(Part: 14) Lost Love


Sid was sitting at the bar counter, holding the glass of wine and like always he was lost in his deep thoughts. Then only his eyes fell over Shehnaaz and he raised his brows in shock to find her in the party. He saw her talking to Cabir and then she rushed from there. He didn’t know why he went behind her.

“Where did she go?” He was looking all around in confusion because suddenly she disappeared. He didn’t know why his heart was feeling like she was in some kind of danger.

On the other hand, inside the darkroom, a unknown man took her there forcefully by palming her mouth. “What do you want ?” She shouted in anger as he left her mouth and he smirked at her, ogling down at her body.

“Look, please corporate with me or else It will only hurt you.” He gave her Salacious smile, touching her face and she was looking at him disgustingly.

As she raised her hand to slap him, he seized her wrist. “No baby, you can’t slap me like this.” She gave him angry glares.

“Aaa…” She shouted when he pushed her on the floor and before she could do anything, he came above her and pinned her against the floor. Now she stared at him with fear in her eyes, scared to get raped.

“Leave me, you bastard.” She was shouting and constantly kicking her legs in the air, trying her best to come out of his tight grip. She was not showing her fear to him, but inside she was hell scared.

“Aahaa…” Her face fell on one side and she cried in pain as he gave her tight slap. Blood was oozing out from the corner of her lips because of that slap. She felt so weak in front of him. She wanted to kill that bastard but first, she just needed to save herself.

“It’s time to have some fun.” He laughed evilly and she looked at him, having tears in her eyes.

“Please God, save me or else I will die.” She was constantly praying to God.

“No…” She screamed loudly in pain and fear when that person tore one sleeve of her dress. The man attacked her neck while scratching her arms. She cried badly, squeezing her eyes and constantly moving her legs in the air. She was feeling so much pain in his heart and the fear of getting rape was making her crazy.

Next moment only, as she felt no weight on herself, she instantly opened her eyes and took a deep breath of relief when she found Sidharth, her saviour standing holding the collar of the bastard.

“How dare you do this ?” He roared with outrage and started punching his face constantly in fury. After pushing him on the floor, he started kicking him. He was all ready to kill him, he was taking out his anger on him. His eyes were spitting fire and killing him with his looks only. Shehnaaz was sitting in the corner, hugging her knees closer to her heart and she was crying in agony.

He looked at her sadly and his anger arose after seeing her condition. He picked up a wooden rod and started hitting him with that rod. The person was bleeding badly and lying unconscious on the floor, but he was still beating him angrily.

“Sidharth, stop please or else he will die.” As she shouted, he came back on the earth back and left the rod, looking at that person blankly who was lying unconscious in front of him.

He looked at Sana with sorrowful eyes while she was shedding tears, staring at him. He lumbered towards her, sadly looking at the scratches on her hands, her bleeding lips and her torn sleeve. It was clearly visible that he was feeling pain in his heart after seeing her condition.

He slowly sat in front of her and she was just crying silently looking at him. He gave her dejected look and lifted his hand up to touch her but took away his hands. He was not understanding what he should to do to console her.

After removing his jacket, he covered her with his jacket and she sobbed, closing her eyes because that incident was hurting her a lot. He felt aching in his heart after seeing her condition. He didn’t know why, but he could feel her pain.

And next moment, he just hid her in his protective arms. She started crying loudly in anguish, clenching his shirt because that incident was hurting her a lot. He was feeling like his heart was also crying.

“If you hadn’t come on time, he would have,” She cried more badly without completing her sentence, wondering what he would have done with her if Sidharth hadn’t come on right time. “I would have died.” She howled and tears started falling down from his eyes too after listening to her words which were filled with extreme pain. His one hand was constantly rubbing her back and other was caressing her hair to calm her down. Forgetting about his all pain, he got lost in her pain. For the first time, someone pain was affecting him.

They both got lost in each other arms for a few minutes, forgetting everything. She was getting immense peace and comfort in his arms. With a few minutes only like magic, Sidharth’s arms took away her all pain. She forgot her all pain in his arms. Same was happening with him, he also forgot all his pain. The pain which had been hurting him from sixteen, forgetting about that pain, he got lost in her arms. Both were feeling peace in each other arms. He was pulling her closer to himself like he wanted to bury her safe in his arms. They never wanted to break the hug and even they wanted to spend their rest of life in each other arms because they were feeling like they finally find their real home in each other arms.

But soon the reality hit to Sana that his arms were not her home, his arms were someone else’s home. She was just a guest in this home and his arms could never become her home. Thinking about this, she broke the hug slowly. As they gazed into each other eyes, they got lost in them.

“Could you please drop me home?” She asked after a few minutes of silence. Sidharth who was lost in looking into her eyes, he came back on the earth back after listening to her words. He just nodded his head.

He stood up and held out his hand for her. She stared at his hand first and then swept her eyes at his face. After that, she got up herself because she didn’t want to get habitual of holding his hand as she knew he could never be his. His heart ached and he took away his hand. He rubbed his forehead. He was seriously not understanding what had been happening to his heart since the day he met her.

He stepped out of the room, and she walked behind him. She asked him to drop her home because she was scared and she wanted to feel safe. She knew Sidharth was the safest person for her whom she could trust blindly.

Both settled down into the car. He looked at her and found her looking outside of the window blankly. He started the car, and now she looked at him sadly. In the whole way, they played the hide and seek game. As he looked at her, she instantly looked outside of the window, and as she looked at him, he moved his eyes on the road.

It started raining suddenly and he stopped the car in front of her house. She opened the door and glanced at him before stepping out of the car.

“Thank you for everything.” She thanked him, looking at him from the window. He was just gazing at her blankly.

She headed toward the door of her house, the rain was cascading down her body, drenching her. She opened her hands at door and moved her face up to sky after closing her eyes. She wanted the rain to take away her all pain and also the dirty touch of that bastard who had tried to rape her.

Sidharth was gazing at her, forgetting everything. He was liking the way the rain was making her wet. Automatically he stepped out of the car and walked toward her slowly and steadily. The rain was making him wet, but it didn’t matter to him because he was utterly lost in her. He gazed at her for a few seconds, standing behind her, and then his hands automatically grasped her waist from behind.

As his hands touched her waist, electricity rushed down her spine and her whole body shivered. Without even looking at him, she recognised his touch, and identified his fragrance also. She opened her eyes and put her hands down. He nuzzled her wet hair and inhaled the scent of her hair which was some kind of drug for him.

She turned toward him, and they both looked into each other eyes deeply and intensely. Suddenly he yanked her toward himself by holding her waist and both got lost looking into each other eyes. His hands travelled up her body and held her face. Her face got perfectly fitted in between his hands like god had made his hands for her especially.

He moved closer to her lips, and this time she didn’t stop him because she was so lost in him. He brushed her lips with his thumb, gazing at her passionately. Before kissing her lips, he sucked the dried blood from the corner of her lips. She closed her eyes in response and felt so good when his lips touched her skin. She felt like she found her heaven on the earth. His touch was making her crazy, she was feeling like if today he doesn’t kiss her, she will die without his kiss. Her lips were craving to feel his lips.

And today the almighty was also with Shehnaaz because finally, his lips met with her lips. As he sucked her upper lip softly and gently, she automatically sucked his lower lip in response. Their lips started moving in the perfect rhythm. He was kissing her lips softly and smoothly, and she was responding to him with equal flavour. The kiss was making her feel incredible, she had never felt so good before. She was kissing him back with all her love, she wanted to take away his all pain and sorrows with her kiss. He was feeling like her kiss was doing some kind of magic on him. Like Sana, he had also never felt so good before. The kiss was giving him some kind of peace and making his each and every cell of body alive. Even his dead soul was feeling alive today with the kiss. The kiss was not just the kiss, the kiss was the medicine of his all pain which was already healing him. For both of them, the kiss was the real heaven and he was feeling like this was the only peace which he had been craving from long sixteen years.

Both wanted to kiss each other till infinity and never wanted to leave each other lips, but after becoming breathless, they broke the kiss. Both were breathing heavily, looking into each other eyes. This was their first kiss and perfect kiss with the perfect person. The rain was still cascading down them. There was some kind of connection of rain with them. When they both had met, that night also it was raining heavily, and when today they kissed each other for the first time, that time also it was raining heavily.

They like always got lost in each other eyes, but next word of Sidharth broke her heart into pieces.

There was a thunderstorm which brought them back on the earth. He immediately left her face and took a few step backwards like he got a shock. “It was just a mistake, forget it.” He rushed to his car after saying this.

In front of her eyes, he sat inside the car and started leaving. She was blankly staring at the car which was going far away from her. Tears started trickling down her cheeks, getting mixed with the droplets of rain. The moment when he kissed her lips, it was the most beautiful moment of her life. It was hurting her a lot because the person whom she loved, for him their kiss was a mistake. His words for her were like someone has directly stabbed a knife into her heart.


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