(Part: 7A) Lost Love


Shehnaaz P.O.V.

My life was beautiful before meeting my dream man. Now I understood that seeing him in my dreams was beautiful than seeing him in reality. I never thought that in reality, he would be something else. My heart has been aching since the day I have met him, not because he is treating me like a piece of trash. My heart is aching because he is living in pain. In fact, I would rather say he is not living, he is spending his life like a dead soul. My heart breaks more and more, every time when I see extreme pain in his eyes. 

Seeing his condition, I always think that about the girl. The girl whom Sidharth Shukla loves and became crazy after losing her. After meeting him, I also came to know the real feeling behind his songs and why he always sings sad songs.

I wondered. “What must have happened to Nandita that she got separated from him and he is still finding her?” This question have been eating my mind since I came to know about Nandita.

But now I am sure about one thing that I will only get relief after seeing Sidharth happy because somewhere I started loving him, I feel like my heart is connected to his heart, that’s why I can feel his pain. I just want to see him happy. I will lie, if I say that I don’t want his love in return, I badly want his love in return but now the more important thing is his happiness. First, his happiness matters a lot, maybe I can live without him but I can’t live after leaving him in pain, the pain which is killing him.

I was lost in thinking about Sidharth when I was coming back home after meeting him in his house. For the first, he behaved nicely with me and it was my happiest moment. Everything about him was amazing except his pain. His looks can make anyone crazy like he made me crazy with his looks. His tall height, his jet black hair, his perfect lips, his handsome face, his perfect body, everything was perfect like God has made him in leisure.

After parking my car, I stepped into my house. I found dad sitting in the hall with some office people. Without disturbing him, I directly marched to my room. I took a long shower to refresh my mind but nothing was helping me out, he wasn’t going out of my mind. His sorrowful eyes which were saying to me that he badly needs someone who can take him out of his pain, those tearful eyes were again and again, coming in front of my eyes and wasn’t letting me sleep. My heart was crying and breaking into millions of pieces when I was remembering about his condition.

As my phone beeped, I picked it up from the side table to check the message. I found a WhatsApp message from Neyonika Aunty’s number.

Neyonika Aunty: Hi Shehnaaz, I am really thankful to you that you got ready to help us in bringing my son’s happiness back. Could we meet at Sidna Studio tomorrow ?

I read her message and the studio name, Sidna caught my attention and I instantly understood the meaning of, it means Sidharth plus Nandita equals to Sidna.

“Sid plus Sana will also become Sidna, what a coincidence.” A smile flashed on my face as I joined my nick name with my dream man, but within a few seconds reality hit my mind and I realised that my this dream will always remain a dream as Sidharth can never love me because he loves Nandita unconditionally. Since sixteen years he have been loving Nandita and I am not any magician who will make him fall in love with me and will make him forget about the person whom he have been loving from 16 years. I wondered sadly because I was having no chance of getting Sidharth.

Me: Okay, Aunty.

After replying Neyonika Aunty, I again tried to sleep keeping my phone on the side table but the sleep was far away from my eyes. I was changing my position and rolling on the bed like a small baby, I was going crazy.

“Why I met him? ” I cried like a small baby after sitting on the bed and hugged the teddy tightly which was kept beside me on the bed. No one can say after seeing me that I am a 25-year-old because, in the age of 25, I love soft toys a lot, they give me comfort and make me feel happy.

“Why god, you are doing this to me, why are you making the poor soul like Sidharth suffer. I know he is not bad, the pain is making him crazy. He deserves happiness, not pain. I really can’t see him in pain. I don’t know how his family and his friends, they have been living after seeing him in that condition from sixteen years. I feel sad for them too. I just hope to make everything fine, please god give me the strength to fight back with all the problems.” I just prayed from god joining my hand.

Next Morning

After spending a long sleepless night, I went to meet Neyonika Aunty at Sidna Studio. Sidna Studio is not small like other studios, it is huge like a big company. I was waiting for Aunty sitting in my car, outside of Studio.

After a few minutes, she called me up and asked me to come inside.

I climbed out of my car and strolled toward the main entrance, my eyes fell over the board, on which Sidna Studio was engraved beautifully. I stepped inside and found Ishita Aunty and Neyonika Aunty, they both were waiting for me inside.

“Hi,” I greeted them with a smile and they both hugged me one by one. They are the sweetest ladies on this earth. I feel mother warmth in their arms, they both always make me remind of my mother.

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