Manan Love Story (Part: 114 A Surprise)


Manan reached back home from Mussoorie at night after spending a great time there. Manik was lying on the bed, waiting for Nandini when she was in the bathroom, changing her clothes.

She stepped out of the bathroom after a few minutes. She was wearing pink polka dot nightwear and her face was glowing. They passed a smile to each other, and she strolled towards him.

She lay down on her one side, facing him and placing her arm around him. He’s just gazing at her lovingly. Her lips were curved in a broad smile and her eyes were shimmering with happiness.

“Today, I’m seeing a different kind of happiness in your eyes and glow on your face.” He narrowed his brow suspiciously. “What’s the matter, Mrs Malhotra?” He asked, raising his brows.

“It just that I’m extremely happy after shooting the song with you. It was my dream and you fulfilled it. I love you so much, Mr Perfect.” She started kissing every inch of his face with so much love and happiness.

“I’m feeling like you’ll eat me today.” He chuckled.

She moved closer to him and pulled his cheeks. “Yes, I will eat you because you’re so sweet and tasty.” She sucked his lips lovingly, cupping his face.

As she moved away from his lips, he pulled her towards himself by grasping her hair and slammed her lips. He kissed her passionately and deeply, his hands moving all over her body, sending shivers down her spine.

“I love you a lot, Angel.” He whispered against her lips after the kiss. “Please, always stay happy like this.” He kissed her forehead.

She entwined her hand with him. “Until you’re with me, I’m happy.” She spoke, gazing in his eyes intensely and then placed a kiss on his hand.

After that she placed her head on his chest and fell asleep, listening to his soothing heartbeat, and he fell asleep peacefully, embracing his angel, his whole world in his arms.

Next morning

Nandini woke up early in the morning and got ready because she had to plan a surprise for her husband.

After a few hours, he also woke up. He opened his eyes, pouting sadly because his Angel wasn’t in his arms, but his lips drew up in a broad smile as his eyes fell over his Angel.

She was combing her hair, standing in front of the mirror. She was looking gorgeous like always in the blue casual gown. He raised his brows in surprise as he found her talking to herself for the first time. He climbed down from the bed and ambled towards her.

As she looked at him through the mirror, she smiled broadly. “Good morning.” She wished him cheerily.

He snaked his arms around her from behind and caressed his cheek against her. “Good Morning, Angel.” She chuckled as he nuzzled her neck and hair.

She turned towards him. “Now go take a bath fast, I have a surprise for you.” As she said, his eyes glinted with excitement.

“Wow, Surprise!” He whooped like a kid.

“Yes.” She nodded her head and chuckled softly.

“Then I’m coming within a few minutes after taking the bath.” He rushed to the washroom in excitement after placing a kiss on her cheek. She shook her head and laughed on his cuteness.

She came to meet Muskan because what she was planning for her husband, for that she needed the help of Muskan.

She knocked on the door and Zoya opened the door. They smiled and wished each other good morning.

“Chachi, aap aagye vapis, mein bsh abhi aahi rha tha aapse aur chachu milne. (Chachi, you’re back. I was just coming to meet you and chachu.)” Muskan squealed joyfully and ran towards her after jumping down from the bed.

She picked Muskan in her arms. “I missed you a lot.” Muskan placed a kiss on her cheek.

“Aww, Chachi missed you too.” She caressed her nose against her. Nandini was so happy to meet Muskan after so many days.

“Nandu, could you stay with her for a few minutes. I want to prepare breakfast for Adi.” Zoya asked politely.

“Yeh, sure, Zoya.” She smiled at her while Muskan was playing with her Nuptial chain.

As Zoya left, she asked from Muskan. “When did you come back from the granny house?”

“Tlee (three) days ago.” She told her adorably by showing her three tiny fingers to her.

Nandini smiled broadly and kissed her cheek. She was really a bundle of joy. “Muskan, will you show your toys to Chachi?” She asked suddenly.

“Yes, Musu likes a lot to show her toys to others. Take me to my playing-loom (playing-room).” She agreed immediately and Nandini took her to her playing-room.

But now the question is why Nandini wanted to see her toys?

When Muskan was showing her all the toys excitedly and joyfully, Nandini asked suddenly. “Could I take a few of them? I’ll return you back.”

“Vese musu apne toys kisi ke sath shale toh nhi karleti, but chachi aap le sakte ho, kyuki aap meli pyaali chachi ho. (By the way, Musu doesn’t share her toys with anybody, but you can take them because you’re my sweet Chachi.)” Musu said cutely and Nandini gazed at her lovingly, placing her hand on her face.

Nandini hugged her and kissed her hair. “You’re also so sweet, Musu.”

After a few minutes, Nandini came back to her room with the few toys which she had borrowed from Muskan. She arranged those toys on the bed before Manik came out of the bathroom.

As she heard the sound of the opening of the bathroom’s door, she rushed towards the bathroom.

He opened the door and raised his brows in surprise after finding her standing in front of him.

She was grinning at him cheerfully. “Close your eyes, the surprise is ready.” She asked him to close his eyes excitedly.

“Okay,” he closed his eyes instantly.

“Don’t cheat.” She warned him.

He smiled. “I won’t, don’t worry.” He shook his head.

She clasped his hand and led her in front of the bed. “Now you can open your eyes.” As she said, he immediately opened his eyes.

First, he narrowed his brows in confusion after seeing three teddy bears kept on the bed. Two teddies were big and a tiny teddy was kept in the middle of big teddies. A huge smile spread across his face and his eyes glinted with happiness after understanding what she wanted to tell him through these teddies. He understood that she wanted to tell him that she was pregnant. The two big teddies were them and the tiny teddy was their baby which was growing inside her womb.

He turned his face toward her. “Really?” He asked in disbelief, his eyes shining with the happiness. He couldn’t believe that he was going to become a father.

She clasped and placed his hand over her belly, beaming at him merrily. She nodded her head. “Yes, we’re going to become parents.” She told him and smiled contentedly. The happiness of becoming a mother was clearly visible in her eyes.

“I-I just,” he was not finding the right words to express his happiness. His heart was jumping inside him with joy after listening to this good news.

“You’re going to become Papa soon, Mr Perfect.” She clasped his face and whooped gleefully.

Next moment, he lifted her up from the floor by grasping her waist and twirled her delightedly. “I’m so happy, Angel. I’m really so happy.” He was screaming crazily with the happiness and excitement of becoming a father very soon. She was just laughing wholeheartedly, placing her hands over his shoulder. They both were extremely happy with this news. Now he understood that why she was so happy last night, he also understood that when he had waked up in the morning she wasn’t talking to herself, she was talking to their baby. He was so overwhelmed with contentment.

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  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
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