(Part: 17) Lost Love


“You can never hate Shehnaaz, Sidharth because you have fallen in love with her.” Cabir’s words were echoing in his ear. He was standing in the balcony, staring straight.

“Have I really fallen in love with Shehnaaz?” He finally gathered courage and asked this question from himself.

“Of course, yes. Can’t you see, her presence always makes you forget your pain, Her arms give you peace. Did any other girl make you ever feel like this before ?” Now his heart was questioning him.

“No.” His mind immediately answered his heart.

“Then why she made you feel like this?” His heart asked another question from his mind. His mind had no answer to prove that he didn’t love her.

“Because you’ve fallen in love with her.” His heart gave the final answer to his mind.

“I love, Shehnaaz.” Sidharth murmured, finally accepting the truth and small smile flashed on his face automatically. The realisation made a bit happy after so many days.

“Sidharth…” Cabir rushed into the balcony, shouting anxiously. Sid turned toward him, he was catching his breath back.

“Sidharth, Shehnaaz has met with an accident.” Cabir took a deep breath before falling the bomb over him. He became utterly numb after listening to the news. His mind and heart, both stopped working for a moment. The moment, he realised that he loved her, he got this news.

“Cabir, please, take me to her, I want to meet her.” He shuttered, tears trickled down his cheeks mechanically. He was feeling like everything is going to end and he was also feeling like he got late. Fear of losing her started building in him.


“Shehnaaz also can’t go leaving me alone as Nandita had left me. After sixteen years, my heart has started liking someone. Yes, I know that I have been late in realising that I love her, but God has no right to again snatch my love from me. Why love is not in my life? God has to save Shehnaaz for me. He can’t give me more pain.” He was going to the hospital where Shehnaaz had been admitted. Cabir was driving the car and he was sitting beside him, just wondering about Shehnaaz. His fear of losing her was increasing with each passing second and with this, his heartbeat was accelerating.

As Cabir stopped the car in front of the hospital, he hastily opened the door, climbed out of the car and ran into the hospital. Cabir also went behind him. He asked from the receptionist about her Room number. He rushed toward the lift, in the lift that time one minute was also like one day for him. He dashed toward the room and saw a doctor was coming out from her room.

“So you are the person, to whom I have talked on the phone?” Doctor asked from Sidharth. 

“That was me, how is Shehnaaz?”Cabir asked about Shehnaaz. Sidharth was staring at the doctor anxiously, panting. His heartbeat was thumping with fright.

“You don’t need to be worried, it was a small accident. She has even regained her conscious back.” Sidharth felt like he got his life back after listening to the doctor’s words. He closed his eyes and sighed deeply with relief.

Without asking any further, he pushed the door open and dashed in. Shehnaaz was sitting with her eyes close. As Sidharth stepped in, she opened her eyes and widened her eyes shocked to find him. He immediately ran over her and just hugged her, wrapping his hands around her firmly like he wanted to save her in his arms forever. She was shocked by his sudden hug. He was getting relief in her arms, he was hugging her tighter and tighter, pulling her closer and closer. She was about to hug him back but took away her hand.

“Sidharth,” As she whispered, he came on the earth back. He broke the hug slowly and as he looked at her, she immediately turned her face to another side.

She moved her face towards him as he spoke. “Shehnaaz, I want to say something,” She placed her finger over his lips and shushed him.

“Could I say something first? Please.” She asked pleadingly, her eyes full of pain. He just nodded his head and she put down her finger from his lips.

“You know, today I felt like I would die. In the last moment before the accident, I was thinking only thinking about you. I can’t even die peacefully, not before seeing you happy because I love you.” She spoke about what was going her mind at that moment and waited for his reply.

“For me, living happily is not easy, even living life is not easy.” He uttered dejectedly and his eyes brimmed with tears. Seeing his pain, as always her was breaking down into millions of pieces. But his next words made Shehnaaz hell shocked.

“But I want you to teach me, how to live life.” Her ears had been craving to hear those words since so many days. Finally, he was ready to live life. She was gazing at him in utter disbelief and he was looking at her like a small baby who was craving for love.

“Really, do you-do you want to live life?” She stammered in disbelief.

“I really want to live and I know you can help me with this.” He stared at her with hope in his eyes. A few tears of happiness trickled down her cheeks. She smiled with contentment, having tears in her eyes, and he was just gazing at her, having hope in his eyes. This time, she hugged him tightly wrapping her hands around his neck.

“You don’t know, how much happy I am, Sidharth.” She hugged him tighter and he hugged her back firmly. Like always he got lost in his heaven, closing his eyes and she got lost in his protective arms.

“Sidharth, I know that you also love me.” She whispered after breaking the hug, he just stared at her silently. He was still not ready to confess his love because he still didn’t want to give place of Nandita to Shehnaaz. He didn’t even want to make her upset.

“But you don’t need to be worried, I can understand you completely. You don’t want to cheat Nandita by loving me because she is waiting for you. Don’t think that I am asking for love from you, mein mere pyaar ke badle tumhri Khushiya mangh rhi hoon bsh. (I’m asking for your happiness in return of my love.) At least we can become friends and I promise you I will never cross my limits of friendship and even I won’t let you cross your limit again.” She was completely understanding his state by putting herself in his shoes. Finally, he could see that the girl whom he was blaming and cursing, she loved him unconditionally. Finally, he could see her love but still couldn’t accept his love.

“How can you love the person like me?” he asked incredulously.

She gave him a small smile and answered. “I myself don’t know why I love you. Shyad sach hi kha hai kisine ki pyaar reasonable nhi, bsh bewajha hota hai.” She spoke, gazing at him with love and affection in her eyes for him and he got lost in her bewitching eyes.

“So will you be my friend, Sidharth?” She asked after breaking the silence and held out her hand before him. He stared at her hand first, then moved his eyes towards her face like something was going in his mind.

Her lips drew down in disappointment as he shook his head. “No.”

He added. “Because I want to become your best friend.” He held her hand and she smiled to fullest, shaking her hand with him. He was just gazing at her, having new hopes in his eyes. For the first, he was feeling so lucky that he got the person like Shehnaaz in his life who was ready to do anything for him, who understood his condition perfectly and who was supporting him every time. He was a bit relieved and happy after becoming a friend of Shehnaaz.

“Now we are friends, don’t you think I have the right to know about your life? I mean about Nandita then only I can able to help you.” She asked in a low voice.

There was a silence for a moment in the room then he spoke to change the topic. “I think, you should take rest. We will talk about this later.” She felt bad because he was still not ready to share about Nandita with her.

He started covering her with the comforter without looking at her while she was just gazing at him, disheartened.

“Sidharth.” As she held his hand and whispered, he looked at her.

“Dard ko jitna apne andar rakhoge voh utna aur badhega. Jab tak dard ko bhar nhi ane doge, toh ji nhi paoge. (The pain will increase more and you will never able to live if you keep it inside you and don’t take it out.)” She tried to make him understand. He was just looking at her silently. As he moved away from her, she closed her eyes dejectedly.

He stared straight, recalling about that worst day when he had lost Nandita. “I’m living in the guilt more than pain. I could have saved her, but I ran from there after leaving her alone in that hell.”

She instantly opened her eyes after listening to his words and asked. “Where is she?”

She widened her eyes in utter shock as he told her.

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Finally in the next part, Sidharth will reveal where is Nandita, excited?

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