(Part: 13A) {Manan& Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


Part: 13 The Dinner

We headed towards the main door of the house. As she opened the door, I raised my brows in surprise after seeing the person who is standing in front of my eyes. So Anu’s boyfriend is this Cabir. He’s also looking at me surprisingly.

“I’m so happy to see you guys.” She hugged him and Anu joyfully.

“He’s Cabir,”

I cut her words. “We know each other.” As I looked at her and said, now she widened her eyes in surprise.

“Really? Do you guys know each other?” She swept her eyes from me to Cabir.

“Yeh, we met each other in New York,” Cabir answered her.

“Wow, that’s amazing.” Anu squealed joyfully.

“We both want to know how did you both meet each other,” Princess’s eyes glinted with excitement.

“After dinner because I’m starving.” As Cabir uttered, we all chuckled and headed inside.

Cabir and I settled down at the dining table while Princess and Anu went to bring dinner.

“Long time? I wasn’t expecting you here.” He said to me.

“Yeh, even I wasn’t expecting you, but I’m glad to see you again after a long time.” We both smiled at each other broadly.

“So how are you now?” He asked, raising his brows.

“I’ve been living a beautiful life filled with happiness since I met Princess, I call her Princess. She changed my life utterly by showing me the reality of life. I’m blessed to have her. She’s something else. I love her a lot and don’t want to lose her ever.” I told him what I feel for her.

“She’s a beautiful soul and I’m glad that she got you because I can clearly see in your eyes that you really love her a lot.” I smiled at him.

“But things are not going fine lately. Somebody is behind her, she wants to separate her from me.” My lips drew down in sadness when I told him about the attack.

“Don’t worry, I can help you with this because I’m a detective.” I raised brows in surprise after knowing this.

“Thanks, Cabir.” I smiled at him. I can see that he genuinely wants to help me with this.

“Do have any doubt on someone?” He asked suspiciously.

I nodded my head. “Yes, on my ex-girlfriends.” I hated to refer them as my girlfriends, but I can’t tell him that they were my submissive.

“You sent me their names and photos. I’ll try my best to help you and don’t worry, the culprit would be behind the bars very soon.” He reassured me and placed his hand over my bicep.

I gave him a small smile. “It really means a lot to me, thank you.”

Then we heard Princess’s voice. “Dinner is here.” I smiled broadly after listening to her cheerful voice. They both are strolling towards us with the trolley. They settled down beside us after placing the things on the table.

“Wow, Rajma Chawal.” Cabir opened the lid of the bowl and squealed excitedly after inhaling the scent of Rajma. We all smiled at him.

“I know that you love Indian food, that’s we cooked it. He has prepared Sahi Paneer, your favourite.” She told him.

“You cook?” He asked me incredulously.

“Yeh. He loves cooking, Cabir.” She answered him on the behalf of me after putting the rice in our plate.

“Cabir hates cooking. Jiju, please teach him.” Anu said to me. She calls me Jiju because she said I’m her professor and she doesn’t like to call me with my name.

“Yeh, sure,” I replied her smilingly.

“No,” Cabir mouthed me. I chuckled.

Then we started eating our dinner while sharing lots of laughter and joke. I’m enjoying dinner.

“Really, the food is delicious.” Cabir is praising the food after every bite. He’s a complete foodie, but hates cooking. He’s a nice and carefree person. I get good vibes from him.

“Now tell us, how you both met?” Anu asked excitedly as we settled down in the hall with the Ice cream bowl after the dinner.

Princess looked at us in eagerness. “We’re dying to know how our boyfriends know each other.” She said, swaying her eyes from me to Cabir, then back at me.

“Three years ago, we met each other at the club in New York. We together saved a girl from goons,” Princess cut my words.

She squealed in glee and her eyes shimmered with the excitement. “Wow, like a hero.”

I smiled at her broadly and placed a kiss on her cheek because she’s looking so adorable at this moment.

“Princess, your Master is a hero too,” I whispered in her ear when Cabir and Anu got busy talking to each other. She smiled brightly at me.

Then I continued “After that, we remained in touch with each other for a few months and then we both got busy in our life. But I’m so glad to meet him again. He’s my first and only friend.”

“Now we’ll remain in touch.” As Cabir spoke, we passed a smile to each other.

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  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Soo manik and cabir knows each others that very cool…
    Manik really loves nandu very much the way he was speaking about her to cabir was so sweet and his words where so filled with love…
    Cabir is detective tou usne manik ke tension bhi kaam kar de by telling him he will help him…
    And master manik hero bhi hai good to know abt it…

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