(Part: 6A) Lost Love


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Next day early in the morning, Shehnaaz got ready for office. Whole night she couldn’t able to sleep because of his pain. Now she wanted to keep herself busy at work. She was thinking that maybe the work would make her forget him and his pain, but she was thinking wrong because it is not so easy to ignore the feeling of love.

She reached office and started working on the presentation for the meeting, but again she got lost in thinking about his pain. His pain was not leaving her mind. She was going crazy, her head was spinning, her heart was aching painfully. She closed the laptop and sat resting her head against the chair. As she heard the knock on the door, she opened her eyes instantly.

“Come in.” She spoke after taking a deep breath to compose herself.

“Aunty, aap yha, please come inside,” she politely spoke and smiled broadly after standing up from the chair as she saw Neyonika on the door.

Neyonika stepped into the cabin and she led her toward the Sofa. They both settled down there.

Neyonika held her hand and spoke. “Shehnaaz beta, mujhe tumhse kuch magna hai, today I came here because I really need a favour from you.” She looked at her confusingly.

“Aunty, batayie na, what do you want, I will be glad to help you.” she gave her small smile while Neyonika was looking at her with grim expression. “Aunty kya hua? You are not looking fine, please, you can share with me, maybe I could really help you.” She asked worriedly when Neyonika didn’t reply.

“Shehnaaz, tumhne toh kal Sid ki condition dekhi hi hogi, he is my son,” Her face also fell down in sadness as she recalled about Sid’s condition.

“ushe pichle 16 sal se rote hue hi dekhti aa rhi hoon mein, mein thakh chuki hoon beta. Mujhse aur ushka dukh nhi dekha jata,” Neyonika shook her head and started crying miserably. Shehnaaz was controlling her emotions difficultly which were trying to come out in the form of tears.

“Aunty, I can understand, but how can I help you?” She asked, clasping her hand after composing herself.

“Yesterday, the way you consoled Sidharth, It made me shocked because Sid ko jab attacks ate hai toh voh kisko apne aap ko touch bhi nhi karne deta but you did it, he hugged you back, he cried in your arms. Shehnaaz, you are only and last hope of my son’s life, I really want him to come out of his pain, come out of Nandita’s memories and I am sure you can do this because the way he let you hug him, maybe he will listen and understand you.” Neyonika told her that what help she needed from her.

She was confused that she should help her or not. One side she wanted to help her because she herself was feeling sad seeing him in pain, and she wanted to see him happy, but on another side, she knew that it wasn’t going to be a easy job because the way he behaved with her, it was worst and why he would listen to her.

“I know meine tumhse kuch jada hi mang liya, par main majbur hoon, Shehnaaz, mein ek maa hoon jo apne bachai ko kush dekhna chati hai, kya yeh galat hai? Mein chati hoon ki voh life ko jiye, mein ushe aur aise marte hue nhi dekh Sakti.” Neyonika cried, saying this.

Shehnaaz felt bad for her and automatically a few tears rolled down her cheeks. “Please beta, I really need your help.” Neyonika requested her, joining her hand in front of Shehnaaz.

“Aunty please, you shouldn’t have to do this.” Nandini moved her hands down. ” I really want to help you in this, but Sidharth will never listen to me.” Shehnaaz told her while Neyonika cried more.

“At least we can try, I have full trust on you that you can teach him how to live life,” Neyonika said, gazing at her, having hope in her eyes.

Shehnaaz was looking at her sadly and giving her confused looks. “You are the only hope of our shattered life.” As Neyonika uttered, Sana closed her eyes to compose herself.

“Okay, I will try my best but on one condition,” She agreed after opening her eyes and Neyoinka smiled instantly after listening to her words.

“Thank you so much, Shehnaaz. I am ready for any condition.” Neyonika hugged her cheerily and she hugged her back.

“You won’t cry like this anymore, you are like my mother, Aunty, I really can’t bear tears in your eyes.” Shehnaaz broke the hug and wiped Neyonika’s tears with her own hands. Neyonika smiled seeing her sweet gesture.

“Tum bhut pyaari ho, Shehnaaz, bagwan kare tumhai duniya ki sari khushiya mile.” Neyonika gave her blessing, putting her hand on her head and she smiled brightly in response.


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  1. Wowwww this was so beautiful our selfless shehnaaz ready to hlp everybody😍😍😍nd a small glimpse of mother nd daughter relation i could see so pure nd so true♥️♥️♥️🌼🌼

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