(Part: 19B) {Manan& Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


Part: 19B The Sweet Revenge

After talking to him, I turned towards Princess, grim-faced. “Cabir has come to know about the person who is behind you.” As I told her with gloomy expressions, she instantly stood up in shock.

“She is my last submissive, Jiya Gupta, but the bitch ran away. In her room, Cabir found your photo with a cross sign.” My blood boiled in anger as I told her. She wants to harm my Princess. Once I find her, I will make her life living hell. She will beg me to kill her, but I won’t kill her. I will show her what happens when someone tries to hurt my princess.

“Relax, he’ll find her soon.” She placed her hands over my shoulders and pressed them gently. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to relax my mind. She is massaging my shoulders to release my stress.

“You get ready for lunch,” I said after opening my eyes. I’m feeling a bit better now.

“What about these balls?” She asked, pointing at the balls which I’m holding in my hand.

“Now I’m not in a mood to use this.” I looked at her with a gloomy expression.

She clasped my face and gently caressed my stubble with her long fingers, gazing at me intensely. “Don’t spoil your mood, look now even I’m ready to use them.”

A smile flashed on my face automatically. I know now she just wants to change my mood, therefore, she got ready for this. I just love her a lot. She’s doing this for me. Now I’ve to change my mood for her.

I snaked my arm around her waist and yanked her towards myself. “Are you really ready for this, Princess?” I asked, raising brows.

“Anything for you, Master.” I smiled broadly and kissed her lips softly.

Then I opened the buttons of her shirt myself. “Now sit down, widening your legs,” I ordered and she complied.

I knelt down in between her legs, holding the ball, grinning at her mischievously. For now, I’m using two balls because it is her first time. The balls are attached with each other through a string and at the end of the ball, there is removal string which will remain outside.

I fondled the balls against her inner thigh, gazing up at her. “Princess, you’ll enjoy it.” As I told her, she looked down at me in anticipation. I just smile widely.

“Princess, are you ready,” I asked, still caressing the balls gently against her middle thigh, by holding the string.

“Yes.” Her lips parted as she whispered. I slowly and steadily slid the first ball into her, she squeezed her eyes close and moaned softly. They are already lubed. I inserted the string and then the next ball. I pushed them deeper into her with my two fingers, leaving the small removal string outside. She just moaned softly, clutching her hands.

“Are you comfortable, Princess?” I asked after completing the task.

“I’m feeling tingly sensation.” She answered after opening her eyes.

“When you walk, move or bend down, the feeling will become intense.” Her eyes glinted with excitement as I told her. I smiled broadly.

“I think, you’re liking it?” I assumed and stood up.

“It feels good and different. New things make me excited, you know.” We passed a smile to each. Then I strolled towards her cupboard to bring undies for her.

I gave her undies and asserted. “You have to hold them inside you until we come back home. They shouldn’t come out.”

“If they come out?” She asked, and as she bent down to wear the undies, she moaned softly because the balls moved inside her. I grinned because the fun has just begun, and I’m already enjoying it a lot.

“They won’t if you hold them tightly and if they come out, pushed them inside again,” I instructed her and she just nodded her head before standing up. She again moaned softly as the ball moved again. I just grinned again.

“You know the longer the balls are in, the more aroused you’ll be when it’s time for our lovemaking.” Now she blushed hard.

“I just can’t wait for that.” We beamed at each other merrily.

After that, we got ready for lunch. She wore a pretty white full-length dress, and I wore a black blazer, black trousers and white shirt.

She is strolling toward me smilingly, but suddenly she stopped and closed her eyes as I turned on the vibrator through my phone on the lowest speed and the balls started vibrating in her. She is biting her lower lip constantly and enjoying the sensation of vibrating balls which her inside her with her closed eyes. As I turned off, she slowly opened her eyes and gazed at me, breathing heavily.

She strolled towards me, smiling. “Oh God, this is so intense.”

I moved closer to her and whispered in her ear huskily. “It is just the beginning, Princess.” I arose the goosebumps all over her body.

I looked at her and added. “Remember that you’ve to control yourself in front of Cabir and Anu. They shouldn’t come to know.” Her eyes glinted with fright.

“I can’t, please, don’t switch it on in front of them.” She requested, I grinned.

“I can do anything, you just have to control yourself.” I smiled devilishly.

“You’re evil.” She lifted her hand to hit my chest, but she stopped abruptly because I turned on the vibrator.

“Today, you’re utterly in my control, Princess.” I placed a kiss on her cheek after turning it off.

“Now I don’t want to go for lunch. I’m already aroused.” She cried out in irritation, I just smirked. I enjoy a lot by teasing my Princess before giving her immense pleasure.

“The more you wait, the orgasm will be more intense in the end,” I whispered after coming closing her lips before kissing them passionately by grasping her hair and pulling her head back.

In the car, I suddenly switched on the vibrator. “Control your moan, Princess, the driver is also here.” I murmured in her ear. She bit her lower lip to control her moan. I enjoy her expressions, and after a few seconds I turned it off.

“This is so difficult.” She complained to me.

“Because it is sweet revenge.” I grinned at her, tucking a loose hair strand behind her ear.

“But believe me, you gonna love it in the end and say thank you to me. Just have some control over yourself.” She is just staring at me silently, worried.

“I don’t know, how will I control myself.” She shook her head. I’m just smiling at her and wondering about the lunch.

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  3. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Finally woh ladki mil tou gaya who wants to harm nandu hope manik usko achese punish kare huh…
    Nandu can do anything for manik to change his mood thats why she agreed for the balls things when she knew it will be big trouble for her…
    Manik fill use kar raha hai yeh leverage which he has now he will get his sweet revenge on nandu…
    Hope nandu can control he moans nahi tou she will be damn embarrassed infront of anu and cabir…

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