Manan Love Story (Part: 112A Relaxing each other)


The shoot was going smoothly the next day also. Manan were enjoying the time to the fullest at the shoot with each other.

When they were heading towards their Vanity Van. They heard two girls gossiping about Nandini on the set. “The new girl Nandini, she is very clever. She lured Manik for his money and now she got the work also so easily after marrying him. The girls like her only grow in their life by playing clever games and innocent girls like us, nobody sees.”

“I completely agreeing to you, she is really a gold digger.” Manik gritted his teeth and clenched his fist, glaring at them in fury. His vein popped out and blood boiled. How could anybody say such things about his Angel? He couldn’t hear a single word against her.

Nandini became numb for a few seconds after listening to such bad comments about her character. She came on the earth back when she saw her husband marching towards the girls, fuming. She rushed behind him to stop him because she didn’t want him to create the scene in front of everyone.

She held his hand from behind and he stopped instantly. He turned his face towards her, his eyes had become red. “Don’t stop me, Angel.” He spoke, gritting his teeth.

“Mr Perfect, please calm down.” She placed her hand on his face and gently caressed his stubble with her thumb to relax him, gazing at him lovingly.

Her touch relaxed her soul a bit, but her face was still distorted with rage. “I can’t leave them like this, they should know that you’re not that type of girl. How could they say such cheap things like this about you? I can’t hear a single word against you, Angel. Let me go.” He requested, trying to make her leave his hand.

“It doesn’t matter to me what people think about me. The thing which matters to me is that what you think about me. I don’t care what the whole world thinks about me, because you’re my whole world. And this shouldn’t matter to you too.” She tried to explain to him in best way after clasping his face.

“But it matters to me that what people think about my Angel. I want to shut their mouths.” His voice trembled with the outrage and she could understand his anger because if she was at his place, she would have also reacted like this.

“Please, leave them and come with me.” She clasped her hand and requested him because she really didn’t want to create any scene. She was gazing at him with pleading eyes.

He glanced at those girls in fury who were still busy gossiping. “Please,” As she requested again, he closed his eyes and composed himself.

“Okay, but only for you I’m leaving them.” He uttered after opening his eyes, but he was still angry.

She led him to the Vanity Van. He sat on the chair, resting his head against the chair after closing his eyes while she locked the door. She turned around and strolled towards him. As she sat on his lap, he instantly opened his eyes. Both gazed into each other eyes deeply and she slowly encircled her arms around his neck.

“I’m not getting relief. How could they say such cheap things about you, Angel? Why did you stop me from showing them the reality?” He asked while she was gently running her fingers through his hair, gazing at him, her eyes were full of love.

She pressed her forehead against him and both closed their eyes, getting lost in each other.

“Because there are so many people around us who will judge us. We can shut their mouths, but we can never change their thinking. Really it shouldn’t matter to us what others think about us. I don’t want to prove my love in front of the world. You know how much I love you, it is more than enough for me. Don’t think about anybody else.” Now his anger was vanishing away after listening to her words and he was understanding her.

“Please, stop spoiling your mood because of them, Mr Perfect.” She implored. “I love you.” She placed a soft kiss on his forehead.

“I love you more, Angel. It just that I lost control over myself when I hear something wrong about you. You matter a lot to me.” He cupped her face.

“I know.” She whispered against his lips and he kissed her lips softly and gently, pouring his all love. She opened all the buttons of his shirt while kissing him with an equal flavour.

After the intense kiss, she moved down to his bare chest. The electricity of love rushed down his spine as she trailed kisses down his chest. After kissing all over his chest, she buried her face in his bare chest. He embraced her into his warm arms, pulling her closer to his heart and kissed her hair. She smiled contentedly after listening to his soothing heartbeat. He was sitting cuddling her like she was his small baby. They found immense peace in each other arms.

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4 thoughts on “Manan Love Story (Part: 112A Relaxing each other)

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Kese kese log hote hai duniya mai who cant see others happy how can they speak such things about nandu…
    Manik was right abt showing them there place but nandu bhi sahi hai there are thousands of people who will talk shit about you how many people’s mouth you can shut it better to leave them…
    Sirf nandu he manik ko shant kar sakte hai her closeness is enough to calm him down…

  2. Amazing and so cute nandini is right we can change mindset of others so its better to do your own work

    Congratulations again

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