left each other hand in shock.

“Why? Everything was fine, suddenly what happened?” She freaked out, her lips were trembling.

“There is a life-threatening risk if you continue the pregnancy. I suggest you abort,”

She roared at the doctor in fury, cutting her words. “No, I will never kill my baby.” Few more tears trickled down her cheeks. “How can I kill my own baby?” She cried, squeezing her eyes.

“Mrs Shukla, I can completely understand your pain,”

She rebuked, again cutting her words. “No, you don’t.” She cried miserably, moving her head down.

“Mr Shukla, try to make your wife understand. She can conceive again in future after the abortion. This pregnancy is life-threatening for her.” Tears rolled down his cheeks too. He was feeling so helpless, for his wife, he had to kill her baby. He had never thought that the good news would turn into bad news like this. One side there was his Angel and on the other side, there was their baby who was growing inside her.

He turned his face towards her. She was crying badly, clutching her dress with her both hands. He too cried after seeing her crying like this. “No, Sidharth, I can’t kill our baby-our baby. I can’t become selfish.” Before he could say something, she said, crying.

“Doctor, don’t we have any other option?” She asked the doctor, having hope in her eyes.

“There is only a ten per cent chance that you can survive after this pregnancy. It is very risky.” She told her in a serious tone.

“I’m ready to take the risk for our baby.” She stated, wiping her tears, determined.

“No.” As suddenly Sidharth shouted, she moved her eyes to him.

He clasped her hands, gazing at her. “I can’t lose you, Angel. I don’t want to take any risk.”

“So, for me, you will kill our baby?” She asked, crying bitterly.

He closed his eyes to compose himself. “We can become parents again, but if I lose you, I will never get you back. We have to abort the baby.” He said these words by putting the stone over his heart. He also didn’t want to abort their baby, but for his Angel’s safety, he had to do this. He couldn’t lose her. He would die if something happens to her.

She took away her hands from him and shrieked in anger and pain. “No, I will never kill our baby. I can’t become selfish. I can’t kill our baby to protect myself. This is wrong.”

“No, I can’t.” She was constantly shaking her head.

He clasped her face and made her look into his eyes. “Angel, I know, it is difficult, but this is God’s wish. In future, our baby will come back. You have to understand that our baby can come back in future, but not you.” He paused and sobbed. “Please, don’t make it more difficult for us.” He tried to make her understand. He was equally in pain, but still, he was trying to become strong for his Angel. He was gazing at her pleadingly.

“No…” suddenly she screamed and removed his hands from her face. “I will not kill my baby at any cost.” She stood up and announced her decision to him. He closed his eyes dejectedly. She was making things more difficult for him. It was hurting him a lot.

She rushed out of the room, crying miserably and slumped down on the bench which was kept outside of the room. “I won’t let you go away from myself, baby. You, Mumma, will protect you. She is not selfish. She will bring you to this world at any cost. She will never let you go because your Mumma loves you a lot. I know, your daddy is doing wrong with you because he cares for your Mumma, he is also not wrong, but don’t worry, your Mumma will handle everything. I can’t let you go, baby.” She cried badly, hugging her belly.

He was also crying, standing on the door, seeing her condition and wondering. “Why God? Why are you doing this with us? Why are you forcing us to kill our baby? We were so happy and excited. Everyone was so happy. I don’t know how will I make her agree for the abortion?”

A mother can do anything for her baby’s safety, she can even die to protect her baby. Shehnaaz was one of the examples of this. She was not wrong, she was just thinking about her baby and she didn’t want to become selfish by killing her baby to protect herself. How can a mother kill her baby to protect herself? It seemed like she was never going to agree for the abortion.

On the other side, Sidharth was also not wrong. He loved his wife. He couldn’t even imagine his life without her. He was ready to kill his baby, the biggest happiness of his life for his angel. He loved her a lot and he would always choose her no matter what.

So what do you think, what is going to happen next?

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