(Part: 16) {Manan& Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


Part: 16 My Angry Princess

I hastily pulled the trouser up my legs and dashed out of the playroom.

I banged the door, standing outside of the room and requested. “Princess, I’m sorry. Please, open the door.”

“Princess,” I knocked the door again after not getting any response from inside.

“I don’t want to talk to you. Leave me alone for some time, please.” She shrieked from inside the room and my lips drew down in sadness.

“If you’re angry, take out your anger on me, but don’t, don’t push me away from you like this, please.” I implored and placed my hand over the door. Now I’m really guilty for punishing her before knowing the reason.

“Why I never listen to her?” I muttered to myself in fury.

“I’m not pushing you away. I just need some alone time. Aren’t you understanding?” She yelled again. I’m seeing her so angry for the first time. She is so furious that she doesn’t even want to see my face and it hurts. I really gave her so hard punishment. I hope she forgives me soon.

“Okay, fine. I’m going and I’m sorry.” I dejectedly left from there.

I came to the other room and sat down on the sofa, distressed. I called mom and placed the phone over my ear.

“Hello,” she answered my call.

“How are you mom? Princess told me that you fall ill.” I asked concernedly.

“I was just feeling dizzy because of low BP. Now I’m fine, don’t worry.” I sighed with relief after knowing this.

“Thank God, you’re fine. I’ll come to meet you in the evening.”

“Are you fine? You’re sounding so low.” As she asked, I raised my brows in surprise.

How? How did she come to know that I’m not fine? I’m shocked.

“Actually, Mom, when I came back home and didn’t find Princess, I became anxious. I scolded her a lot for leaving the house before knowing the reason because I was just only thinking that she went out of the house and put her life at risk. But after knowing the reason, I’m guilty of freaking out. She’s also angry from me for not listening to her. She doesn’t want to see my face now.” I shared everything with her because the guilt is killing me.

“Relax, you’re not at fault. You know, even I scolded her for coming to meet me by putting her life at risk. Samarth is like you. He became anxious after seeing me unwell and immediately called her to come. Don’t worry, give her some time, she will talk to you.” Mom assured me and I’m feeling a bit better after talking to her. I feel so connected to her.

“I love you, Mom.” I just genuinely confessed my love. I really feel blessed to have a mother like her in my life.

“I love you more, Bacha.” I smiled.

“Bye, take care.” I disconnected the call after talking to her for a few minutes.

After an hour, I again went to see if she has opened the door or not. I pouted and became disappointed because the door is still closed. I’m not understanding how to pacify her because she has never become angry like this before.

A small smile spread across my face and my eyes shimmered as I got an idea.

“I should prepare her favourite food.” I murmured to myself and went to the kitchen.

I’m making her favourite garlic bread and mixed sauce pasta. I’m chopping the vegetables for the pasta, I stopped as I felt my Princess’s warm arms around me.

Am I dreaming? Is she in real in the kitchen and hugging me?

I turned around after removing her hands. I’m looking at her in utter shock. She is smiling at me like she isn’t angry with me anymore. She’s in my black half sleeves teeshirt which is slipping down from one side of her shoulder because it is loose to her. I must say she is looking so sexy and irresistible like always.

“Aren’t you angry?” I asked after a few minutes of silence.

“I wasn’t angry, I was sexually irritated at that time and became angry because of that. You’ve really given me so hard punishment this time.” She pouted angrily, looking so adorable. A smile flashed on my face.

I clasped her face. “I’m sorry, Princess that I didn’t give you chance to speak. I just lost temper because you put your life in danger and you know how important you are to me.” We’re now gazing deeply in each other.

“I know. It is my fault too. I should have texted you or I should have called you before leaving, but I just became extremely worried for mom when dad called me. I just changed my clothes and rushed to see her. I even forgot to take my phone in a hurry,”

I cut her words and uttered, caressing her soft cheeks with my thumbs gently. “It’s okay, you don’t have to explain anything to me. I’m already feeling so guilty for punishing you and not giving you the chance to speak.” I’m gazing at her in guiltily.

“Don’t feel guilty, please.” She implored after placing her hand on my cheek and gently stroke my dark stubble with her fingers.

“You know after seeing you so furious, I was wondering that you would take time to forgive me,” I paused suddenly and narrowed my brows in confusion as I noticed a mischievous smile on her face

“My hottie Master, I didn’t forgive you yet for making me sexually frustrated. Now I’ll punish you.” She said, trailing tip of her finger down my cheek sexily. I widened my eyes in surprise after listening to her words.

“Are you afraid?” As she asked, I shook my head.

“No, I’m not. I’m ready to take any punishment from my Princess.” She smiled broadly and encircled her arms around me.

“Your punishment is,” she is coming closer to my lips. “For one day, you have to follow my all orders.” She whispered and as her warm breath caressed my lips, a shiver rushed down my spine.

“You mean, you will be my mistress,” I asked, raising my brows.

“Yes,” she whispered huskily before capturing my lips. She sucked my lips passionately and clenched my hair. I kissed her back intensely, placing my hands around her neck. Our tongues are dancing with each other and we’re exploring every corner of each other mouth. I just love her delicious lips.

We’re panting, gazing in each other eyes each other fondly after the kiss. “So are you ready to become my submissive?” She asked and smiled mischievously.

“Yes, Mistress.” I pecked her lips and we both smiled at each other merrily.

His Princess is going to become his mistress and command him. So, are you excited for the next part?

Love Mehak

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  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Poor manik aab nandu ka gussa jhel raha hai bcoz he doesnt know how to manage his anger hehe and nandu she is no less she is showing all her anger to him…
    Aww manik and mom moment was so sweet she understood him without him saying anything and manik also told her everything without doubt there bond is so beautiful…
    Aww cutie manik is trying to manofy his princess through food but usne khud aakar manik ko surprise kar deya…
    Aab maza ayega jab manik nandu ka submissive banega hehe…

  2. Itni easily kyu maan gyi😕😕thodi si mehnat krwati manik se…ek dinn SidNaaz ki Tarah bed shift krleti🤣🤣but still it is a lovely update ❤️…will be waiting for the next one 🤗🙈

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