(Part: 19 Changed Sidharth) Lost Love


Next day, I came to meet Sidharth. I wanted to take him with me to the place where I spent my time whenever I felt lonely. I stepped into his house.

“Hello, Aunty.” I greeted Ishita as I saw her coming out of heroom. Behind her, a middle aged man came out. He would be Aunty’s Husband, I assumed.

“Hello, Shehnaaz.” She greeted me back cheerfully, strolling towards me. I smiled in response.

“Hello Uncle.” I greeted the man who was standing beside Aunty.

“Raman, she is Shehnaaz.” She introduced me with him and we passed a small smile to each other. Uncle was about to speak something but he was interrupted by Neyonika Aunty. Like a small kid, Aunty hugged me merrily and tightly.

“Shehnaaz, thank you so much.” She thanked me after breaking the hug, her eyes were shining with the happiness. I was glad to see her happy, but I was confused too with her sudden happiness.

“I was also going to say thank you.” As Uncle said, I looked all of them. They all were looking super happy. I narrowed my brows in confusion.

“Actually, Shehnaaz, yesterday Sidharth was behaving differently. I mean, he talked to all of us. He had dinner with us. He was looking better. Then I talked to Cabir and he told me it was the effect of your magic.” Automatically a broad smile spread across my face. So this was the reason, they all were so happy. I’m really so happy to know this.

“It is the effect of all of your prayers, I did nothing.” I smiled at them.

“For us, you are our God, we lost our all hope of getting him back, but now I am sure, you will surely give our Sidharth back to us.” Ishita aunty placed her hand on my face.

“Now you both will let her meet to Sidharth or not ?” As Uncle spoke, I smiled, moving my eyes down.

“He is in his room.” Neyonika Aunty pointed upstairs. I glanced at them for the last time before climbing upstairs.

I pushed the door open and walked into his room. He was sitting on the floor, leaning against the bed, his eyes were close. I could admire him like this for many hours. I was so much in love with him. He opened his eyes and immediately got up as he looked at him.

“I hope, I didn’t disturb you?” I ambled toward him when he was silently staring at me. He shook his head immediately. I sighed with relief, like finally, he was not angry after seeing me in his room.

“Come sit.” He asked me to sit on Sofa which was kept in his room.

“I didn’t come here to sit, I want to take you somewhere.” As I told him, he narrowed his brows bemusedly.

“Will you come with me?” I asked and held out my hand in front of him. He looked at my hand first and then moved up his eyes to my face.

“I am ready to go with you anywhere. Wherever you want to take, you can take me.” He placed his hand over my hand. I was shocked listening to his words. I couldn’t believe that he was Sidharth who wasn’t leaving a single chance to insult me before.

“Really, is he the same person who had insulted me every time?” I wondered, gazing at him incredulously.


I was driving the car and he was sitting beside me. We were sitting silently from 1 hour. I was not understanding how to start the conversation with him. After every few minutes, I was glancing at him and every time I found him lost in his deep thoughts. I thought to ask about Nandita, but dropped this idea to ask about Nandita from him because this might made him sad and I couldn’t see him sad.

“Where we are going ?” As he asked, I immediately looked at him and found him looking at me.

“My favourite place, you will feel much better there.” I spoke and turned my face towards the road.

“I didn’t think so any place can make me feel better.” He was sounding so hopeless like always.

“It will, trust me.” I assured him, he just stared at me blankly.


I parked my car in my private beach house. Dad had purchased this house when I was fifteen. I never thought that this place would become my favourite place. I gave him small smile and like always he gave me blank look. I strolled toward the door and he followed me.

“Can I?” I heard his voice from behind when I was struggling to open the lock. I nodded my head at him and stood on the side after giving the keys to him

Within a second, he unlocked it and we walked inside. The house was not so dusty because it was cleaned twice a week. I stepped into my room and he was gazing at my room.

“Come with me.” As I held his hand, he moved his eyes to me immediately. I gave him small smile and then lead him outside of the room where was our private beach. As we stepped outside, cold breeze caressed our faces. The weather is cloudy. I smiled at him while he was musing at the flowing water peacefully. He left my hand and wandered towards the edge of beach. I followed him. He stood there silently, gazing at the water.

“You can remove your shoes.” As I suggested, first he looked at me blankly and then he bent down to remove his shoes and socks.

“Now close your eyes.” He immediately closed his eyes. I was also barefooted, the water was touching our feet. It always felt so good to be here. I was feeling more good to be here because I was with the love of my life. His presence always made me feel so good.

I could feel that he was also getting peace to stand there. I gazed at his peaceful face for a moment.

“The cold air which is touching you, feel Nandita in the air. Imagine like she is around you.” I told him and closed my eyes to feel my mother presence in the air. After a few minutes, as I opened my eyes to check him, I found him staring at me in shock.

“What happened?” I asked worriedly, placing my hand over his shoulder.

“I felt you in the air, I was just seeing your face when I closed my eyes.” he confessed, gazing at me in utter disbelief. I was also taken aback after knowing this.

“What you are doing to me, Shehnaaz? You don’t know, you are making me crazy.” His tone was serious, and I felt bad because I thought he would again become angry.

“I am sorry.” I apologised.

“Are you stupid?” As he shouted, I closed my eyes to make myself ready to bear his anger.

“Why are you saying sorry? Rather I should say sorry to you.” I instantly opened my eyes as I heard his words. He was looking at me incredulously and I found another kind of emotions in his eyes. He clasped my face and moved closer to me. My heartbeat quickened and a shiver rushed down my spine as his hand touched my face.

“I am sorry for hurting you always, it just that I was angry from myself for letting you enter into my heart. My feelings for you were growing more and more, and with this, my anger was growing and I was taking out my all anger on you. From day one, your presence has been giving me some kind of peace. Jab Bhi tum mere pass hoti ho, toh mujhe ek sukoon sa milta hai. Hajaro lago ki beedh mein bhi mein akele tha jab meine apni nandu ko kho diya tha par tumhre milte hi aisa laga, jese mein akle nhi hoon. From starting many people has remained around me, but I was lonely, Nandita memories were killing me. I used to hurt myself because I wanted to feel the pain, but I didn’t feel any pain. I was going crazy. My life was like a drowning boat and then you came and saved me before I could drown in water completely. You have saved me from drowning, Shehnaaz. Today I want to confess that you were never my mistake, in fact, you are the most beautiful thing ever happened to me.” He was pausing after every few words while sharing his feelings and he was caressing my face with his thumbs, gazing at me intensely.

He was finally sharing his feelings with me and I was the happiest soul after listening to his confession. His confession was pure bliss for me. I finally got to know that the unknown emotion in his eyes was love. He was looking into my eyes, having so much love in his eyes. I couldn’t express my happiness in words. He said I wasn’t his mistake, I had cried a lot when every time he had called me his mistake. He didn’t know how much happy he had made me with his words. I just wanted to hug him and tell him how much I love him but words were not coming out from my mouth. I was feeling like I was seeing a beautiful dream. It was really like a beautiful dream where everything was unbelievable. His behaviour, his confession, everything was unbelievable.

He moved closer to my lips. I closed my eyes, I was all ready for the kiss. Butterflies were flying in my stomach. I had no fear that this kiss would be a mistake for him. His warm breath was caressing my lips and making me crazy like always.

But suddenly a thought came into mind and I pushed him. He widened his eyes at me in utter shock.

“If one day, Nandita comes back then what will happen?” As I asked with gloomy expression, he moved his eyelashes down silently.

What do you think what will be Sidharth’s answer?

How do find the confession of the Confession?

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