(Part: 5A) Lost Love


Ishita and Neyonika were shocked to see how easily Shehnaaz controlled Sidharth’s attacks. It was an impossible task for them, they felt like the magic had happened in front of their eyes. This magic was also seen by Cabir, he was standing on the doorstep in shock. Shehnaaz came in their life like an angel and soon she was going to change their life.

Then Cabir with the help of Neyonika and Ishita laid him down on the bed. Shehnaaz was also in a shock by her acts. She was standing still blankly and her eyes were fixed at Sidharth. She was feeling like her heart is connected to his heart, he was in pain, and her heart was aching badly. When all were busy in lying down Sidharth, she rushed out of the room with her dilemma.

“Where that girl went?” Cabir asked bemusedly as they all turned to talk to Shehnaaz. They all gave each other confused looks.

Neyonika’s lips curved up into a slight smile and her eyes glinted with happiness. “Humhai voh ladhki mil gye, Ishita, jo humhre Sid ko thik kar sakti hai, ushe Nandita ki yado se bahar nikalne wali ladhki humhai milgye, Ishita.” she said merrily, holding Ishita’s hands while Ishita was still standing sadly and confused.

“But who was she?” Ishita asked in confusion from Neyonika, and then she told her, where she met Shehnaaz and how she took her here with her.

“Voh jo koe bhi thi, ushne toh jado hi kar diya, how easily she controlled Sidharth’s attacks, she has come like a ray of hope in our life and especially our Sidharth’s life.” Cabir uttered, his eyes glinted with the happiness. They were relieved because, after so many years, they got a ray of hope that ray hope was Shehnaaz.


“Nandita, ” After sometime Sidharth woke up, shrieking. Then he recalled about today’s incident that how that girl arms had given him immense peace. At that moment he had felt like his pain was going away by crying in her arms. He felt relief after long sixteen years and he didn’t want her to go leaving him, he wanted her to take away his all pain because he got tired. Tired of living in pain and guilt of his mistake. The comfort and peace, he found in her arms, he felt like this was what he was craving for.

“If she is not my Nandita then why I felt so peaceful in her arms? Why her touch made me forget my all pain? Why that girl is making my mind and heart crazy if she is not my Nandita?” He wondered confusingly, holding his head. He was going crazy thinking about all this because after sixteen years, someone had given him peace and he was baffled.

“She is becoming my distraction, I have to find my Nandita. Nandita is not with me, I don’t even want any peace without her . I just want Nandita, then eventually I will get peace of my life. One random girl can’t distract me in achieving my goal of finding my Nandita.” He muttered after getting up from the bed and thought that Shehnaaz was just his distraction. His words clearly showed how truly he loved Nandita, he didn’t even want any peace without her.

On the other side, Shehnaaz was also losing her mind, wondering about today incident. She decided to share everything with Mukti because she thought, maybe she could help her in this.

She was waiting for Mukti, sitting in the coffee shop. “What is happening to me? Why I was feeling so much pain seeing him in pain? Why I want to take away his all pain? Why my heart is aching? Oh god, what is happening to me?” She was lost in her thoughts while playing with her fingers when Mukti stepped into the coffee shop.

“What happened to my doll ?” Mukti asked, holding her hands after sitting in front of her. Listening to her words, she came out of her thoughts and gazed at Mukti, having pain in her eyes.

“Mukti,” she suddenly started crying like a baby, making Mukti shocked and confused. Mukti stood up and rushed toward her.

“What happened, Shehnaaz, why are you crying?” Mukti clasped her face and asked worriedly. Shehnaaz was just weeping, looking at her.

She herself didn’t know why she was crying like this, but the reality was, she was crying because Sidharth’s worst condition was breaking her heart badly and she was not understanding this. His pain had affected her a lot.

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