(Part: 5B) Lost Love


“Mukti-Mukti, mujhe kuch smajh nhi aa rha, I am not understanding anything that what is happening to me, I am feeling so much pain in my heart and I don’t know why this is happening to me,” She shuttered and hiccuped, looking at Mukti. She was looking at her in confusion, not understanding that why her friend was crying.

“Okay just calm down, first,” Mukti pulled her into her arms and consoled her by rubbing her back. Shehnaaz cried even more, hugging her tightly. She wasn’t understanding why the pain was not going away. She had no clue that now she would get relief only after seeing Sidharth in peace and her life was going to be changed utterly because she had fallen in love with the wrong person who had been in trauma since sixteen years after losing love of his life.

When Shehnaaz stopped crying, Mukti broke the hug and gave her glass of water which was kept on the table. Mukti was looking at her worriedly, last time she had seen her crying like this on the funeral of her mother and this was the second time, she was seeing her in this condition. That’s why she was worried because she was assuming that there must be something big which broke down the strong girl like Shehnaaz.

“Shehnaaz, if you are comfortable, you can share with me your problem, maybe I could help you.” Mukti said, holding her hand again after sitting on the chair, pulling it near to her chair. Shehnaaz stared at her, distressed.

“I called you here only to share the things with you because I know you are the only one who can help me out like always.” Shehnaaz smiled slightly.

“I’m always there for you.” Mukti smiled back.

Mukti and Shehnaaz shared a true bond of friendship, their friendship was strong and old.

Shehnaaz started telling everything to her that how she met Sidharth and how he behaved with her and then she also told her that what happened when she was going back to home last night.

“I don’t understand Mukti, why I couldn’t control myself and rushed back into the room, just to hug him. And why? Why my heart ached seeing him shattered?” she told about her confused feelings. Mukti was feeling like she was listening a story of any movie and she also came to know that why all this was happening with her.

“You are in love with him.” As Mukti uttered, she raised her brows in utter shock and disbelief.

“Shehnaaz, yes you are in love, that’s why his pain is affecting you, you want to see him happy, your heart is crying seeing him in pain and now you will only get relief after seeing him happy.” Whatever Mukti was saying, Shehnaaz was finding everything correct, but she was shocked to accept the fact that she was in love with him.

“If this is love then I have to control my feelings of love, because there is no future of my love, because he still crazily loves his childhood friend, I am nothing for him and will remain nothing for him, ” Shehnaaz murmured sorrowfully looking at Mukti.

“But Shehnaaz, controlling the feeling of love is not in our hands. If you try to suppress this feeling, it will increase more with passing time. I suggest you to don’t control your feelings, you should try to give a chance to your love” Mukti tried to make her understand and Shehnaaz was agreeing to her words, but in only two days, she came to know one thing that he would never accept her because he was in deep love with Nandita.

At night, Shehnaaz was changing her position again and again because she couldn’t able to sleep. Whenever she tried to sleep after closing her eyes, she saw Sidharth’s sorrowful eyes and it broke her heart, and she used to open her eyes instantly. Even his screams were echoing in her ears and wasn’t letting her sleep.

“Ahaahaa,” she shouted after sitting up on the bed holding her head. Then she decided to read novels, but reading novels also didn’t help her out. Even on the pages of the book, she started imagining his distressed face. She threw the book on the floor in frustration and sat holding her head.

“Why it is so difficult to forget his pain? I really don’t want to remember about him because I  am falling for him and I know there is no future of me in this love. I need to stop my feeling here only before it gets too late.” She thought and lay down, holding the pillow tightly near to her heart. She was not aware, from tomorrow, her life was going to be changed.

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